Thursday , November 26 2020
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UK, EU reach draft Brexit deal

The European Union and Britain have reached a Brexit deal. FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo with more.

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  1. Election then all treatys will be ended… Currpt government and Parliament will not dismiss the public

  2. Rubbish 94% of UK businesses don't trade with the EU but are affected by the rules…. UK voted leave… Courts making laws to over rule article 50…

  3. Brexit with a deal equals NO FREEDOM from the EU! If the EU was trustworthy, a deal would have been made POST no strings attached EXIST. Ya don’t make deals with the Devil without suffering consequences..☹️

  4. Brexit with a “Deal” isn’t Brexit it’s Brexit in name only BRINO

  5. It just happens. You know.
    I have a magic wand😘

  6. Is anyone else celebrating Cummings passing? I'd bet money there are. That's why these Fox fux turned off comments on that video

  7. Britain will be in the e.u this time next year…not being part of the e.u means no British m.e.p's, Britain has m.e.p's.

  8. FLASH

  9. Nothing but talking heads and where are the videos of the people reactions. Total BS!

  10. Fking Elijah wow.. sorry but great timing

  11. But the inbred Brits told me that they voted for a “No deal” because they have a democracy yet they still have an inbred pedophile monarchy?

  12. Trump for prison 2020 LOCK HIM UP

  13. Why are you reporting on the British
    Who cares
    You want America to ge distracted?
    You are a disgrace

  14. Elijah Cummings suffered a heart attack and had complications of a Hillary visit which included 3 gunshots to the head.

  15. Thanks for the lack of details

  16. Now we can slam the EU with huge tariffs and get a trade deal with GB. I’m happy as hell Elijah C. Didn’t get a dime of my $ through reparations and instead plundered his own people . His body should be hung downtown Baltimore in remembrance of his racism and corruption

  17. UK must set the example for complete independence and sovereignty, the rest of Europe will follow. It is about freedom. (period) There is no compromise, no deals, concerning this point.
    Much love to one and all.

  18. And uk cant start that new big trade deal with America's.

  19. I believe when I see.
    PS all Europe in big trouble.

  20. This is how you make normal people go ultra right wing.

  21. Boris is a strange Trump-like Divisive Character.

  22. now depose bercow, the treacherous, scandalous and despicable speaker of the british parliament.

  23. Praying they get it right!!

  24. Good then we don't have to hear about this s*** anymore

  25. Does it include control of British boarders and imagration?

  26. Knew Boris could get it done…..

  27. Brexit meant exit. They get out and then make a deal. Making a deal now, before can not be as good. Hope the fine print doesn't make this a joke

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