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Tyler Skaggs died by suffocation after ingesting alcohol, opioids

A toxicology report ruled the Los Angeles Angels pitcher’s death an accident, and found that found he had suffocated after ingesting a mix of alcohol and the opioids oxycodone and fentanyl.


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  1. Alcohol & opiods? So he was on drugs…. So sad. His family is in denial about his addiction

  2. I'm sorry but finding who supplied him the drugs wouldn't solve anything he was gonna get those drugs no matter what he killed himself not intentionally but no justice or closure would be served by doing that as sad and as tough as it is he made these choices and this would've happened pretty much no matter much if you want it bad enough you will get. Rip Tyler

  3. This is what I don't get… they say the family is not going to rest until the dealer is brought to justice or whatever. But this guy was a grown ass man and knew the consequences of what he was doing. why drag it out.? Your son was a dumb ass…period, point, blank!!!!

  4. The Sackler Family should be hanged for what they did to this country.

  5. Welcome to the 27th club pal

  6. But the question is how much Oxy and Fentanyl was in his system. Fentanyl stops breathing that is how he suffocated. What was his alcohol level? Was there a prescription for the Oxy? or did he take a counterfeit Oxy laced with Fentanyl, was there any left in the prescription bottle that were also Oxy Fentanyl?

  7. Tired of watching Shaper Short commercials before these videos. People need to be fat shamed into losing weight for their health. It’s a national crisis worse than opioids.

  8. His stupid parents are blaming the angels!!!!! Its another example of the no responsiblity generation…or the pussies as I call them

  9. What a joke! The family is going to sue! Everyone knows the damages from the risk of getting high but many of us feel the buzz outways those risks and take our chances! So to blame everybody when shit goes bad isn't the solution! Don't use and you won't die from from it! It's an unfortunate situation America is in but you can't blame anyone but the fool swallowing the pills!

  10. This is not necessarily an OD. Taking alcohol with opioids at a normal prescription level could cause a fatal reaction depending on the type of alcohol and the amount. Heck, you could do serious damage from mixing alcohol and anti-seizure/mood-stabilization meds. My sympathy goes to the family.

  11. Am I the only one who wonders if maybe it could have been suicide? People can look great, have the 'perfect life' and be severely depressed. The outsides don't always reflect the insides…

  12. A young man is dead and all people are talking about now is a legal battle. The Lawyers will be the only winners in this sad story.

  13. The family needs to realize that Tyler isn’t a child and should blame him

  14. One more poor soul who can thank our invasion of Afghanistan for the FREE FLOW of Opioids. Over 1400 UNDERDEVELOPED mineral fields. WTF benefits from that? Not the poor souls who died fighting for them. GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Bring our soldiers HOME.

  15. He was dumber than Jose Fernandez

  16. Here come all the potheads to tell us how wonderful weed is and how everyone should smoke it daily.

  17. Still sad either way. Young healthy man with beautiful wife and great career all thrown away for a little ecstasy. Cherish life everyday no matter poor or rich.

  18. How was it an accident. Stop testing for weed and this shit won’t happen

  19. Don't matter who supplied to them,it was his job not to use them , especially together

  20. That's a real rock and roll John Bonham style O.D. Cheers👍

  21. Don't they undergo drug testing ?

  22. How do you “accidentally overdose”?? It just fuckin happens. Oxy, fent, and booze? I’d say that makes a mighty fine death beverage. Really funny how media and MLB spun this one. Anyone else and it reads about a filthy crack whore who had it coming.

  23. Good riddance.
    No one cares! Thank you veeery much!
    lol XD

  24. I am sorry to hear that he mixed Alcohol, with Oxycodone, and Fentanyl!😔 That is a dangerous combination! Tyler, was such a Young, and Talented Man! He passed away, (12) Days, before his 28th Birthday! My sincere thoughts, and prayers, are with his Family.

  25. Nobody but Tyler Skaggs really knows what happened. It probably wasn't his intention to kill himself, but he did nonetheless. This country needs to get tough on drug dealers. Doctors also need to be accountable.

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  27. He is a All American Dumbass

  28. Remember he is a grown to make his own decisions.

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