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U.S. Economy 101: national debt vs. national deficit | Just The FAQs

The U.S. national debt and deficit have become buzzwords for the 2020 election. But what’s the difference?

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump promised during his campaign that if he won the White House, he would wipe out the national debt in just eight years.

But in his first 2½ years in office, he has gone in the opposite direction.

President Trump Friday signed into law a budget bill hammered out with leaders of the Democratic-led House and the Republican-controlled Senate. It was a rare bipartisan agreement but some in the GOP were furious over the increase in spending.

The legislation will add an estimated $1.7 trillion to the national debt over the next decade, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

That’s not all: When other bills that Trump has signed are factored in, Trump’s total contribution to the national debt is projected to top $4.1 trillion, the budget watchdog group said.

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  1. Start to actually tax the rich and corporations their fare share! That would help bring the deficit down.

  2. Also running on a deficit just means you're adding to the debt. How about u just say that and propose a solution… Like not paying for health care for eveyone or the dumb idea of free college

  3. We have a massive deficit and debt problem for this country! It's just unfortunate too many uneducated Americans want more social programs rather than living within our means. You don't prosper by spending more than you bring in.

  4. Wow is this video made for morons because every American over the age of 15 should know this

  5. Social Security is NOT an entitlement. Get rid of useless entitlements, now, to shrink the deficit. There are no means to tax an economy into prosperity.

  6. After 2029, I honestly don't see how this is going to work. I saw a report where economist predicted it will be between 1.5-2 trillion annually, adding to a massive pile of debt already accumulated.
    I either don't understand it, or I do and the US will be in trouble starting in 2030.

  7. Our Gross national product is perversion of every kind , mental illness , and psycho killers thanks to over regulation , over restriction and ridiculous over policing on every level ! To bad we can't export that we would end our debt and be the richest country on earth !

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