UAW has been plagued by corruption: Andy Puzder

Former Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder breaks down the automobile worker strife on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. The Biden administration and the rest of the left are destroying this Country at warp speed!! Everyone had better hold on tight because only God knows where this takes us. This is greed and corruption at its worst!!

  2. Be careful,we have millions of new workers in the country now.

  3. This looks like a political Distraction!!

    It sounds like the Automakers are willing to tolerate the strikes because they think government may give them a handout if needed?🤔

    Otherwise if there's no ROI or vehicle turnover. Why haven't they made massive layoffs? That business 101! Unless they are possibly making the vehicles & selling it to China? 👷

  4. I’ve never unsubscribed any channel this fast!

  5. Greater wages usually results in layoffs to reduce personnel costs & maintain profits, so yeah as long as your honest about what you're really doing which is taking more jobs away.

  6. The people are striking Are getting $500. The people still working are getting Full wage. They should have shut all the plants down. But The UAW still want money coming in. More jobs will go to Mexico. Mexican people will work seven days a week low wages low benefits and so on

  7. Nice corporate paid media headline

  8. screw the union, they need to starve.

  9. i will not buy an uaw built car, surprised talking with people that feel
    the same. The unskilled workers are paid too much now. a machine
    does all the work, they sit around in shorts waiting for a part to be
    dropped in there laps

  10. How many of these people voted for Biden. Voting has consequences.

  11. Not anymore….. Unions work for the people, not chummy relationships with bourgeois ghouls like you 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Union UAW employees gave up cost of living increases to help the Motor Co. 20 years later they hand millions a year to individual executives while those workers struggle to make ends meat.
    Corporations in America have become corrupt!
    Creating stagnant wage increases while rewards millions to individual executives. Enough and no I am conservative that realized the status quo elites are not our friends

  13. Ray ldaho All unions are corrupt.The leadership always gets greedy.Checkout head of teachers union.GAURANTEED.100 %

  14. I cannot.believe FOX stands for big auto companies and blame low paying auto workers

  15. That's right, let's listen to these lying, corrupt, morally bankrupt degenerates that's never worked a real job a day in their lives. Blame everything and everyone except the REAL CULPRITS, greedy CEOs. That's it. Greedy Millionaires are the ones to blame FIRST. They'll raise the price of cars and pay workers less than they deserve before they'd give up a chance at buying a bigger yacht.

  16. Puppets for the elites leftist channel and Fox news President Putin has two wars ships in Cuba and Chinese spies in Cuba and President Putin wants to rebuild Cuba and President Putin doesn't trust Biden and Trump

  17. Will never buy an electric car
    Give the workers what they want🎉🎉🎉

  18. My grandpa and dad both retired from GM and I will NEVER work anywhere that is unionized! All the DECADES of union dues and only months after he retired, he lost almost all of his benefits.
    They were offering him big money for years, trying to get him to retire, but he didn't want to. So they made him take a pay cut his last couple years in order to stay.
    Btw, his old shop is now the storage area where all the burnt cars are stored that had a fatality that led to a financial settlement because of GM's negligence!

  19. People may not be buying electric cars other than Tesla.Tesla and BYD will produce over 40 million EV's by 2030.

  20. Toyota makes the best vehicles sans unionized labor. The UAW is the same as the railroad union: they want it all, but their jobs are obsolete.

  21. HMMmmm…I wonder if the UAW DIDN'T endorse Biden, would this have happened?


    God WILL sort this out, soon…


  23. Zero demand for electric vehicles!! Lol nobody in this plant wants to buy an electric car.. well not that I know of. The roads Are too bad

  24. This is what everyone is really concerned about : are the auto strikes being politically misled by reckless democratic ideas?? To separate the political corruption from (we the people)???

  25. The UAW is doomed by complcincy in a dying industry , wake and smell the coffee!

  26. We will not Embrace electric vehicles in America

  27. Then you wonder why cars and trucks cost more then what they are worth. They are over payed as it is .

  28. You spelled 'UAW HAS BEEN PAID BY BIDENS' wrong on the title.

  29. Isn’t this when Biden is supposed to tell them to go build solar panels or write code instead?

  30. You mean the UAW has been plagued by the Democrats? That's been going on for years that's old news.

  31. Stop putting it all on the president.

    All my ears hear is how they are going to take American work to other countries and pay less wages so that companies can capitalize even more… A ceo can make 30M’s for the year and their lowest employee makes 35k for the year. It’s just not adding up if salary is based off performance. Without workers performing, ceos wouldn’t get high performance pay think about it.

  32. Looks like Toyota and Tesla are going to sell a whole lot more vehicles

  33. You have to love bernie , the grifter has never held a real job yet he is a millionaire, go figure?