Two missing Dallas Zoo monkeys found inside an abandoned home after a tip

Texas police say two rare monkeys missing from the Dallas Zoo have been found inside an abandoned home following a tip. NBC’s Morgan Chesky has more on the latest incident which is the fourth mysterious occurrence at the zoo just this month.

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  1. yay some good news for a change. they are so darling

  2. Where is BLM when their family needs them?

  3. This is more deep than you imagine you see Fynn convince Bella to take a visitor hostage using a fake gun made of wood so they could go watch The Lorax movie because the zoo do not own a Peacock TV account.

  4. Texans don't possess sufficient self-control to have public zoos. Or to enjoy any public life at all.

  5. The only thing we have to worry about is if they some how end up on the Planet of the Apes….wait a min… the statue of Liberty? That was our planet!

  6. Please have 24/7 security , Caneras and Law Enforcement

  7. Dang, someone found Ted Cruz and The Governor.

  8. I'm sure they were planning to sell them on the black market. These wild rare animals are big money. Zoo needs to tighten up security

  9. Free All Animals !

  10. This zoo needs to be shut down

  11. That's the ugliest sickening of a monkey I've ever seen. They actually keep that in a zoo. It should be walking the WHITE HOUSE!! FIGURES!!

  12. Has Juan Gomez Secretary of Animals been notified?

  13. The icon looked like a spider with hairy fangs

  14. It sounds like people wanting to sell wildlife in the blackmarket for pets because there has been a rash of these incidents. The market slowed down from China because of COVID.

  15. Anyone else find it strange how the tip came in ?

  16. That zoo is hiring the wrong people and those people are doing these things for the money. Corruption is everywhere!!

  17. Yay!!!! Praise baby Jesus! They are safe ❤️

  18. I was hoping to see them on 4chan.
    Million pity.

  19. How you gonna steal something that has already been stolen? These animals at the zoo are not native to our country. They weren't just given away either. American don't want these animals to roam free where they don't belong just like us blacks. We aren't free to roam cuz we don't belong here. We are forced to stay in certain neighborhoods and they lock our men in cages as well. We were stolen as well. Y'all are asking all the wrong questions and concerned about all the wrong things.

  20. Look at the headline for the first 8 seconds of the video. They're still talking about Jan 6th. Lol Then they wonder why nobody believes anything they say. Fake news at it's finest.

  21. I can Honestly say I've never been that drunk that I would steal two monkeys from the Dallas zoo

  22. What’s up with stealing monkeys?? 12 of our squirrel monkeys were stolen from our zoo in Louisiana, the same day 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  23. Just two more Dallas squatters.

  24. They monkeys are adorable. So glad they found them 🙏🏻❤

  25. this monkey's white moustache is funny. lol

  26. The Zoo better investigate their Employees

  27. Hopefully that monkey did not pee on a frogs eye that was eaten by a snake while cleaning his eye out. Don't want to start a c20 now

  28. Big ounce tried to eat them

  29. Putin must be held accountable for this horrific crime

  30. Tuber were found in an abandoned home smoking crack.

  31. Unfreakinbelievable … they better up their security cameras like it’s Fort Knox … you got all kinds out there nowadays 🤨🤨🤨🤨