U.S. Lawmakers Visit To Taiwan’s Parliament Causes Outrage In Beijing

A delegation of U.S. Congress members visited Taiwan’s parliament on Monday in a further sign of support among American lawmakers for the self-governing island. The five-member delegation led by Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., further outraged Beijing who launched a new round of military drills around the island, which China considers its own territory.

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  1. SMH. USA really want a war with China and use Taiwan as a battering ram.

  2. Welcome to TAIWAN,,Mr Edward Marley

  3. China's foreign ministry spokesperson says Taiwan is China's as there are Chinese restaurants in Taipei.

    By that logic, due to over 45,000 of Chinese restaurants in United States, United States is the long lost child that must also return home, and by force if necessary. United States has always been part of China.

    Palates don't cheat.

  4. China should stop interfering with the internal affairs of the United States. 🤣

  5. This shows America cares less about what China thinks. Military actions around Taiwan will be met with strength from the west.

  6. They are spending US tax payers money to do something stupid. Chines doesn’t care about this group, they are not important at all

  7. Quick, let's make some money from TW before it's too late!

  8. Like Estonia, Taiwan is a pawn.

  9. The USA is provoking the Chinese again. This has hardly anything to do with diplomacy, but rather with the sledgehammer. One can say that China has long tried to get along with America in peace, but what is being done here irritates the Chinese to the bone. Maneuvers around Taiwan will soon be commonplace. China considers Taiwan a renegade island that belongs to them.
    If the American foolishness continues like this, things will soon get serious.

  10. If I am the US, I want to see China attacking Taiwan so I can see what China military is capable of. If we did not defend Ukraine, it's laughable for Taiwan to think we will come to defend them. Japan, Australia and India also want to see the same thing so they can witness China's military and be prepared for it. The only blind party that believes the West will come to their defense is Taiwan alone. It's crazy how some Taiwanese actually believe it too.

  11. This is persistent SALAMI SLICING.
    US keeps saying to China not to change the STATUS QUO.
    Rapid fire visits of US's congress members are TRYING to change the STATUS QUO, encouraging other nations to follow until Taiwan becomes independence.
    The STATUS QUO for Taiwan is that it is integral of China.
    US is praying that the Taiwanese will be same as Ukrainian being CANNON FOLDERS.
    Taiwan is an island, no arm shipment when China seals off the seas around vs, Ukraine is surrounded by accessible arm shipping routes.
    None of US's war plans has been well planned.
    China is ready for war with US over Taiwan.
    US threatens NUKE if China sink her ships, China says bring it on.

  12. Old white people are running this country to the ground.

  13. Why do they keep sending Old white people, of course it's gonna outrage China.

  14. Henry Kissinger is the American dumbest US secretary of state.

  15. Their kids, no doubt, are enlisting, right?

  16. A free country and democratic ask the many Chinese that live there

  17. Do you know what Chinese military drills have done: it keeps the nosy US warcrafts off the island. Taiwanese businesses lost hundreds of millions of dollars. Taiwanese stock market lost hundreds of millions of dollars. China has practiced different scenarios multiple times. Taiwanese people are now not that interested in independence anymore, lol.
    US and allies do these throwing punches in the air multiple times a year, if you think it's just punches in the air, then you are simply stupid.
    Would you like a country throw punches in the air at your doorstep?

  18. CCP's little pinko's pinks for sure getting crazy again

  19. 🤦‍♂️China is not "taking over" Taiwan, u m0r0ns! Taiwan is part of China and belongs to China – Taiwanese are the same people as Chinese: HAN PEOPLE just like Ukrainians are Russians and belong to us! Get it inside your tiny little western heads already!!!🤺☦️🇷🇺

  20. 90 million for Nancy’s flight

  21. Taiwan dancing with the devil(usa)!!!

  22. This sends a strong message to china you see unlike china only congress has the power to declare war this message to the CCP being let’s play ball!!

  23. Taiwan leaders are stupid! The u.s. is starting a war and THEY'RE going to get destroyed! Satanist here in America loves the taste of blood! They're only content when their killing and destroying lives! They hate people and killing people are their survival tactics. Wake up people it's not about protecting Taiwan its about the military money machine!

  24. What are these buffoons trying to do exactly start a war? Because they're certainly doing a horrible job of preventing one.

  25. CHINA and other countries have a lot to show and offer to the world.

    Everyone should do business around the world with respect and help small countries to grow together equally for the benefit of their people.

    ENOUGH that the United States and other countries STOP SELLING WEAPONS to do BUSSINES since this only generates conflicts around the world.

    All countries must unite to make a better world. No more arms and war business.

    Every country has so many good things to show to other countries.

    Yes, all countries should enter a war… Yes, but society is A COMPETITIVE AND HEALTHY COMMERCIAL WAR WITHOUT SELFISHNESS AND RESTRICTIONS and with the purpose of helping small countries to have a better society for the benefit of their citizens and families. So that's the main thing.

    The younger generations want to learn good things about other countries, such as culture, history, products, and other things, with respect and love for others.

    China is not currently as the USA says, that was in the past.

    Today the government and the way of life of the people are very different.

    China has many better things than some countries that claim to be from the first world in terms of natural resources, places, buildings, culture, tourism, large and very expensive hotels and resorts, and hard-working and intelligent people who like progress.

    The USA that has it is envious to see that China and Russia are doing better and in many things are surpassing the USA.

  26. My question is…when will they NOT be outraged?

  27. I hope this arrogant ppl send their children & g/children to the front lines when it happens, as for you rest consider yourself unlucky, your children & g/children will be the first upfront,

  28. Listen CCP: You corrupt CCPs need anger management therapy. Face reality as you have never governed Taiwan! THUS YOU HAVE NO SOVEREIGNTY!

  29. Sure wish we knew what was said in the meeting.

  30. Everybody was just going out for Chinese. 🥢

  31. US just sold taiwan to china. Why this american people teasing china. This is what happened to ukraine. US want war.
    No US No War!

  32. Let's go China let's go Russia

  33. So If Lavrov visits Puerto Rico unannounced and escorted by SU57’s that would be ok with the US government? The one China policy isn’t being recognized by these US government officials. Do they really want an all out war with China?

  34. half of these old people have diapers on. Why is this reality lol wtf

  35. Why is the American keep on provoking