Two U.S. College Students Killed In Separate Weekend Shooting Incidents

Two college campuses are in mourning after one student from the University of Tampa and another from Louisiana State University were killed in separate shooting incidents just days after starting their new semesters. NBC News’ Maura Barrett reports.

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  1. You spent a lot of time bringing the two stories together just to tell us that they're not associated with one another, why?

  2. You really have to flee the cities that are being run by low IQ third worlders

  3. What’s the discrimination of the shooter that walked up ??? There silence says it all no one wants to say it .

  4. Bull hockey on both. At 2a.m? Yea ok!!!

  5. Guns exist all around the world but mass shootings don't happen all around the world. The problem is Americans.

    Uvalde the 7th school shooting in 2022. Up to 27 school shootings in May. Four months later, what's the count now??

    44 Americans are shot by other Americans each day and America is the ONLY country on Earth that has school shootings.

    9,000 Ukrainian troops died in the last 6 months of war. 7,920 Americans were shot by other Americans in the past 6 months.

  6. Clear all homes and streets in America from weapons IMMEDIATELY 😐😐
    The lady was killed by the folks who 'own' that land she was on at 2AM; she was an 'unwanted guest on private (read: public) property' and they sent a signal to the world not to cross these lines, not to have abortions and god is the judge of who cross this land: the shooter is god in his own eyes 😐😐

  7. People die everyday why put it on gun violence, people die of car accident. Do we blame cars? It's the people

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  13. more lies by the news/media. even if not lies, why should we care about people we didn't know? waste of thought and my time.

  14. Imagine if nobody was allowed to own firearm, as it is in other highly developed countries. The US would've been as safe as the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc. Children could walk/ play outside without worrying about stray bullets

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  16. Both shot. Big differences. One setting passively in their car the other intoxicated and possibly aggressive.

  17. Very sad a beautiful young lady taken. So much hate and violence in America.

  18. Allison Rice’s killer must be found and brought to justice!!!

  19. Colleges are upset they won't collect their 100K in student loans from these students