UAW withholds their endorsement for Biden amid historic strikes

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., discusses the United Auto Workers strike’s impact on the economy and his support for a continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown. #FOXBusiness

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  1. That's why there needs legislation to haul any and all increases in terms of businesses raising prices. They been doing it since the late 60's but not giving raises to match. Time the wage to out pace the prices.

  2. Its already up, these CEOS are making all the money

  3. Sounds like Republicans are feared that Biden will win.

  4. How much destruction and chaos can one man do in 2.5 yrs, for this country not to see that Joe biden should never have been president, and never be elected again

  5. the UAW just realized that biden has a plan for them and that is to put the screws to the UAW. biden has a plan to help china and TRUMP warn everyone in the debate about this. everything Trump said about biden is now becoming a reality. The hard times we will see in the future is BECAUSE PEOPLE VOTED FOR THE WRONG GUY. All blame is on the shoulders of these voters.

  6. "32 hour workweek while getting paid for 40 hours" oh uaw isnt even taking this seriously lol. Just a bunch of kids throwing temper tantrums while making demands at this point

  7. Meanwhile Rand Paul states America BORROWS MONEY FROM CHINA TO GIVE TO UKRAINE!!! Feeling betrayed yet???

  8. It looks like they will settle for about 20% wage increase which sounds like a lot until you realize that Biden’s inflation cost them 18%.

  9. Never trusted McCarthy, he's siding with the Democrats wanting to keep signing the spending bills, he's trying to run the clock out on the Biden impeachment the bank records are enough

  10. The ones to blame for everything that’s going on. Are the idiots that voted for democrats.

  11. Trump 2024 notice how the Democrats all stick together they were afraid to get out of the line one says jump they all jump Republicans have to start getting themselves in line the communist Democrats want to bankrupt the country. You have to keep saying the point look at Saudi Arabia trillions of dollars from energy laughing at everyone plenty of money no welfare the Democrats plenty of welfare plenty of crime spend your money throw it in the water jump off cliffs that’s the policies, and by the way, the school systems, the teachers unions, all corrupt the corrupt when you mention democrat, you mentioned corruption.

  12. I wouldn't give Biden a sip of water if he was dying of thirst in the desert

  13. The same Democrat Joe Biden that broke the union for the railroad dems are not pro union they are anti-American

  14. Only Donald Trump can save America and rescue us from extreme Corruption and Bidinflation…

  15. I’m a IBEW 20 year member won’t vote for the SOB ever ! He’s worthless and doesn’t support the union worker!

  16. FJB and the entire Democrat sellout traitor party

  17. UAW stop complaining. U all voted for Joe and his dumb climate change and his electric cars. Let's do it again. Vote for Joe again. Fake democrat politicians. Nancy didn't do anything for the poor in San Francisco. Get rich Joe. Ten percent guy.

  18. All of these whiny, over-paid Union employees need to be fired.

  19. FJB and his administration

  20. I don't want an electric car 😫

  21. Joe Biden uses the UAW like he does BLACK voters ' time to close that Democrat plantations.

  22. Endorsing a liar?!! 🤣

  23. I don't blame Biden at all. I blame the millions of people that voted for him. Thank you for ruining america