Two Companies Seek Emergency Approval For Antibody Treatments | NBC Nightly News

President Trump touted an experimental antibody treatment as a cure for Covid-19. Now two companies have applied for emergency use authorization from the FDA. Critics, like NIH whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright, fear the process is being politicized.
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Two Companies Seek Emergency Approval For Antibody Treatments, NIH Whistleblower Urges Caution


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  2. I heard that one of those steroids actually includes the use of parts from aborted babies.

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  6. Approve it and allow patient to make the decision.

  7. Ethically speaking they got my freaking vote for it let's move ahead and quit living in the f**** dark edges

  8. Listen to the scientists and medical experts. Vote please

  9. 275 is stage 1 testing. Still need to get to level 3. A level 3 testing is 30,000 + unless Fauci comes out and says it safe I wouldnt touch anything this Adminstration is pushing.

  10. 45 is so desperate to say anything to gain votes for his own benefit. 45 is a untrustworthy, hes a man that down played the dangerous of this virus since February that was recorded in his own words. He's not a leader he's the coronavirus,an Incompetent negligent unfit, perid.

  11. Media's ignorance of Kamala Harris and the Democrats. So let's post it on their channels.
    Kamala Harris and Biden's staff helped bailed out protesters who were rapists and murders-Here's the proof one of many stories. Vice presidental candidate bailing out criminals. Is this the new Democrats?

  12. The Regeneron medicine started from stem cells from a fetus. Dont repubs hate that?

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  15. The vaccine approval process is NOT being “politicized”. They’re just trying to get their drugs approved before the presidential election SO TRUMP CAN TAKE THE CREDIT🤪.

  16. Why are they also reporting that Trump stands to gain a lot of money from the manufacturing of Remdesavere? Kind of important, don't you think?

  17. When you listen to trumpy you end up dead

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  19. Covid drug given to Trump developed using cells derived from aborted fetus – The Guardian

    pls make new on it and ask if evangelicals support it?

  20. @ Great White And you apparently have never been to Colorado, and to keep from writing a book I chose not to in to length on how I voted most of the time I drive and put it in the drop box. I was born and raised here, and can read and wright so studying searching along with investigating at 60 years of age I have learned a few things. I have also lived all over the United States, you show me a State Government that does not have corruption in it. And I am American So YES I do have the right to VOTE by Mail if I chose to don't be so easily led around

  21. con vid follow the money, it's fake, actors and con artists

  22. It block Trumps brain we can all see that.

  23. NEWS FLASH , Infections of COVID-19 for the last 24 hours;
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    Total infections = 742

    USA infections = 56 652