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UK becomes first country to approve Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine | WNT

The dean of the Brown University School of Public Health speaks to ABC News about the complexities of distributing the vaccine and the challenge of convincing people it’s safe to get.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. When every elected federal official, and all the cdc receive the vaccine, only then will trust taking it. Sort of like the kings taste tester to make sue the food isn’t poisonous! Because, right now I don’t have faith in any elected official, WHO, or the CDC! They have all lied to us and are no5 looking out foe the citizens, they are only concerned about their political power and what they can personally get out of it!

  2. This is a good evidence-based comparison of the COVID-19 vaccines by Moderna, Pfizer BioNTech and Oxford AstraZeneca. Hope you will find it useful. Please feel free to share it with others.

  3. Stop censoring the comments YouTube it's weak

  4. Important Serious Facts Regarding pfeizer vaccine to the people of the UK

    This is why the UKs MHRA was the first in the world to give emergency authorisation for Pfizer vaccine

    Ian Hudson former CEO MHRA for 19 years left his job and now works for Bill Gates (check his linked in profile or gvt website)

    Bill Gates pays MHRA (check gvt website)

    Bill Gates has a massive stake in pfeizer and is set to gain millions by promoting this pfeizer vaccine
    Check Pfizer website or Gates foundation

    This is blatant conflict of interest

  5. urgently. Poison was added to the vaccine, and after that, if you survive, you will regurgitate, crap and cannot eat, move your limbs. vote no vaccination

  6. There is a covid corporate media problem. Bombardments of news of covid deaths, like the bodies are really falling from the skies. BUT WE DONT SEE THEM. Every "normal death" is qualified as covid death, while this flu has 99.7% recovery rate.
    Nobody is really thinking anymore.
    Its only the Believe in the media that deceive people into this Covid Believe System. But this Believe System is ripping all human universal right from humans.
    I believe i have the right to protect my body against foreign invaders like companies, governments. Where the human rights organisations in this?

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  8. I would tell you a Covid-19 joke but there is a 99.96 chance you won't get it.

  9. i just want to go back to school is that to much to ask .. damn

  10. If you see this watch the crowhouse by max igan on bichute, inform yourselves with the truth about what is really going on. 💓 ☮️ peace and love

  11. We can meme but let’s be real we are people in a crazy world… let’s appreciate and help each other with whatever happens folks

  12. The risk of death for a healthy under 65 is less than 1 in 300.000 and yet they want us all to take a experimental vaccine and not have a life for years, yes protect the vulnerable but we need to get back to having a life as the cure is far worse than the disease. Far More people are going to suffer or die from other ailments because of getting diagnosed in time or late treatment. At the most we should treat covid like we would a bad flu season, protect the vulnerable as much as possible and the rest of us get on with our lives, at the moment none of us have a life so just what are we hiding from, if you Don't live you may as well be in your grave anyway.

  13. More than 1000 Brits die every day, many of which are in the vulnerable category to be targeted for the covid-19 vaccine i.e. aged and having multiple underlying illnesses. How many will die with “covid-19 vaccine” mention on their death certificate as opposed to just “covid-19”? I wonder if Public Health England and the media will report these deaths with the same voracity as they reported covid-19 virus deaths.

  14. Remember Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins

  15. Guys PLEASE don‘t do this vaccine!!!! You have NO IDEA how fucked up and messed up it‘s gonna destroy everyone!!! The virus was handmade by many people who‘s idea it is to decrease the human population and to kill MANY MANY people. They will make robots and replace them with humans since there will be no need for them. The vaccine WILL NOT PROTECT YOU! It is there to kill you slowly the vaccine will slow down and destroy your immune system, take away your ability to make kids and will make you sicker and kill you! PLEASE spread this information! This is varified by a doctor who‘s name i will not say since he will be in danger and get killed!!! Don‘t trust the media! They are corrupt and evil and they want to kill everyone. I will do the best I can to spread this information and safe as many people as I can and I beg you to do as well! If no one does something that the whole world will end. We have to fight against this. The virus was made in the laboratory in China. Many people participated in this project and they tried for years to create this disgustingly and deadly virus. This is the start of a bio silence war. PLEASE. It‘s in your hands now.

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