U.S. Sees 1 Million Covid Cases In Three Weeks | NBC Nightly News

At least a dozen states are soaring to all-time highs for Covid hospitalizations. In states like Wisconsin, where the average daily number of deaths have more than tripled, ICU beds are now at 90 percent capacity.
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U.S. Sees 1 Million Covid Cases In Three Weeks | NBC Nightly News


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  1. So 1,000,000 new cases. That means by the math we should be hitting close to 200,000 new deaths with a grand total approaching 500,000. So what is our new American death count at??? Numbers not adding up or is it we have learned a lot over the last 10 months? I dunno cause me no believe in science cause I can't look at all these numbers as a whole and I do look at all the numbers and not just the 3 you are told about by the media every hour. Research all the numbers. Then that lightbulb may burn a little brighter, and you may start to ask questions yourself, but most wont cause they believe everything the news tells them, and have no time to do anything called research. So you be a good comrade and do what the Gestapo says. Let the name calling commence!!

  2. First responders! True heroes.

  3. Help. I’ve worked at UPS located at 13640 Springfield Blvd, Springfield Gardens, NY 11413. There is no masks given gloves sanitizer or any ppe. People come to work sick out of fear of being fired . Please report them we’re scared here

  4. The absolute only update and/or conversation should be about protecting the very small subset population of the most vulnerable, susceptible people who should take necessary precautions and allowing the virus to run its natural course. Allowing the infection to pass through the general healthy population, that effectively have almost a zero percent chance of serious infection, is the Only way to completely neutralize the viral virulence. Prolonged isolation of the elderly or people in care homes is nothing less than inhumane and should be considered crimes against humanity.

    Naturally acquired Herd immunity is not an objective opinion or hypothesis a theory a strategy or a debate, it is biological law that exists and occurs like gravity or the laws of thermodynamics whether anyone understands or believes in it or not.

    The strangest phenomenon to be witnessed in this century at such a colossal scale, is "Science Denialisim". (refusal to accept and ultimately deny, /even in the science community/ established fundamental, empirical science and facts.) causing mass irrational fear fueled primarily by the hyper hysteria of the internet era.

    There has never in history been an effective Cor/virus vaccine, caused by two fundamental factors, antigenic shift (mutation) and virulence dilution. In other words any vaccines that are being developed right now as we speak, are already dated and ineffective.

    The high case counts with low casualty numbers are a normal predictable pattern of all Corona viral outbreaks. The virus has drastically weakened virulence from T-Cell antibody immune response to massive population infection spread and saturation, to the extent it becomes, to the vast majority, nothing more than another common cold like annoyance.

    Because the SARS-COV-2 virus is now at the epidemiological low level virulence classification, what is known in epidemiology as the pathogen endemic equilibrium phase. (viral stasis) All future focus should be towards (MPIE) mass population immunization by exposure, (herd immunity) from the healthy population, as rapidly as possible in order to protect the most vulnerable health population.

    Everyone must take the time to listen to these podcasts with prominent top scientists discussing the exact worldwide infectious disease policy that has been implemented for every pandemic for the past century.

    / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz_Z7Gf1aRE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC8NH1BNGz8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTBIcGyR4lI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6LB2Rp44zA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vbB1IGDm3Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=013L9J7WhuU

  5. Just a reminder that a "case" is simply a positive test, and with voluminous testing will inevitably come voluminous "cases." With testing being done at 45 cycles instead of the recommended 30, nearly everyone tested will ultimately come up as positive, including goats, paw-paw fruits, and zoo tigers. What we have here is a non-lethal flu (for 99.4% of the population) which has been bridled and pumped up to a fear-generating media frenzy to facilitate a planned takeover of the world by global elitists. Plain and simple truth, sorry to be so blunt.

  6. Realmente não quero vos perturbar…mas é um assunto muito importante, do qual todos devem estar conscientes.

    Vossos dirigentes pretendem causar um "Great Reset" na economia mundial, devido ao nível de endividamento insustentável, em todos os países do mundo.

    Para que isto fosse aceitável, precisavam criar uma falsa pandemia mundial. Na verdade podemos chamar de uma "PLAN"demia.

    90% dos meios de comunicação, pertencem à "Elite Financeira Global", e estão juntos, nesta FARSA mundial.

    Não importa para eles o pânico gerado na população, a quebradeira geral dos pequenos negócios, os suicídios, etc…

    Tudo estaria aparentemente, sob controle. A meta é reduzir a população mundial em 80% (leia-se matar o povo), para então efetuar o grande Reset econômico mundial.

    A farsa foi implantada. E a vacinação será a segunda etapa, do plano maligno de extermínio, de "controle populacional".

    Isto está sendo planejado há mais de 50 anos…

    Pesquisem, e encontrarão informações sobre esta "PLANdemia" e sobre todos os "passos posteriores", postadas há mais de 10 anos atrás, no site do Fórum econômico mundial.

    Resumindo: Quando aqueles que deveriam cuidar do povo, são descobertos como aqueles mentem, manipulam, e exterminam o povo, creio que chegou a hora do mundo abrir os olhos e se rebelar contra isto, ou então irá acabar, nas mãos destes pilantras malditos.

    Esta será minha última mensagem sobre este assunto.

    Podem ter absoluta certeza, conforme foi antecipadamente profetizado em todas as escrituras (que culminam no Apocalipse), de que Deus agirá pesado contra todos os que estão CONSCIENTEMENTE, apoiando e participando desta farsa mundial.
    Os terroristas espalhadores de mentira e pânico, estão com os dias contados.

    Deuteronômio 32:35 Minha é a vingança e a recompensa, ao tempo que resvalar o seu pé; porque o dia da sua ruína está próximo, e as coisas que lhes hão de suceder, se apressam a chegar.

    Sugiro muita atenção, aos vídeos abaixo.











    Obs: Os vídeos abaixo estão censurados mundialmente, e tive que disponibilizar via Google Drive. Basta fazer o download e assistir no computador, celular, ou TV.


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  10. I miss Barack Obama as president. He's been such an inspiration since I was 12 years old in middle school. I miss his reasonable, thoughtful and calming leadership!!! Biden-Harris 2020!!!

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  14. trump: it will be okay,we have done very good job,without me , it will be 10 million in one week 🤣

  15. How do you recognize a failed state? – When you see a nation being unable to combat a virus the rest of the world has contained, even after 8 months.

  16. Every state should I be in the same and the rules when dealing with the covid-19

  17. Trump & Dr Scott Atlas intend to implement HERD IMMUNITY in 2021. Seniors die of covid at alarming rates. Between vaccine approval & its distribution, CDC predicts 6 to 12 months.


    Till the arrests of Congress ones in the Circle of…
    40+ Years and still no replies from all…
    Martin Luther King, in the 60s,Who in Congress to Date wore a wire for the Deep State to get in the all White Boys Club…
    The oldest satanic trick
    Is to turn All Gods Prophets into Gods themselves…[WORLD WIDE]God came into being ,When all universal matter
    had its first conscious thought…
    KNIGHTSTEMPLAR… SLEEPERCELL… Also beware of the Black Deep State…WWG1WGA… https://youtu.be/M6nKUAM8oTk About the Dem’s big Biden rollout speech,Trump was right again…They did little ,If any speaking about what they can do to make our Country better…Ms Obama made it short and sweet…It can and will be done to make the Riots worse,By the State ran media…
    Shit…I’ll be dammed… Trump is going to drain the Swamp to He hits China…




  19. 200000/8 million = 0.0025%. …that is how deadly covid is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  20. Wow, most of these people in the comments are brainwashed, teletarded. Does anyone go outside anymore or does everybody think TV is reality?

  21. Yet none of you sell outs mention chem trails that were 100% sprayed over Baldwin County AL on 10/14/2020 pics date and time stamped.
    All Countries have reports of chem trails, many have video of chem trails and the inside of the jets and the spray tanks. Your all a bunch of traitors.
    Hey, Ford united auto workers made our masks, didn't they sell auto engines to Germany in WW2? Hmmmmm$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 501c3 tax exempt Churches obey the beast$$$$$$$$$$$Hmmmmmmmmm.

  22. Vote Joe Biden November 2020/Vote Amy McGrath Kentucky November 2020

  23. I'm more worried about accidentally pricking my self when I shave my exit way.

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  26. Florida's adds more than 4,000 covid cases. The highest one day total since August.

  27. Trump's idiots and fanatics will not care about Covid even if almost everyone gets sick.. Look at human history: War after War, millions killing millions, do you expect any less from these idiots?

  28. FAKE NEWS!




  29. New infraction all from Republican supporter

  30. That’s not bad considering back in late June- early August we would see a million new cases in 16 days