Monday , April 19 2021
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Two Cruise Ships With Coronavirus Cases Dock In Florida | NBC Nightly News

Two Holland America ships, the Zaandam and Rotterdam, docked in Florida after 27 days at sea. Ambulances rushed nine people with suspected coronavirus to the hospital, while at least 45 more passengers will stay on board for treatment.
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Two Cruise Ships With Coronavirus Cases Dock In Florida | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The koran such a virus I'll tell ya… Islam, is false witness!

    @scoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL – Earth

  2. Suggest to use cruise ships as isolation for infected patients with light symptoms. Dock away but not far from land.

  3. Seize a cruise ship.
    The State of Florida collects a cruise ship, and should use it as a hospital ship.
    An infected patient is put on a ship and medical treatment is done.

  4. Why didn't they report on the fact that the countries in Asia and South America where some of these ships tried to dock all turned them away?

  5. IQ tests for all passengers.

  6. I still get ads in the mail for cruise…

  7. Subway in Moscow in Shanghai Buses are successfully disinfected with UV light

  8. Ugh! Instead of taking responsibility for ya own choices, its so much easier to point fingers everywhere else. Remember though. Point a finger and and ya got 3 of your own pointin right back at ya!

  9. Don't cruise. Watch Tom Cruise 😁. The viruses can cruise in your blood, suddenly. Please luxuriate at home, and don't drive your car, or, you will become a carcass.

  10. coronavirus: it's party time!

  11. let them stay in quarantine for 1 month

  12. Those people need to be reminded that they have brains-

  13. Most cruise ships use 5G for WiFi. Heavily. I’d like to hear details about their symptoms and how quickly that many people become so ill from something that has been reported to have an incubation period of 14 days.

  14. OMG how many times do u have to mark this channel as do not suggest. This is biased garbage 😡 do not watch. Do not watch MSM. Not any of it. For a month and a half they say the flue is worse. Ignore it all through Feb. Then when Trump closes the Chinese movement to us they call him racist. Now they say he's not doing enough and it's his fault. This is on the hands of MSM. They lie and misquote for agendas. Done with them and the Democrats.

  15. Its not fair when businesses are closed because of there are more than 10 people so why didnt shut down their ships it contains more than 10 people. Now more people are getting sick. They need to get a citation for not listening just like other churches that did not listen to protocol.

  16. FEAR FEAR FEAR. the news should be arrested for Treason

  17. Dr. Fauci; "Many Americans will die if we do not act federally"
    trump "Hey…i tested negative..easy peasy..have fun"

  18. Florida must like the Coronavirus. Leave the beaches, bar and hotel open until they have an adequate number of cases and now import even more infections. Sounds like something Trump would do!

  19. They all about a $

  20. All other countries got hazmat suites except USA

  21. Cruise companies should be MADE to suspend cruises until further notice. It is virtually guaranteed any infected passenger is going to pass Coronavirus on to many other passengers in such an environment. Continuing to allow cruises to take place is totally irresponsible on the part of the companies AND passengers still expecting to go on their cruise.

  22. Florida should sue that cruise line or arrest whoever authorized them to even set sail in the first place.

  23. Great, now they are using up our limited medical supplies and beds. As well as put extra stress on the nurses. Bravo!

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