Saturday , August 8 2020
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Two Stabbing Attacks Leave Europe On Edge | NBC Nightly News

In London, a man was taken down by passersby after stabbing five people. Police shot him dead after he revealed what looked to be a suicide vest. Hours later, another man stabbed several people on the street in The Hague, Netherlands before running off.
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Two Stabbing Attacks Leave Europe On Edge | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Thanks for betraying the Kurds and initiating hundreds of ISIS fighters being set loose on the world Mr tRump.

  2. How long running away from terrorist ???Tighten security ! Protect innocent people Protect your country from domestic and foreign terrorist !!!

  3. That London Mayor is a turd….

  4. This is everyday America for me I would just be like I’ve seen worse

  5. Dramacrats – atleast terrorist did not use guns. Dramacrats – we need to ban knives, need background checks on knives. Bet that gun was too handy when they saw his fake bomb vest.

  6. If Europeans had the right to own and bear arms (guns), most of these attacks would end with a loud bang.

  7. Mayor Khan is one of them, he even shares his last name.

  8. Will muslims denounce this violence en masse?,

    They will not.

  9. Europe has many countries and cities; as awful – truly – as these incidents were for the victims and the onlookers, it’s a very cheap, untrue headline to say that Europe’s on edge because of two coincidental, very small-scale incidents, one of which was in the capital of a country which is attracting terrorism because of overseas policies.

    Any normal, decent person would have sympathy for the victims, their families, and all involved – but unless you had a sustained period of several terrorist activities happening all across Europe in all of her many, many countries and cities, ‘Europe’ won’t have noticed these incidents in the slightest, let alone be ‘on edge’.

    Why would we be bothered about two random unconnected incidents, when we all have domestic gang murders and the like to focus on? There’s much more interest in the spiraling fallout in Malta over the apparent connections between that poor journalist’s murder and links to the very top of the government than there is in ‘just’ another dead psycho terrorist in London (and his unfortunate victims) and the other random – and ultra-rare – stabbing incident coincidentally elsewhere in Europe yesterday.

    Sympathies to all involved – but that headline is blatantly, profoundly wrong.

  10. EU must give muslims the last warning that in the event of another murder non-muslim, everyone will be deported without exception at the border of Syria or Africa for all those muslims who have not lived in the EU for more than 10 years! There is not other solution to stop these killers…

  11. If this stabbing happens in Hong Kong, by West media usual practice, the headline would be" brutal police force shot a protester to death".

  12. Oh My God when will all this hate stop we are one Race call Humanity

  13. This knife attack will make the USA's NRA feel better about their pro gun stance there. No gun was needed in this mass murder. I feel sorry for the victim's families.

  14. They need better background checks for knife buyers.

  15. Pro-democracy protestors spread from Hong Kong to Europe and USA

  16. Its not enough revenge should be nuclear weapons killing evry one in London

  17. Terrorists , preparing for the holidays. The London killer was a paroled terrorist. 😕.

  18. How soon will they announce these guys where RELIGIOUS like all other crazed terrorist…..

  19. EIGHT terror attacks in the UK within two years. (The UK "brought this" upon themselves)

  20. I wonder why? who did the guy stab? was this a personal crime of passion? organized crime? a false flag? or a psychopath? … mm… those Islamic terrorists, it says at the end… hmm… still… there should be more investigation as to who, why…was he paid? what if he shot a bunch of child-abusers??? would that be okay? I wish it were…Lord God knows—

  21. Tell me again how European politicians served their people by flooding Europe with Muslims ?

  22. "this country would never be divided" (cough) brexit(/cough)…..

  23. Nobody is on edge. It's a lone wanna be terrorist, but of course the media wants to blow it up.

  24. They should ban those high capacity assault knives asap

  25. People who took the suspect down were so brave

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