Two wounded in shooting at Texas high school, suspect in custody

Two students were wounded, one critically, in a shooting outside of Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas. A suspect is in custody. KXAS’ Larry Collins reports.

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  1. More guns in school… just another typical day in Texas

  2. i pray daily for my child who is a teacher, my grandchildren because schools are so unsafe. please lock your guns children should not have access to your firearms. monitor your children for changes in behavior

  3. To all the Democrat liberals out there please answer this question. Why does 90% of all mass shootings happen in gun free zones… and why is it that the schools that have arm staff have zero mass shootings? I look forward to your answers.

  4. Yawn – not enough blood for any attention

  5. Hopefully their were MAGA morons with their legally owned firearms to be the good guy with a gun that will stop the bad guy with a legally owned gun.

  6. God Bless ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  7. more shooting in the U.S.A?

  8. Remember when shootings like this had your eyes glued to the news?! Now it’s just, “oh, another one” and continue to scroll through other channels or websites.

  9. I wish all us can invest more in mental wellness centers and recovery centers for addiction/ abuse.

    We have to get to the root cause of so much violence

  10. Msnbc, CNN and the Democratic Party have their constituents in such a state of panic and despair that this is how liberals react. This is a fact! Pathetic! Cheers!

  11. More gun violence.

  12. We need more gun 500 million ain't enough.
    Whats the perfect number of guns for this to stop.
    1 trillion should do.


  14. Again?! Already? It's more than one shooting per month now

  15. my god, school is not safe is America!? freedom pendejos..

  16. it was the ladders!! no no it was the doors!!! no it was not enough guns!!! noo no it was mental health….. fyi it was not the foolish lack of gun rules that caused another child to be able to get a gun and shoot other children…… but as every GOP nutter is about to say "lets not get political at this point as our thoughts and prayers are with the families"…… and so it goes on and on, again and again …. its a fuvking disgrace… the founding fathers I think would be disgusted by what the GOP has done to america

  17. Is it sad that I scrolled pass this in my feed it's just too common in America

  18. S. / T. / A. / G. / E. / D. /

  19. It may have been two that got shot, but that still doesn't make six feel any better, ever since it saw that… seven eight nine.

  20. So stupid selfish awful when we had beef with someone in school we would get over it by throwing knuckle sandwiches we didn't even think of anything like this it's awful has to stop

  21. I’m just glad this happened in the confederate state of Texas instead of one of the American states.

  22. children should be gun owners the minute they know how to hold a milk bottle. – NRA

  23. Arlington just had a mass school shooting few months ago…

  24. Thank you Governor Abbott for your GUNS laws. It shall continue in your state until you tighten up

  25. And people say abortion is the number one problem. Lol.

  26. You couldn't pay me to leave in Texas!

  27. 😷Lawdy, here we go‼️💥Mmmm, dem amendments in play again⁉️

  28. Of course it’s Texas… so many of these cases happen there. Lives changed forever. Prayers for the community. ❤❤❤

  29. Texas gun laws at work…

  30. Dont come to Mexico, US is safer hahahahhh

  31. Again in TX😂🖕 Republicans

  32. Hold the parents responsible. Time for these non parenting parents to do some time.

  33. Thank god for open borders allowing guns and drugs to flood our system