Tyrus: This is ‘money laundering at its finest’

Fox News contributor Tyrus discusses Biden green-lighting $5.7 million for its ‘trauma’ journalist program and the mainstream media’s handling of the admin.

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  1. Ohhhh 😮 Communism structuring

  2. Give the money back to the taxpayers. Don't need this bs.

  3. The proxy w ar in u kr ain is the most grotesque example of money laundering by this administration.

  4. Its bribery in full on transparency cuz they are starting to report the truth. Thr truth we already all see

  5. There's money towards the government shutdown

  6. At this point the Democrats don’t even care about hiding the corruption. It’s just like the government in Canada, they don’t care if you know how corrupt they are anymore. They’ve given up on trying to look legitimate.

  7. The racist argument is like a child's scuffle. I won! No you didn't I won! No you didn't I won….keep repeating until exhaustion sets in.

  8. so they cant rig a few votes sheep jan 6 lol SET UP

  9. More political criminals hired to do Bidens Administration dirty work.

  10. This is a big scam!

    Listen I think Biden/Harris & administration is FAKING! Dementia! I do not believe this is complicated regarding immigrants and increasing Costs & taxes & giving we the people’s money to other countries‼️Democrates & Republicans I believe are playing dumb & then when we are paying TAXES thru the Nose! Politicians will say Oh it wasn’t Biden/Harris Fault He was old & did not know what he/Biden was doing and blame all the old politicians! Unless something doesn’t suddenly change you just watch & see!
    It’s a big SCAM. Drain The Swamp NOW‼️

  11. Murdering joebiden and Murdering Harris are still walking around Scott free

  12. WTF. Homeless, drugs on the streets, crime, immigration, inflation, giving money to Ukraine AND now this.

  13. Should add bribery charges to Biden's corruption resume now !

  14. According to democrats propaganda is free speech,

  15. Our government is getting really good at laundry…

  16. OMG he is an idiot! And so are these journalists.

  17. Go eat another cow Tyrus Mr obesity has zero qualifications for political conversation

  18. Money Laundering Machine at Finest Right

  19. This is how the whole thing works and yawl do it the same way

  20. American people need to get together and get these crooks out of office eight years and out

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