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UK court rules Johnson’s Parliament suspension was illegal l ABC News

The U.K. Supreme Court ruled that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s advice to the queen requesting the suspension of Parliament in the lead-up to the Oct. 31 Brexit deadline was “unlawful.”

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  1. The Supreme Court ruled the suspension of Parliament was unlawful not illegal as you have stated.
    No crime has been committed! Illegal- against the law. Unlawful – no law to allow you to do.


    1. No law was broken, because this was UNLAWFUL
    2. The supreme court said UNLAWFUL, not illegal
    3. Something that is UNLAWFUL is not PERMITTED by a law that exists or such law does not exist
    4. Something that is ILLEGAL is FORBIDDEN by a law. Like speeding or robbing a bank.

    The suspension was UNLAWFUL according the the supreme court as they thought that it interfered with parliament without decent justification which basically means in their opinion they could see no legal reason why the suspension was needed or valid. Thus UNLAWFUL.

    For it to be ILLEGAL there would have to be a law that dictates how long or for what reason a suspension can be implemented. There isnt one.

  3. Unlawful, not "illegal"!

  4. Is that michael straihan??

  5. What is wrong with implementing the voice of the people?

  6. The Jews and Indians have taken over Britain

  7. this damn soap opera that UK has going with Boris & their current political unrest…. is just as big of a shit show, as our current mess we have going here in America with Trump…. just 2 complete buffoons in charge of total dysfunction & incompetence, as they bumble along trying to run their respective countries.

  8. American friends. This is an establishment coup against the British people. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

  9. Holy shit I thought that was Gary Busey

  10. Cowards will do anything say anything to remain slaves to the EU

  11. Johnson should appeal to the EU High Court considering the UK still a part of the EU

  12. He lied to start Brexit and now he lied to finish it.

  13. I hope that after this no PM will ever again have the authority to prorogue Parliament; this power should lie exclusively with the Queen.

  14. I wish the US courts would call out trump's lies. Good on the UK for putting Boris Johnson in his place as a lying manchild


  16. Boris mis-underestimated Her Majesty! She has outwitted, outplayed and outlasted 13 previous Prime Ministers—all smarter than PM Johnson. I bet on her handbag to win and she’s winning! Sixty-seven years. All the sovereign does is win. 🤣😆😝

  17. The major dilemma in the U.K is that they have a prime minister – Boris Johnson – who thinks he's the king and expects to be treated like a king. His attitude is: “I may disagree with what you say and I wouldn't lift a finger to defend your right to say it.” David Lawrence Cade

  18. In the UK earlier this month, a legal ban on eating dogs was blocked by Justice Ministry bureaucrats for fear of offending cultural sensitivities in the Far East.

  19. It doesn't matter if wankler Boris disagrees, he is not a judge. He gets to take his sorry wankler arse and go home. And he gets to button that lip boy!

  20. now… US house and senate, what are you going to do with your own boris johnson ? are you going to act less democratically than the british ? or declare trump himself "unlawful", and his presidency never even begun, null, void and vacant ? 🙂

  21. Wishing you still had Teresa May, now, aren't you?

  22. Trump: getting impeached
    Trump mini me: getting called to resign

  23. The main problem is not dumb Boris ,
    The main problem is UK Queen .(she is real Dictator)

  24. Now that is Democracy at its best.
    Take note America.

  25. The Queen will be held in the Tower of London to await her fate……..

  26. You don’t lie to the Queen 👸🏼

  27. Dude look like a healthier version of trump

  28. Queen should arrest Boris AND the Supreme Court.

  29. He lied to the Queen and broke the law. Time to remove this fraud!

  30. He's probably in bigger trouble for lying to the queen, than anything else, legally.

  31. Putin is getting his money's worth

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