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UK Lawmakers hold an emergency debate on a no-deal Brexit

The House of Commons hold an emergency debate on a no-deal Brexit.

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  1. election you vote an referendum is an advice
    52 versus 48 means brexit with close ties to europe. end of all discusions

  2. England is lost and not a shot was fired. Demand an election and demand your future…

  3. These women should be talking about the poultry business. All I hear is a bunch of clucking hens, who don't recognize their own need to study a problem further, and who get carried away on this or that specific detail, like a hen who freaks out after seeing a mouse.

  4. Amazing these people think they have more power than the people.

  5. English Satanic Child sacrificing rule is Evil. They stole our country as well. To the Gallows with ALL of the Pedo's!

  6. asking for a 2-3yr transition period? how come planning for that didn't begin in 2016 after the UK vote? this stinks of FEAR 2.0 agenda. So all the lamb customers in EU will no longer buy UK lamb?i call that BS. Truth is EU needs UK more than UK needs EU.

  7. That MP is showing off her nipples, quite distracting and unparliamentary display of bad judgement.

  8. You people are stupid…. Instead of giving all the cash to the e-u to get out buy the lambs and give it to the people how stupid are you people it is toooo simple. Idaho

  9. Globalist is so scared for the UK exit -lawmakers / globalist give chance for the UK to be independent country yes you are so with economy ,land and tariffs but never with needs of the people of UK .comments =they are sucking your money did you see how they are debating new zealand globalist country .Dont give up UK they're liars.

  10. The EU leadership will not have to negotiate a deal now. The UK has lost its leverage to make a fair deal for the UK. Another extension, more chaos. Another vote, more division. No-deal is the best option at this point.

  11. It’s a shame they didn’t care this much about the children, God’s little lambs. Bunch of satanic pedos. Citizens unite !! Save the children from the pedovores.

  12. EU council members have never seen a ballot box and original British citizens will be on the streets!! Look at California and Seattle!!!

  13. Where Farage?? Take your contingency plans put those plans where sun doesn't shine ! Stalling tactics !! UK wants out of the EU !!😨

  14. If the world wants your product, they will buy it regardless. Your people have spoke. Quit making excuses and get it done already.

  15. Bankers now control all portions of all governments and ignore the people’s will.

  16. Suckers let the people be free from communism

  17. The EU could have made a deal if they wanted… but that would have made your exit easier. There was no way they would do that, and the only deal they were willing to make absolutely screwed you. THAT is exactly what they are doing to EVERY member of the EU. Your nations are going down in flames, your territories are devolving into areas no longer under your control as your govts being to teeter under the demands of the EU. Trade issues are the least of your problems. If you dont work to retain your nation, to retain control of your nation and your own laws your nation itself is toast and lamb will be no consideration at all. LEAVE the EU and then make a deal. On the other hand the US awaits an independent and free nation to deal with as well. The world is waiting for your offers. Make them as an independent and qualified nation free from the dictations of the EU and their demands you self destruct. Make the Once Great Britain Great again.

  18. This is how it should have gone:
    UK – We voted to leave.
    EU – Let's make a deal!
    UK – No. Bye.

  19. And in two to three more years something else will need two to three years then something else… So you've decided your a failed state. Forever under the rule of un-elected idiot Brussels bankers. You've lost your nation and not a shot fired.

  20. Get out of the Communist EU!! NO DEAL!!!

  21. ..and CANDY is really POPULAR with children… even though it's bad for them.

  22. NO DEAL BREXIT Is the only way forward! Enough scaremongering! We have suffered enough under EU communist rule!!

  23. It would be fun to hear american politicians talk about the ewes.

  24. Can't do Brexit because of Lamb? Just sell to the USA we love Lamb.

  25. Too bad UK lawmakers don't respect the VOTE of their people. Traitors all of them.

  26. Watching and listening to world leaders that have no CLUE as to how to solve the worlds problems is very amusing… Please get your act together… What is the alternative you ask?

  27. U.S. Manufacturing Recession Begins: New export orders fell 4.8 points to an anemic 43.3. Prices have fallen for three months. The backlog of orders contracted for four months. Manufacturers cannot use backlogs to maintain employment. So unless there is a quick turnaround, more layoffs or reduced hours are right around the corner. Trade Wars are easy to win.

  28. Bye bye Brits! United and independent Ireland, Scotland!

  29. These globalist are wicked, ungodly. They are luciferien blood drinking pedifiles .

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