Wednesday , January 20 2021
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Tyson Foods to suspend Iowa pork processing plant

Tyson Foods as well as other major food producers are shutting down processing plants due to coronavirus breaking out among workers. FOX Business’ Susan Li with more.

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  1. We need to get rid of the illegals! We should be going to all the farms and meat packing plants and rounding them up so real Americans can do those jobs!

  2. Close all Tyson food companies.. Stop slaughtering animals. Become Vegetarians. I happy to hear all these people will lose their Jobs of slaughtering animals.

  3. WTF? Where and when did America lose it's balls? Greetings from Europe!! Berlin and Paris would BURN(and I mean BURN) if their government tried this crap. Why don't people stand up for their F***ing rights?

  4. The hacks over at CBS overnight lead the show with Tyson foods saying there are breaks in the “food chain” yet not a word from the CEO nor did they show Tyson foods plant. The did however show how the issue is too much food product on the ground that can’t get to market or processed or to food banks. Irresponsible so-called “journalism” total hacks!! Boycott CBS completely!!

  5. So Tyson is now warning of food shortages due to the virus. Shouldn’t the CEO be ousted from office because he failed to maintain safe and clean working vindication’s? I’d sell that stock ASAP . Obviously Tyson foods isn’t a clean place for food production. Yuck!!!!

  6. Wake Up Sheople, sorry to "Rain on Your Sunny Snowflakes Parade", but the "NEW WORLD ORDER", is about to begin!!!

  7. Here we go again…..Let's blow this out of proportion so the public can start hording meet. Got to feed the 24 hour news cycle.

  8. What's funny is my son works for Pepsi and he's considered an essential worker and they provided PPE protection almost a month ago and no one in their plant has covid-19!!! These employees are walking away from their job because they can make an additional $600 a week under the stimulus program,plus the regular unemployment benefit…. In States like Iowa that's a 50% raise! Iowa's minimum wage is $7.25. This has nothing to do with covid-19 it's about fleecing the pockets of our children that have to pay this stimulus back over the next 50 years. Tyson Foods needs to hire employees that have no chance at the stimulus programs that are available to Americans. I'm talking about legal Americans. If Tyson Foods offered personal protection equipment they would have no reason for walking off the job. Tyson foods needs to be held liable for not keeping the food chain open because of their lack of personal protection to their employees! FYI… my wife works as a surgical nurse and they've been forced back to work because of phase one and no one wants to come in for elective surgeries because they're afraid of catching the virus. I hope those that are collecting the additional $600 a week don't have a guilty conscience if they can be on the front lines working in a grocery store or any other essential business!!!

  9. you know who works at these processing plants? Immigrants — guess who just suspended immigration ?

  10. Feels good being vegetarian right about now 🙂

  11. The tyson plant in gc ks is teaming with covid 19 yet it remains open…close it down

  12. How many of the new Covid-19 cases today (521 ppl in Iowa), are directly because the employees of these manufacturing companies (Tyson, Masterbrand, and Omega) tested positive?

    How many of the new Covid-19 cases today (521 ppl in Iowa), are positive for Covid-19 specifically because those people came into contact with one of the employees or one of the employee's family members?

    How/Where did patient/employee zero come into contact with Covid-19 in order to test positive, or to contract Covid-19 in each of these manufacturers?

  13. knock out half the pork and half the beef from american diets, and the only thing that will happen is a reduction in heart disease and obesity

  14. Lol its not coming it here, so why was ppe not supplied to these employees tyvek suit, masks and gloves would have kept these meat processing plants out longer there is no work around from these companies the government's are just as bad so let them fail we will have to learn by our mistakes


  16. Why the pork processing plants? That's strange

  17. They need to shut down the pork plant in Washington.After they wack the pigs there.

  18. Plandemic…the reason the rich stay rich and unaccountable. Google Why is my NAME in CAPITALS on my driver's license?

  19. Flu killed 23,000 since October 2019. Covid-19 claimed 45,000 since March. I think it’s the same…

  20. Owned by China Iran and Russia all at once on us.

  21. Trump gave us only 1200.00 money. Canada paying $2000.00 each month. You just gave us 1200.00 and then force us to work and dying

  22. Start looking for local growers, find local groups in Facebook, use YouTube to learn how to grow vegetables. We don't need yo depend on sell outs like Tyson.

  23. I’m glad my life doesn’t revolve around pork.

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