U.S Cases Of Coronavirus Pass China As Unemployment Claims Rise | NBC Nightly News

The grim milestone is accompanied by heartbreaking stories of funerals held at a distance or health care workers catching the virus from patients. Across the country, new protective measures are being taken as states grapple with the coronavirus crisis. The House of Representatives is considering a massive $2 trillion relief package that had passed in the Senate. The rescue bill would include additional unemployment benefits, loans for small businesses and checks to most Americans..» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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U.S Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 1,000 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Most millenials'/Z-geners' lifeline in Covid times are their OnlyFans accounts. 😉😅

    But only if you're a wahmen.

  2. Virus cases are down and deaths are significantly down in U.S., but try to find that FACT on the internet Anywhere. Very Creepy.

  3. American ego has to come down now

  4. The death toll and economic losses are on Trumps shoulders. Well done America. Nice pick on a president.

  5. I can’t work. I don’t even have bread to eat. Is there any help? Please God bless you from this virus all. This is my account number 003280000002022

  6. Who has a higher death toll, and population you propaganda machine

  7. These days I feel like I am living in some sifi end of the world apocalyptic movie. Just some zombies are missing.

  8. Well he got what he wanted right America is greatly number one. I feel like make America great again slogan was a bad omen from the start

  9. I don’t think we should deal with China after this……

  10. this is a massive psyop to bring in the new world order. there is absolutely NO WAY united states could possibly have 185,000 total cases while China, the most densely overpopulated country only has 83,000 total. united states supposedly took extra precautions to keep us all "safe", so where did all these massive infections spreading at such unprecedented rates come from? are they spraying corona virus down on us through the chemtrails? or is it all FAKE NEWS to destroy the American way of life and bring in the one world government and strip us all of our rights

  11. In Austria we get 90%of our salary while keeping all our free health care and other services.

  12. Do we know the real count of people who died and etc in china? Since they all have to try and make winnie the poo xi happy, I'm sure the numbers are a lie that they have reported to him. But i guess that's what happens when any country that is ran almost like Germany in ww2 besides china Muslim camps, from what they say are re-education not torture camps.

  13. A single death is hard, hundreds of thousands deaths is real TRAGIC..It is such a difficult time for us all..Millions THANKS to all doctors, nurses & all all people who are involved & saving our lives.You're our HEROES.Please God 🙏 hope its over & a VACCINE will be invented soon.TOGETHER we can fight this virus. Watch this video to find out where 😆 the COVID 19 has started,myths & facts 😆 .An interesting & must know video 👉 Watch now 👉 ​https://youtu.be/wUDW76JGcrY

  14. As an Asian person,
    Understand you hate Chinese but all Asian people are not Chinese

    Don't treat them all the same
    It is ignorance

    Think China should be responsible for this disaster but that doesn't mean you can do race discrimination naturally

  15. Chinese propagandist: "We should tell the world we got this under control."
    Chinese politician: "But who would be dumb enough to swallow THAT B.S.?"
    MSNBC: "And here are the latest numbers from China….."

  16. All y’all need to calm down, it’s not the end of the world!

  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3gYtkrBx0Q

    semoga virus corona ndang ngaleh.
    Amin amin amin ya Robbal Alamin.

    Yang sempat menonton video nya jangan lupa klik gambar jempol, dan klik subcribe.

  18. Man china is the worst country ever. They eat anything it doesn't matter if that animal was eating sh**

  19. Once this virus become stable.. It will be very hard for Chinese coz everyone is like watching u Chinese

  20. If this how the US reacted even when there's other countries as example first, then imagine what will happen if the virus started in US first, definitely more devastating.

  21. I think David Ickie is the expert on all subjects so I will consult his website he is never wrong!

  22. China is hiding actual numbers. 21million people dropped off in using mobile phones in China, people who use phone for monitary transactions every day. Trucks returning urns show the actual death numbers are way more.

  23. Wanna know the truth …watch "MY SECRET TERRIUS" Chinese show from years ago with Coronavirus in it !!!

  24. Florida governor needs to increase unemployment benefits.

  25. You big dummies… China has hundreds of thousands of dead… only leftists havks believe numbers reported by CCP

  26. The virus originated and china, and instead covered it up and denied it for over a month and arrested doctors warning people , so the communist Chinese should be held liable responsible for all the deaths in the world

  27. It does care about your health. SMH people need to take better care of themselves. This is very sad but something like this was bound to happen to people who loves the life style of sweets, dairy and meat. All these things help promote toxins and mucus so it's best to cleanse once in a while.

  28. Why are u not showing live your hopitals like china like itly like iran if u have a lots of causes

  29. Why are u not showing live your hopitals like china like itly like iran if u have a lots of causes

  30. It’s all the chinese fault.

  31. Less than … 3 weeks… The writing will be etched inn your minds…


  33. The truth is… We're never going too be the same… Period…

  34. Think about it… 1.6. Billion in China… With around another 100 million more… In slavery… Child slavery… All that won't conform….etc… How could… WE THE PEOPLE…EVER LET THE GREEDY … BRAIN WASH… WE THE PEOPLE… WELL DRUGS… DUMPED INN THIS …AMERICAN CITIZENS LAND…. I GET IT… BUT YOU DONT GET IT…


  36. Money is not the route of evil, it what people will do, have to do to aquire it.
    "You don't work, you don't eat"……..the American dream.

  37. US cases of Coronavirus exceed China as it is only superpower in the whole world.

  38. how accurate do you think the chinese numbers are?

  39. 93! Is it a crime to die?

  40. Hey America, Canada likes and supports you! Keep it up!

  41. China should definitely not be allowed to PR and BS their way out of their communist party deception and cause of the death, suffering and financial destruction around the world and in the US. They absolutely need to be made to never forget the price of not being completely open and honest at the first sign of something so lethal.

    As many Doctors have commented, this is not the flue. Its no conspiracy theory to strongly suspect that this was a biological weapon brewed in their biological warfare lab due to risky and sloppy handling while breaking international laws about biological warfare.

    If they accidentally shot a nuclear warhead that was headed toward New York wouldn't they be expected without a moments hesitation to warn us about it's nature and location even if only by a few minutes in order to help our military shoot it down? Or should after 300.000 deaths and wiping out of a whole cities, accept their denials that it was not their missiles.

    Their arrogant attitude of denial and warning us about considering shutting down their supply of drugs and med's to the US is stunning! How can we expect anything to change while we embolden them by letting someething so horrific slide? Words alone are meaningless, even a sincere apology would not be enough.

    We need to tally up our human and financial costs just as a liability lawyer would by monetizing pain suffering and death and notify China that the entire amount will be subtracted from our loan debt to them. They will still need to make us loans to us because they are making huge fortunes on the interest. But, even if we never borrow another dime from China, the debt reduction. will be a massive break for American taxpayers.

  42. China has never been honest about how many cases they had/have and deaths. Do not trust there number know that have ordered thousands of urns 10s of thousands

    God be with everyone who is battling right now and their family🙏🙏🙏

  43. Not even close. My wife's family in China says reported deaths there are at least 50X what the CCP allows to be reported – mass graves and burning of hundreds of bodies at a time went on for weeks. They were forcibly going through the city and using the police and military to take people away they suspect were infected. Many of those people have never returned. Total infected likely way over 10 million. The sulfuric smell of the burned bodies is still in the air.

  44. Beware FAKE NEWS! Media desperate to stop Pres. Trump & Team… Ain't gonna happen though!