U.S. was not aware of Hamas’ attack plan on Israel, Biden admin. says

NSC Spokesperson #JohnKirby said Sunday on MTP that the U.S. intel community has indicated that it was not aware of Hamas’ plan of attack on #Israel.⁠ ⁠The New York Times recently reported that Israeli officials received Hamas’ plans for its Oct. 7 attack more than a year before it happened, citing documents, emails and interviews.

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  1. Kirby is a dual Israeli citizen. He should not be allowed to serve. He can't be trusted. He's a Zionist scum . Just into his eyes

  2. Biden administration is a complete failure feom all levels fbi doj. What a joke a clown show

  3. Intelligence is a huge marijuana smoke-filled haze. 😂

  4. CRUZ media stated that ISREAL and THE USA knew about this planning. How much more propaganda is ISREAL and the paid media is going to lie to the world?. And ISREAL is rhe victim. God help us. ♥️🇵🇸🇵🇸♥️♥️♥️🙏

  5. Stop lying Bro Israel knew they just needed an excuse so they can “turn Gaza into a parking lot “ as said by many Israeli officials.

  6. Yes Israel and the US are close so close in fact that Israel routinely steals information from the US and has agents current serving life sentences for stealing from America. With friends like these who needs enemies.

  7. Yesterday Israeli prime minister was in west bank laying bricks for $1billion illegal settlements program on Palestinians land were there is no Hamas.

  8. I’m just watching these officials and wondering how in the world they can be where they are . America we can have much better leaders officials

  9. So what 🤷
    All that shows is how patient Israel was and it shows how stupid this lady is

  10. This is irresponsible of this "journalist" to speak like this-Unbelievable

  11. Wait. Doesnt this report end the debate? Israel are undisputed mass murderers if this is true.

  12. Remember the U.S.S. Liberty!?!?!?👺

  13. America had no idea about 911👺

  14. America needs to get out of middle east! Isreal is making thousands of more Hamas volunteers with this terrorist destruction & killing women & children! Stop giving Isreal Billions of taxpayers money, keep our money home!!!

  15. IDF stenographer in White House 🤮

  16. Israel baited Hamas attack so they had an excuse.to commit genocide.

  17. Could they have picked a more cartoonish character for his job???

  18. O masumların çocukların hesabı hepinize sorulacak ALLAH'TAN hiçbiryere kaçamazsınız bekleyin ve görün.!!!🇵🇸

  19. Blindly believe Israel had knowledge? How far do we go trying to find an excuse for something so stupid and absurd this whole attack was….it was as unbelievable to me as seeing a monkey walking across a field and kicking a dozing Lion in the head

  20. If any of us "not aware of such things" at work, we all will be fired.
    The IDF wants any reason to start a war, claim more land with self defense to ethnicity cleanse it's neighbors, they view the Palestinians as low class people

  21. Not a great host of this program unfortunately

  22. Unbelievable! Yes. I mean, he is not believable

  23. Either US intelligence is incompetent or Mossad is deceitful

  24. the Israeli s do not see the US as worthy of having equal access to intel

  25. Biden allowed 13 of our young servicemen to be killed in Afghanistan.. I doubt he had any special concerns about Israel.

  26. You ever notice that the intelligence community never knows anything that they're supposed to know. Not ever.