Friday , November 27 2020
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Tyson reacts to report of asteroids barreling toward Earth

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how NASA deflects the asteroids that are careening toward our planet.

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  1. Please let it strike North Korea, the Mideast or California.

  2. It’s called Space Force, we’re working on it.

  3. I say bring it on asteroid

  4. Didn't the "Me Too" movement go after this guy, or is he immune as a leftist?

  5. deGrasse is a wannabe celebrity..Anyone could say what he said and guess what an asteroid is going to do. Earth protection?? Sounds like he wants some of your money..Like the Earth warming schemes. Remember the prediction of a new ice age by these same scientists in the 80's'.


  7. Science is the way we explain the works of God.

  8. One rebuttal: As the Antediluvians refused to believe the flood would ever come, so atheists today refuse to believe the flood ever came.

  9. This may seem silly to many who read this but, I'm a researcher, a high strangeness researcher and have been for about thirty five years. The Earth, not necessarily Humans, is being protected by others in orbit around earth. Others on and in too. An old-example: Chernobyl Meltdown. A newer-example: The Japan disaster at the plutonium complex, I believe building three. Look deep and if still available on the web or possibly utube, you may be able to read and see the help given.

  10. Trump impeachment will be saved by an asteroid.

  11. he is nuts has always been nuts

  12. Please hit us. I am so sick of this world.

  13. I don’t want to protect our species 😂😂😂😂 I’m with Thanos! Too many humans

  14. Investing in Earth's defense against a rogue asteroid makes much more sense to me than investment in changing the natural evolution of Earth's climate.

  15. There was an earlier report that some countries are working together to try to deflect an asteroid that is in an orbit approaching earth. The plan is to ram a smaller rock with an old satellite. Presumably, success would be measured in how much the orbit can be changed. Now we have this "expose". Is it fact or simply a book promotion? Doesn't really matter. Why do we think that we are in total control of the universe? Rember the dinosaurs. They had a lush planet, and through no fault of their own, they were "extincted". Now we worry about emissions and farts and think that asteroids have all been identified and no longer pose a problem? Let's share this with the most vocal climate alarmists and see if their heads explode. Meanwhile, I hope to wake up tomorrow and enjoy another day!

  16. Melissa Francis is proof that just because you were a child star doesn't mean that your life has to be a drug and alcohol fueled train wreck. She, beautiful, intelligent and successful.

  17. She's obviously holding holding back a "TOTALLY DUDE"!. My Son is a "RAD LITTLE DUDE"!. Can always hide that accent can ya?.

  18. This is where Space Force comes in. We must keep up with what is going on around our universe as well. I am a fan of Neil's. I know he is extremely Intelligent and he is always relevant. I hope he realizes what the Left has been doing to us. 🚀 🇺🇸

  19. Give them free healthcare already.

  20. How about interviewing: Michio Kaku? You know, Fox News. Somebody who is actually an expert.

  21. "-Science is fake and the Bible is all true" -The red twilight zone

  22. Tyson "believes" in muh climate change and can give you 10 reasons why…but none of them are good reasons.

  23. A stoned scientist and an actor

  24. Kneel is a complete fraud

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