Monday , November 30 2020
Home / News / U.S. Troops Leaving Syria For Western Iraq As Kurds Pull Back Amid Cease-Fire | NBC Nightly News

U.S. Troops Leaving Syria For Western Iraq As Kurds Pull Back Amid Cease-Fire | NBC Nightly News

President Trump has praised the cease-fire deal with Turkey for allowing U.S. forces to come home, but Defense Secretary Mark Esper said nearly all U.S. troops in Syria will move to western Iraq “to help defend Iraq and … perform a counter-ISIS mission.”» Subscribe to NBC News:
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U.S. Troops Leaving Syria For Western Iraq As Kurds Pull Back Amid Cease-Fire | NBC Nightly News


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  1. US troops being sent from Syria to Iraq for coming war with Iran (for Israel):

    Defense chief: US troops leaving Syria to go to western Iraq:

    Read Pat Buchanan's following 'Whose War?' article for how the neoconservatives (who are the upper echelon of the Israel lobby in the USA) pushed the USA into Iraq for Israel per the Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan mentioned below:

    Whose War?:

    Philip Giraldi (former CIA directorate for Turkey) mentioned above linked 'Whose War?' article in his following article:

    Israel's Many Wars:

    All for the Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan:

    “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

    The Infamous "Oded Yinon Plan":

    Again I mentioned the Yinon plan vs Iraq, Syria & beyond (to Iran) in the following Press TV & RT appearances:

    Daesh trains 600 terrorists to attack Europe:

    The Lobby's Humanitarianism Once Again in Doubt

    The push for war against Syria: James Morris dares to mention the taboo history:

    I mentioned the neocon 'A Clean Break' in the above RT appearance as well:

    Neocon 'A Clean Break':

    Following Robert Fisk article (which initially appeared in the London Independent) mentioned the JINSA Neocons as JINSA Neocons Richard Perle and Douglas Feith co-wrote the neocon 'A Clean Break' as well:

    Robert Fisk: US sets out to redraw map of Middle East:

    Michael Scheuer on Americans dying for Israel in response to my C-SPAN viewer call in the following Youtube which I referenced in the above Press TV interview as well:

    9/11 Motive & Media Betrayal:

    The Neoconservatives, the War on Iraq, and the National Interest of Israel:

    Iran Delenda Est:

    The Transparent Cabal:

    Retired US Colonel: Israel Is Dragging the United States Into World War III:

    Colonel Wilkerson was also interviewed in the following Dutch VPRO 'Israel Lobby' documentary:

    VPRO: Israel Lobby:

    Neoconned Pentagon wants 16 year-old kids to fight for Israel:

  2. The Kurds are Iranians, they are Iranians in origin, believes and culture, they will not hesitate to take Iran's side if they have to choose between Iran and USA, the Kurds fought ISIS because it's a threat to thier existence and a threat to thier home country IRAN.

  3. Looks like there was an eviction notice served in northern Syria

  4. When the US abandons the Middle East to Russia n the Turks Syrians n Iranians it will set the stage for Armageddon. Only country I feel sorry for now is Israel. They are now completely surrounded by enemies n isolated within Islamic world. It is indeed the prelude to Armageddon

  5. Typical incompetence and lies of the Trump association.

  6. We should not support the money spent to keep troops in no threat Syria. My state agencies are experiencing funding shortages for children and adults with Down's Syndrome, Autism, etc. Meanwhile we pay to occupy Syria and build unneeded $billions of dollar aircraft carriers and jets

  7. new game prank of trump for against Iraq? why why? for nothing, everything is not forever, please give them back freedom, home, family, Children,

  8. We have other military bases in the Middle East. . . “Crickets”

    Even if it means that Dem voters and Independent voters must become instant War-Mongers to keep the US troops in Syria where escalation is eminent. . . If it means this and that to Impeach Trump . . Then justify that action . . Just like a QPQ story

    QPQ = Quid Pro Quo (Lawless Morality)

  9. Mr. Mike Esper, you need to learn to shade the truth under your current boss, and then actually do something different. On another note, Trump clearly has his own agenda on the brain, not the welfare of the security situation concerning the troops on the ground. Anyway, long story short, some of the personnel will come home because they are no longer needed, the rest will rotate and stay on mission.

  10. Trump cut and ran. Then he plans to refound ISIS.

  11. so bringing em home involves a trip to iraq?

  12. I am reminded this morning of an extremely plausible quote which fits our current downward spiral, and all the inexperienced corporate shitbags who have infiltrated our WH:

    “They were careless people… they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald [The Great Gatsby]

  13. Of course the U.S. did not care to seek "permission" from Iraq who have made it very clear they want the U.S. out of Iraq.

  14. Graham was right, they say ONE more bs time "bring our folks home" lie im going to VOMIT.

  15. Mr trump will make a big money next steps to sal iraqi kurdish becouse got a biggest oil farmers there before he will be finishing his present terms he will make sure finish all deal to be seccefull dealers & a riches man in the planet .

  16. THERE WAS A "CEASE FIRE" BEFORE MANIACAL TRUMP GAVE TURK THE GO AHEAD TO AMBUSH OUR MID EAST ALLY KURDS! Our tiny presence in Syria was THE textbook example of "peace through strength"!!! Trump gave Turk/Russia a Kurd bloodbath for a few days (so far), period. TREASON. Grotesquely using genocide propaganda to justify it.

  17. That guy looks like Alex Jones

  18. It looks like a plan between Turkey and USA

  19. Kurds are now HOMELESS!
    STINKY TRUMP POOP allow me to explain
    Trump tells media that we are bringing home the troops
    Reality he is sending them to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Iraq.

  20. Please see "Unveiling Persia", a Zoroastrian reflection on Persian History, on Amazon/Kindle at:

  21. Deep state military complex betraying the USA soldiers for wars for profits –

  22. trumps crying bring the boys home ha ha some army

  23. Trump withdraws US troops from Syrian war zone, now a battle strewn third world shithole : Bad President

    Trump sends US troops to Saudi Arabia non-combat zone, modern first world nation, US allied : Bad President

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