Wednesday , July 28 2021
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UK official addresses need for US-UK trade deal

UK Secretary of State for International Trade Liz Truss will “lay out why the time is now for a US/UK trade deal” at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC.

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  1. All I can say a lot of Muslim woman escaping sharia why then we join sharia only Merkel and Jacinda Ardern supports sharia

  2. England is a great nation everyone wants to make trade with England and with US because they are fair even Asians says it that’s why Hong Gong are not happy they still love the English God Bless The Eagle and the Lion many nations would join these two nations you watch not to forget Scotland and Ireland and Wales another 3 great nations

  3. UK will become USA's puppy if they agree to the trade deal…

  4. Unless the US actually wants something, such as the beginnings of a trade block they wanted to set up a while ago to try and counteract China or Trump is actually as made as he comes across, then it will be a bad trade for the UK.

  5. Glad she mentioned US and Uk inventing the internet..most people don't know UK made huge contribution to it…Not Al Gore!

  6. WELL SAID: Not everyone wants UK to succeed post Brexit – and OBAMA slapped your country in the face when he was there last. THE U.S. is happy to have you!

  7. Give us your tea and we will share hamburgers

  8. US & UK need to drive out the hate of shairia & ISLAM

  9. The brits are desperate and will accept any deal, The US will screw them six different ways.

  10. I have every faith that our POTUS means to buffer the UK so that the Brexit transition is as smooth as can be managed. It was Obama that threatened the UK with the back of the bus if she voted to reclaim sovereign independence. This president is an advocate for freedom and self-determination.

  11. Does anyone know where the Irish backstop/Good Friday agreement fits into this, is this the stumbling block for a US/UK trade deal?

  12. What freedom have we promoted?

  13. Lol A trade agreement with Trump is as good as the toilet paper it is scribbled on.

  14. Speaking as a Brit I don't want anything to do with the US. The special relationship can go to hell, we are the real evil in the world

  15. I'm not so sure I want to trade deal with a country that just stabbed us in the back and we've had a few wars with previously….

  16. They should start quickly, before the next desaster is going to happen. Time is running out.

  17. PASS A FREE SPEECH amendment to the constitution


  18. some of the uk public have a dreary pessimistic dismal and cynical perspective of the american politics they dont control and its possible in addition to the obvious that some of those circumstances can be enlightened or at least allowed a more direct avenue of appreciation for their concerns to be established.

  19. Brexit Blexit Latexit lets reelect Pres. Trump 2020 I Hope Scotland will be part with you

  20. I'm one of those guys who says " Buy American" all the time. But I would be willing to buy some quality British products to help the British through the temporary painful period of separating from the E.U.

  21. The 🇬🇧 UK 🇬🇧 is our Cousins and together with the 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸, we will be blessed together as Family Members! Trade is only the beginning of our relationship! God Bless America and God Bless the British Empire ( UK 🇬🇧) !!! Family!!!

  22. With Boris in as the main honcho. The u.s and u.k will be stronger than ever.

  23. We Americans love the 🇬🇧 be free be brexit.

  24. When brexit happens we Americans want trade with the UK hurah hurah hurah.

  25. The UK was run by the left and now it is run by the right,The right people no more EU for us 40 years of the EU taking our money and businesses .

  26. Once we have completed the free trade deal with USA can we arrest and prosecute all the dirty filthy COMMUNISTS…..pls.

    UK + USA + CANADA + AUSTRALIA + N Zealand + Japan = TOGETHER UNSTOPPABLE! Lets do it folks.


  27. Screw that, UK corrupt officials bowed to Barry-O & compnay attempted coup de'tat of President Donald Trump. A price must be exacted.

  28. I'm a Brit passing though saying "HI". The Special Relationship between the UK and USA is back on!!


  30. Don't give the UK anything unless they carry there own weight in world affairs.. see how they run to the strongest country in the world. Thanks to President Trump..

  31. socialism destroyed the UK car industry in the 1970's

  32. UK and US vs China. Lets make it happen

  33. Only way to really be free is for both countries to get rid of their central Rothschild run banks, both America and the Brits. should print and coin their own money for their citizens, by the people for the people. With a Gold/Silver back currency, scrap the fiat currency back by debt.

  34. Freeeee trade means freee loader according to DEMratts.

  35. How come there was never a USUK FTA before?

  36. We the Americans, love UK, we are Happy to trade with UK. Trump 2020

  37. so glad the citizens of the u.k woke up .

  38. The UK had to remove the globalists from the 3 letter agencies just the same as the states, I honestly hope this all comes out in a book so the world can understand where we were pulled back from but on top of that you should find out why they want so many women to abort their baby,,,threre was so much evil in plain sight..

  39. UK & USA. A rough start back in the late and early 18 & 19th centuries, but the best of allies today.

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