U.S. Warns Russia Could Invade Ukraine Before End of Olympics

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan warned that the “Russians are in a position to be able to mount a major military action in Ukraine any day now,” and urged Americans to leave Ukraine within 48 hours. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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U.S. Warns Russia Could Invade Ukraine Before End of Olympics


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  1. 🔥🛑🔥🛑🔥 STOP HALAL FOODS!!!👉https://youtu.be/Lm9k6xrnLNU

  2. Why can’t we live in peace?

  3. Do ukraine people want to be Russians if they do Then USA BACK OFF.

  4. It's even visible to the naked eye. Puppeteers, the USA needs a war..Blinken. Biden .senators. even.psaki .and the corrupt media .they fulfill the will of the owners .globalists ..who created a virus not long ago ..now their task is to reduce the population of the earth …🤣😂

  5. Stop lying please.. you spread fakes.. Russians tot invaded and not going to invade.. They already left exercises on their territory.. Why need to lie.. the world is on brick of war for your disinformation..

  6. США – это самый главный террорист на нашей планете, там где американцы суют свой нос- война, разруха, гибель людей, бедность.

  7. I believe that the governments of NATO, Europe and the USA have lost fear in the face of God.. Would the USA, England, France or Germany not defend their ethnic population in Ukraine… if Ukraine had the same actions against the French, Germans, or the British… as against the Russian ethnic population living in Ukraine… and which about 12,000 000-15 000 000 people? How would these countries react if their citizens forbade their language at school, religion, their history and demand to hate it, to consider it hostile..? and when people came out to protest against violations of their rights… declared them terrorists and sent an army to suppress the rebellion… declaring an anti-terrorist operation… the Russian Federation could not allow the oppression of its ethnic population living in Ukraine – the former republic of the USSR.. where Russians and Ukrainians have always lived together and had no conflicts and began to support the Russian population… and the government of Ukraine announced the aggression of Russia against Ukraine and the support of terrorists in the Donbass….The United States and the entire civilized world supported Albania by recognizing their right to sovereignty and independence… giving the right of an autonomous republic? Why, in relation to the Russian language, culture, population, there is no similar support in the right of ethnic groups to have their identity to preserve their nationality… Is this not stated in the UN Charter on small peoples and ethnic groups in other countries and their rights?… If in Mexico they begin to oppress Americans English speakers and persecute them… what will the United States do? or in Canada will begin to persecute the French and prohibit them from language.. education on French… identity?… or in Ireland they will begin to prohibit the English language and eliminate it by force…. I consider the conflict in Ukraine to be made specifically against the Russian language and the population in order to make Russia war on the territory of Ukraine.. stop its economic development.. divide Ukraine and Russia making enemies peoples who have been together in history… like in Great Scotland,Ireland, England… How Germany from the GDR and Germany became one country… just like Ukraine,Russia, Belarus.. it should be one people and one powerful country.. artificially divided by politicians, the Collective West

  8. 😂putin is not that stupid to tell the world when to attack,it must be unexpected that is the right way to attack

  9. It seems that Ukraine is about to become the sacrificial lamb. In return for Russia and Belarus pulling out its invasion troops encircling Ukraine Putin gets what he demanded leaving him free to plan his next invasion. Putin can create a bargaining chip out of thin air by threatening to invade another country Not a bad deal.

  10. I don't want to be poisonous, but that's a big surprise! So the American insidious invasion of Ukraine by the Russian hordes was just an exercise taking place on the Ukrainian border in the area from Urals & Kazakhstan to Belarus. And it was nonsense around and generally embarrassing maneuvers of stupid American-British politicians. 👎

    Does "the" Biden still have space to step up threats with sanctions? 🤣

    And Mr. Putin is silent and doing his thing. 😎

  11. Just ask the Clintons I’m sure Putin has already told him!

  12. Haha usa hero of the World for ever haha

  13. American Media, American Establishment you should be ashamed of putting regular American folk through this crap day after day, month after month, year after year. Totally immoral ..

  14. Google nuclear survival kit and start prepping.

    USA is set on starting a war so the only thing that can save the world right now is disobedience of US military. Go get yourselves some trucks… 😉😉❗❗

  15. Biden doesn't care if Americans are left there like Afghanistan🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  16. America…We should use military robots to attack the Russians! Russia…We should use robots to go to war with American. Me…Atleast nobody would get hurt because there's nothing but Robots fighting WW3. So who's the Evil Person that add Flesh and Blood to fight WW3 and why?

  17. Alr I’m hitting to Japan see y’all

  18. Is that when we plan to attack Russia?

  19. Mann Biden 🤦‍♀️

  20. The president of Ukraine said otherwise about an "imminent invasions" and said news reporting this was causing more harm then good…. causing unnecessary fear🧐

  21. No one does this better than 🔝🔝 he added $5000 into my PayPal account

  22. No one does this better than 🔝🔝 he added $5000 into my PayPal account

  23. Like president George W. Bush stroked their faithful servant Václav Havel, Mr. Biden will certainly caress the president of Zeleny.

    My name is Moronella B. Warcrime and I want to ask if, by his six-month-long speechifying about Russian attack Mr. Biden just does not meet the Russian concerns about the familiar thing that the US government will expand his military presence exactly there where she originated new area of American intereses. Here with the coup for dollars US government created a space directly on the Russian border and the fool Zelensky puts the rest of Ukraine in danger for the moment's overseas profit.

  24. You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus the anointed is Lord! Repent and be baptized and believe the Gospel.

  25. How Putin knows not to target Americans, will they have a nationality detector in war? or some kind of laser XD??

  26. I hope all americans can get out of ukraine. If you dont, that's ur fault bc we all know joe biden will leave you like afiganistan

  27. Last time I checked it takes Congress to approve war.

  28. the role of NATO is a foolish proxy

    western countries media make panic for people of all over the world, it's western politicians make propaganda

  29. America is becoming the rogue. Starting the war drum, hysteria, panic …etc. The politicians wants this war. They should send their children to the front line first to the Russians!

    Oh the way, the Russians love fighting in the cold! American soldiers prefer home heating comfort.

  30. Since the US has wagged its finger and said no;
    Ukraine will generate more money than these idiotic sanctions.
    Thanks sleepy joe

  31. My prediction. If that 15 yr old Russian skater gets disqualified on Monday? Putin will be so furious that the Ukraine invasion will begin within 24 hrs and this will be written about in history books years from now. You read it 1st here.

  32. What's new?

    Are the bombs falling in fact too?

    Are the bombs falling also outside the mind of British-American warriors?

  33. America
    I am the Irish August and sending a message to world about the next fake flag attack which is happening in Ukraine to cover the west covid experiments on their own nations