U.S. releases video of close call with China in the Taiwan Strait

In a video released by the Defense Department, a Chinese warship nearly collides with an American destroyer, coming within 150 yards of the vessel. NBC News’ Janis Mackey Frayer has details on the response from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and China’s Minister of Defense.

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  1. I think USA have rights to strike at China, and also make free people's.
    As they don in Afghanistan, Syria, in Iraq. That's way the democracy spread all around the world.

    American should remember that the Power in the world is going change.
    There is no more future for American Cartels witch is a Global criminals organization around the world. Time is coming soon that the World is going to free from American.
    Time is coming soon to pay the price of Killing the inocentes people's in the Afganistán, Syria , Iraq ect.

  2. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin and Pearl Harbor, the US government will literally place you to die in order to incite conflict. Guess a couple hundred thousand dollars for the family of the deceased servicemen is worth the money that the big military complex companies will win.

  3. Fire at your will to the Chinese ships and jets ❤

  4. what would we do if Chinese war ship along with the Russian warship sail across between Miami and Bahamas not once or twice, but just Regularly advocating freedoms of navigation. What would this world turn into.. The phrase we used all the time ….."we do this because only we CAN" doesn't work anymore.

  5. The US is a typical bully. Antaganizes, pokes and prods, but cries like a little bi*ch the moment someone stands up to it!

  6. Almost crashed?? She should see my sister driving… That ship was light years from crashing

  7. Why are frnk doing business with our enemies and spending millions in Chinese goods that only goes towards their military expansion

  8. Mind our buisness what about thier ballon that was being nosy gathering intel 😅

  9. 如果美国的军舰再来台湾海峡,中国军队就要让他们永远从三八线撤退一样!虽然这需要付出代价

  10. There’s no freedom of navigation, just freedom of provocation. China doesn’t accept the US military coming to our shores. Be careful what could happen from now on. You’re far far away from home, boys.

  11. When the USA is accused of something they know they did and suspect they will be caught for, they may become extremely anxious and worried about the consequences of their actions (this is what we see n Western media). This is one of the most common signs of guilt is panic and fear the USA us showing to the world.

    Another sign to look for is a desire to deflect blame. The USA may try to shift the focus away from themselves and onto others, perhaps by making accusations or spreading rumors about someone else. This is a classic example of projection, where the USA tries to transfer their own negative emotions and actions onto someone else.

    This is how the USA act when they are accused of cheating , stealing and lies, they react defensively or even with aggression.

  12. To be fair, if someone constantly walks around my house with weapons & suveillance instruments and claim that it is his "navigation freedom", I will expel him for sure. It is an agressive behaviour which can't be justified.

  13. Just send Destroyer to the Mexico and Cuba port and see what happens

  14. 中国的海域,中国的军队,想怎么开,就怎么开。

  15. China knows the USA has weak leadership!

  16. Am I missing something, since when China is our enemy, oh yes, since we own them the money, I guess that's what happens when you are too broke to pay it back, you start to wave your guns in their face😈- Pathetic. All that money is spend on military and useless wars, now half of the country is homeless and struggling, building homes from cardboard. "We" should worry about our continent, the nose is too stretched out, we look like a f Pinocchio 🤥

  17. Don't you just want to invade China? Want to scalp the Chinese people, right?😒😒😒

  18. American reconnaissance planes fly to China's door every day. Now the US warships run to the gate of China every day. A single balloon can break America's little heart in April. Bandit logic. Driving reconnaissance planes and warships to the door of China every day.😉😉😉

  19. WW3 already started..just look at how Fentanyl & Tranq is affecting the US….War is big money and America is broke…I just pray they don’t bring back the draft 😮 and if they do make all the woke Trannys join only! 😂

  20. 李部长的谈话你们美国媒体敢全部放出来吗?整天捕风捉影。。。每天跑到别人家门口说别人威胁你

  21. its just time bloody war
    god bless all

  22. This wouldnt happen if US ships were in the atlantic or pacific close to their shores. This apped in the South CHINA sea

  23. China was trying to run into the United States ship 🚢

  24. Next time just going to have to keep that speed going. Idiots wanna play chicken, they will find out how naval war worked in Greek and Roman times. Hint, you never want to get rammed in the side.

  25. it's China's fault to put the country so close to the U.S. warship.

  26. “Nearly colliding” lol not even close. This is just noise USA and china would never go to war

  27. If there military is as bad as there consumer products we have nothing to fear.