U.S., Allies Respond To North Korea’s Missile Test Over Japan

The U.S., South Korea and Japan responded to North Korea’s most provocative missile test in years with a show of strength. North Korea launched a missile over Japan, at a range long enough to reach U.S. territory in Guam.

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  1. Here comes the boom is coming

  2. Bring it on little man….

  3. Where these fools getting all these missles.

  4. US administration Must be like Afghanistan and flee to the mountains for cover Russia China North Korea Iran the kingdom of heaven is near salvation is a free gift everyone is welcome to receive it YESHUA is prince of peace ancient of days worthy to be praised lamb that was slain risen from the dead he is king of kings Lord of Lords mighty in battle out of his mouth fires out swords ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️ made to defeat his enemies.

  5. Maybe we should reveres "Kruschev's" mistake and give all of korea back to Russia. LMAO Maybe have a "UN supervised" referendum to see if N korea wants to stay with Chin-sia? How about "assured" Canals from the Dnipro to N korea?

  6. Notice that japan was aware of this launch and notified it's people in the space of 22 min flight time? I think western intelligence knew about this, and purposely did nothing to block/destroy the missile mid-flight to prevent anybody from knowing the west is capable of doing so easily. I wonder how much money Un wasted on these missiles?

  7. LUL I love the contempt for Un that exists in the comment section. Even if we do get nuked somehow, these comments still blunt the edge of it.

  8. Hawaii on high alert…
    we are piling rocks and sharpening sticks
    Kim Jong Un wise up punk

  9. Reckless and dangerous.
    That's putting it mildly!

  10. North korea would be annihilated

  11. North korea looking for trouble

  12. Go Home North Korea your Drunk, I bet there are wild claims of bombing US or some other stupid lie.

  13. Trump said 1 more launch they would die so are you gonna level north Korea or are ya scared of rocket man

  14. i wonder if this is how they feel when the us and south korea are constantly running war games right at their border

  15. Rocket man is ready again USA so up for it message from south Carolina

  16. Kim is ronrey…looking for attention.

  17. The US needs a proper president and administration that can put all these rogue regimes in check.

  18. Who cares? Just looking for attention since they havent been in the news lately. Ignore them and they will go away.

  19. Yea just blow up the fish, I thought Kamala said they we are best friends

  20. Kim Jong Un is like a little kid finding his Dad's gun. He's going to end up hurting or killing himself.

  21. Biden: it's hard to understand how insane some people can be. Especially when you're insane.

  22. Who cares🙄 we got bigger things to worry about here..

  23. Just lob white phosphorus at him until he bends.

  24. Better carry Nuclear warhead

  25. Kim jong is going to pass away anyway

  26. Just turn them to glass already 🤷‍♂️

  27. WW3 happening soon

    Russia, north Korea, Belerus, china


    US, UK, French, Poland, finland, Germany, Ukraine.

  28. Joe Biden: "Hey Kim, could you rub my hairy legs while we talk?"

    Kim Jong Un: "Let me respond by firing a missile over Japan"



  31. North Korea shoot a missle at California.

  32. Little Uncool isn't getting any attention. Awe…. Poor Baby.

  33. Time to remove his Ability to continue his foolish acts of ignorance…

  34. Aren't all these bombings affecting our seafood supply? All this radiation being put into our oceans seems like it would be a danger to our seafood supply.

  35. it's wild that a missile overhead from a foreign hostile country isn't treated as an act of war

  36. Is it toward San Francisco -Berkeley? 🧐

  37. Itmf it took 20+min would you just shoot ot down

  38. Kim Jong-un he wasn't aiming for Japan let him have his fun how about Russia they're killing thousands and thousands and thousands all this guys doing is lighting a few firecrackers give the guy some slack

  39. No UN Security Council member really responds practically. So, now it's the time for S. Korea to build nukes.

  40. Tis what happens when we have weak leadership in the WH. This is what happens when climate change, diversity, equality, n inclusivity r at the forefront n the current administration. We get the leadership we voted in. Now, the voters own it.

  41. We should invade North Korea and steal their resources