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UAW, GM talks 'have taken a turn for the worse'

FOX Business’ Grady Trimble on the current status of the GM UAW strike now entering week four.

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  1. My daughter asked me what do Union's do for her as they take $68.00 a week from her check for years. My answer was all they do is take your money.. Unions are evil

  2. In the near future…….on to automotive news, gm has just closed the last plant based in the U.S. In other news, food stamps and welfare is on the rise. Yet to come, McDonalds hired and quickly fired thousands of former uaw members. Former members citing work too difficult..McDonalds commenting that former members were not up to par when 6 of them to flip one burger every 4 minutes was a difficult task and they started stating this work was inhumane and their arms, legs and backs hurt after 45 minutes on the job.

  3. another attempt by filthy democrats to damage Trump…Epic Fail!

  4. This is a great way to lower inventory.

  5. Honestly, GM is such a pale shadow of its former greatness, that this strike is just a sad reminder of the glory days, when the UAW was a couple million people and could put half of Michigan out of work for six months and the President would sometimes intervene to get the two sides talking. In recent years, GM vehicles have been about 10% of what's on the road, very few sedans, mostly GMC trucks & SUV's. If GM suddenly went under, as they probably should have done 10 years ago, hardly anyone would notice.

  6. It doesn't matter any more what to do or not coz China is now the new world super power in every single aspect even in weapons and high- technology, all this confirmed by the Pentagon!

  7. Unions are a waste of money. Their members need to fire those union crooks and negotiate on their own.

  8. Strike pay???? fire them all and hire some legal immigrants

  9. I have had very little use for unions for quite awhile. In the beginning they did fantastic work, then they became mob like in corruption. Then the unions just help themselves, not the worker. Yes I do know about unions, I grew up in a union household, my daddy was union to the bone, mother was union, son is union. I have told my son his union is as useless as a milk bucket under a bull. 😠

  10. the workers r goin to loose gm is in the guter its what gm wants

  11. Bust the Union! Keep em off work till 2021!

  12. GM still Owes Millions back to the American people for their Bail out. I Believe this would be a Great time to make them give it back in one lump sum. GM CEO's need to be taken down ASAP

  13. Unions can be good, however if they are making demands that will jeopardize a companies position to not financially operate and succeed as a company in the U.S. Making to high of a demand has bankrupted companies. Why ? The customer cannot afford to buy your product. It can lead to the bankruptcy of that company. Did they not learn anything about Detroit ! Unions and management need to work together to get the job done with an honest days effort to accomplish the agenda.

  14. GM is a globalist company. They have become complicit in hurting the United states citizens and building products that cannot be repaired by anyone but themselves. It's called engineered obsolescence. They have perfected it.

  15. I wonder how the MSM thinks a majority of Americans feel about them for poisoning the airwaves with lies and vitriol? I suppose they don't care but they should.

  16. You know what makes me really laugh , is the CIVIAL SERVICE AGENCY A STATE RUN ORGANIZATION FOR GOVERNMENT WORKERS IS OVER SEEING CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS. Just how weird is that? Makes you wonder why the federal government spent all those years pushing organized crime out of unions. So they could take it over an dictate as mob bosses. Just like NANCY PELOSI’S has done with Congress the past three years. An this country. As if every city run buy Demarcates has not already been plundered an put to ruin. A long the states their in.

  17. Hopefully the mob doesn't start shooting. It wouldn't be the first time.

  18. GM just needs replace all them union workers with people that would appreciate having a job. I dont know how it works for GM but if im a business owner the employees will work with the terms agreed on when they accepted the job or they will find another place to work.

  19. GM makes all their pretty cars and trucks with the cheapest parts from the suppliers and now wants to make their pretty cars and trucks with the cheapest labor it can find in Mexico and China without any unions to tell GM what to do for employees or affect their profits from all the cheaply made cars and trucks and expect us to pay astronomical prices for all their crappy vehicles. Well GM take your CRAPPY made cars and sell them in China and Mexico, we will buy the better made Japanese cars and trucks.

  20. Lotus working hard to bring back automotive industry n jobs back to USA . Here the f…g Union is chasing everything that potus worked for back to foreign countries. Unions r actually leeches. It sucks blood out of the employees as well as employers.

  21. I wished you had clarified the $250.00 pay, is it per day, per week????? Personally I think these unions are beyond their use here and the employees already have a better pay/package then most of American workers. They are probably the only ones who can afford to buy the cars they build! Instead of being glad they have jobs they always seem to want more and more and more and more. I'm sick of it, the greedy b…..ards.

  22. FIRE these useless, overpaid crybabies!

  23. UAW just wants more money for themselves so they can give it to the dem communists in congress. GM…kick the union out and just hire people who want to work for a fair wage.

  24. I have no sympathy for these unskilled overpaid auto workers!

  25. Been proven out sourcing of american jobs hurts our economy

  26. The workers should dump UAW crooks and negotiate for themselves. You get no strike pay but you can get back to work.


  28. Fire UAW and make General Motors great again by making it non- union! Auto workers want to work in the United States with U.S. products! No cheap goods manufactured in China via Mexico!

  29. Unions are evil. The workers are slaves and give their money to support corruption. Those people should be grateful for a job. Fire them all. Shut down the plant. No wonder car dealers left the country. Workers are so stupid to strike. They never recoup what they lost. Dumb a$$3$. I don’t feel any sympathy for them.

  30. Lmao 100k a year for unskilled repetitive work, no country on Earth has that 😆

  31. How soon we forget why we had NAFTA. Unions are a beast of the past. Founded by a socialist on socialist ideas.

  32. $250 in strike pay? How the survive off such meager amount of money? I just hope the government doesn't bail out this failing business again. If they go bankrupt, the only way they should emerge from the abyss is buy manufacturing a better product, and those union pensions are gonna evaporate in the next recession.

  33. This is serious yet what do you hear about 24/7? How to impeach Trump!

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