U.S. to send tanks to Ukrainian military amid its corruption scandal

U.S. officials say that the Biden administration will begin sending tanks to support the Ukrainian military. NBC’s Raf Sanchez reports on how this latest move comes as a corruption scandal shakes up President Zelenskyy’s government.

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  1. Remember when Russia thru our adz's out of Libya?. Destroyed US plans to get rid of Assad. Your fake news is comical.

  2. Let's escalate it to WWIII !

  3. funny about a month ago i was called a qanon conspiracy theorist for daring to point to un reports showing deep corruption in the Ukrainian government (along with warcrimes being committed by Ukrainian forces against Ukrainian civilians) careful nbc, your almost looking like a reliable news source again…..

  4. America keeps giving weapons to do destruction against Russia for free. US Americans are part of this crime. Why because we are working to give money and they can make more weapons so they can send them to Ukraine for war. It's all they want. Destruction seeing who's the most powerful country. Destroying innocent people houses and attacking people who are not part of war. Those nuclear bombs are going to attack us people while the military can go in the navy ships and survive and we would be destroyed.

  5. I hope these things do not end up in China or Russia hands.. even the older m1s , the armor is proprietary us technology. They will need a dedicated maintenance technicians in rear area Iwith the turbine power plants. No doubt about it.. one thing they will be the fastest thing in the field, and the deadliest.. former tanker 19ECHO FORT KNOX Kentucky.. Ukraine soldiers are smart cookies they will figure them out quick .. go easy on the throttle, blow final drives like a mofo lol..

  6. It does not run on jet fuel only. NBC, you are turning into Fox Entertainment. Get with the program.

  7. So I guess corruption is rewarded nowadays. Nato leaders and America is dragging us into a mess. We live in a sick world.

  8. The Ukrainian war is already lost Those NATO tanks won't change the outcome of that war. But it could delay the Ukrainian surrender.

  9. Lmao but lets send them billions.

  10. As long as people keep working their 9-5 jobs the wars will continue. Its that simple

  11. And this is how the liberal world order kicks off depopulation agendas….. Pushing into certain conflict. The Democrats and other foreign entities are pushing the self destruction button in the name of the globalist elites

  12. By the time the United States defeated Hitler in Germany much of Europe was in shambles. Now is the time for Germany to show the world evil dictators like Putin will not be tolerated.

  13. 😂it’s going to take years to train and repair

  14. We have no business sending tanks or USDs to Ukraine. Bad policy all the way around. Meanwhile we struggle not to starve under this inflation…while our borders are completely insecure.

  15. This is NOT OUR WAR!!! We don't want this to escalate because of OUR HELP! We should be staying out of this immeasurable, brutal war, with a diabolical, EVIL, creature named Putin ! Why are we footing the bill for this endless, & expensive TRILLION dollar WAR that is not OUR WAR ?? Putin is capable of NUKES on USA !!!~~ Besides, Don't we have enough problems & expenses just handling MILLIONs of MIGRANTS who we have to support $$$$$$$, with their children too, who have come here with absolutely nothing & no education at all, and no Sponsors either?? Biden you need to WAKE UP. You need to get America's PRIORITIES in the correct order, and NOW PLEASE!

  16. Your all hear the same thing from all politicians – We are with Ukraine for the long run , till Russia is defeated or pulls back to its border.

    Talk of 2 leopard Tank battalions – it was already planned – it was done.

    56 Tanks. A German tank battalion consists of four tank companies, a headquarters and service company, one antitank platoon, and one scout platoon. The tank companies each consist of 14 tanks.

    your looking at creation of 3 leopard tank battalions -totaling 168 leopard tanks from up-to 15 NATO partners using Leopards today.

    Poland with its call out of 100,000 – they been in specialist training under Polish, US marine – specialist with some 150-200 Canadian – few from Finland, Baltic. These forces will be ready by next 4-6 weeks after 5+ months of extensive training.

    This Leopard tank is just a Dreama theater for our public. This been planned and Polish call up of first 100,000 is part of this strategic plan, WAR of attrition – phase II – US-NATO has plan and they had decided at Pollical levels in June 2022.

    US- is slowly edging EU-NATO towards direct war with Russia. !! I say EU public is sleep walking into their next major nightmare WW3 after WW2.

  17. Great. Hopefully the Ukrainians will take better care of the M1s we give them than the Iraqis did. How many did ISIS get from them that had to be destroyed?

  18. Everyone would be better off if America put boots on the ground.
    Don’t make Ukraine fight alone if you actually care about them ✊

  19. The most Treacherous "President" America has ever had. Every single democrat who voted for this old babbling fool on account of getting their feelings hurt by "bad Orange Man" is complicit in this disastrous president. The whole country waiting for him to keel over so we can celebrate a new National Holiday

  20. The Abrams burns multiple fuels , not just jet fuel

  21. Putin must be stopped in Ukraine or the free world is finished..why does Ukraine not have all the top shelf weapons already????? If we keep delaying we will have to send our own troops to stop him!💯

  22. i trust Zelensky more than i trust ras-putin… and i believe Zelensky is fighting for his country, he could have fled with piles of cash i am sure… but he stayed.. his actions prove more than the baseless lies that are perpetuated by keyboard hero's spouting Russian propaganda… oh yeah … lets de-nazify Ukraine… there is graft and greed .. Iraq and Afghanistan were rift with it, yet we continued to fuel a senseless objective, Ukraine is cause worthy of the free world,,

  23. Here we go! Its just a matter time now before all the kids of Trump haters get drafted.

  24. Wonder how far behind the nukes will be. If you want to spend time with the ones you love better do it now time is running out.

  25. Sending tanks to Ukraine is racist!

  26. Several dozen? They'll need several hundred. All because Victoria Nuland can't read a map and thought Crimea belonged to Romania…lol. You better buy, build, and send those tanks while the dollar is still worth something, because if Russia wins……👇

  27. Poor US people, have to work hard to fund corrupted comedian and great beggar while their own people are facing so many problems…

  28. They got what they needed to resign

  29. I don't worry about Ukraine finding corruption. I would be more worried if they didn't.

  30. Stopped one endless war so they could begin another more profitable one! One with all our equipment and none of our soldiers, yet.

  31. All this does is continue the war longer. This has to end. Stop sending aid unless they pay.

  32. In the long run this war will be the best thing that happened to Ukraine. Hopefully joining the EU soon, getting NATO weapons and fixing their corruption. Slava Ukraini!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇸

  33. To have corruption and blindly look the other way, is one thing. But to weed it out and clean up the garbage, is another. Need to recognize the difference. One only needs to look 700kms to the east of Ukraine to see how bad it can really get.

  34. Lol 😂 Ukraine is the corrupt.

  35. Andddddd how do you defend against a barrage of tanks???????? NUKE! 🤷🏽‍♂️🇺🇸

  36. What a better way to hide corruption,, help start a war..

  37. No problem, the Tanks can be paid for with cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and our Veterans administration.