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UK lawmakers attempt to block Boris Johnson from no-deal Brexit

Fox News’ Amy Kellogg and WSJ assistant editorial page editor James Freeman discuss how British lawmakers are attempting to block PM Boris Johnson from achieving a no-deal Brexit.

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  1. The UK has Publically gone elitist.

  2. The UK is DOOMED!!! No deal is the only way to do it right because, after Theresa Mays complete and total failure at negotiating the break with the EU, the UK will NEVER get anything worthwhile from the unelected controller goons in Belgium. Break free and start making moves with individual nations on a one by one basis or die on the vine like all the other rotten fruits in the European Union.

  3. BORIS (PUPPET TO CHUMP) is going o lose big time. He will have a vote of non confidence and a reelection will see a shift to the fundamental left. Good luck thinking about any deal with the UK on free trade . Ain't going to happen no way now how

  4. Boris….I know you are fairly bright but Trump is not only bright but quick on his feet under pressure. Phone trump immediately…between the two of you, you should be able to rapidly and effectively solve the problem. I can not imagine Trump being able to resist going after the Soros gang in Brussels (even if through you.) best of luck!

  5. johnson is as much of a bad dealmaker as trump is here in america. both absolute chumps

  6. Muslims and lesbians run the UK.

  7. The DEEP STATE is active and attempting to take over from an elected official !

  8. Still confused ..is she a CNN employee

  9. The globalists are trying to remove Boris as they have tried against Trump ! He needs to seek help from Trump and fight these treasonous pieces of crap ! Make Britain great again !

  10. GO BORIS GO ! Do what you and the people want …INDEPENDENCE AND UR HISTORICAL IDENTITY BACK !!!

  11. The EUSSR will never bargain in good faith. And Labour knows that which is why it supports more dealing which would always block a good-deal Brexit.

  12. The corrupt liberals worldwide know nothing else but resistance

  13. Stay with it Boris. The majority of the country is behind you on this. Don't let them take your bargaining chips away blocking a no-deal. They are traitors.

  14. THis is the new BATTLE OF BRITAIN its peoples verses EU quisling traitors in parliament.

  15. They did not lose the majority. It was manipulated away. That is how it all works now. Very entertaining dog and pony show going on in the world today.

  16. British politicians bought and paid for by banks who want to hold on to power.

  17. Brexit is the people, the peasant class, the blue-collar, the working class speaking truth to undemocratic globalist fascist socialist power!!!

  18. Poor crying pedophile socialist fascist remainers 😭😭😭

  19. Do you find this funny????

  20. Looks like America could make a killing on selling combs to the UK. Too bad we don't make combs in America anymore.

  21. If a No-deal Brexit is taken off the table, Brexit fails. The EU will still run the UK. Everything hangs on having the option to leave without a deal.

  22. 0:34 They want to prevent Brexit and not a No deal.
    When these politicians were voting in, they said they would go along with the Brexit decision, otherwise they wouldn't have been voted in.
    Liars and traitors of the first order.

  23. They call themselves a democracy pretty sure the people voted to leave.

  24. UK lawmaker's attempt list will help UK PM to identify the globalist-socialist involved in liberalism creating secular social fabric of variety of non-standard material's and knitting-weaving the non-standards to become world family race.
    Well the Conservative Lords can call the lawmakers and detail their objection work to make no-deal brexit. Brexit is anyways made.

  25. President Trump should go threaten the anti-Brexit Parliament, like Obama did the pro-Brexit Subjects.

  26. throwing them out of the party wont end careers in this "modern" age. it would have destroyed careers 50 years ago. now, they just join another party. morality and social concience has dropped dramaticaly over the last 5 decades.

  27. LMAO corbyn the commie becoming PM

  28. So … We have tariffs on Great Britain, on what?

  29. delay delay delay!! its a circus they don't know what they want!!! 3 years wow!!

  30. The US is in trouble, Britain is in trouble first. Good to be American I suppose but I'd like to see things headed in a right direction somewhere.

  31. Boris gets his Own John McCain.

  32. The EU is the first step for a NEW WORLD ORDER, and all the countries in Europe should follow the UK and leave the EU.

  33. Abolishing No Deal is like walking into a car lot and telling the car salesman "I absolutely have to buy a car here. I can't leave without making a deal with you." OF COURSE you would be swindled.

  34. The Queen needs to take control of the country. At this point, the monarchy needs to step in severely.

  35. UK Lawmakers and their hair.

  36. Johnson is going t be a great PM

  37. Sorry, people have spoken, and there is no stopping Brexit.

  38. GET OUT – Then, after the divorce becomes final, brand new deals can be
    negotiated with no more messy dangling entanglements left still anticipating…


  39. the people have voted, so…….

  40. The UK is in the process of F ing itself the same way the Socialists are F ing the USA!

  41. The UK voted to leave the EU.
    There was no caveat regarding some particular deal.

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