Saturday , January 16 2021
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UK to begin distributing coronavirus vaccine

FOX Business’ Ashley Webster on the U.K. starting to distribute the coronavirus vaccine and facing the final deadline for the Brexit deal.

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  1. We don't know what THEY get,we just don't want what we get.

  2. Where are my anti-vaxxers?

  3. All of this for a virus that presents like mild flu? With a recovery rate of 99.997%. All these stories are just a deflection and an attempt at controlling the general population. Follow the science and data. Stop with the fear. Don’t drink the

  4. The Queen is lying. She will only get saline. HA!

  5. I seriously doubt the British Queen will receive anything other than a saline/salt solution from a drip.

  6. It's like Christmas….for the suppliers.

  7. Vaccines are for Liberals
    Hydroxychloroquine is the cure

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  9. I'm preying for the queen and I'm not even from England I really hope she's ok

  10. Here's why Alex Jones was banned. On June 17 2018, AJ said on his show: "they're preparing to release bio-weapons, claim that they're naturally occurring and then use that as the cover for civil emergency societal controls, crackdowns on free speech … and to bring in a world government to counter a global problem". Sound familiar? The WHO is already dictating medical policy and control measures for the entire world!!!

  11. There is one good thing that's come out of the coronavirus is that it's reminding people of there mortality and in doing so it might get some to think about the afterlife which the bible says there is hell and heaven and the bible says GOD is perfect and righteous and we know GOD want's morality because he gave us a moral understanding yet we still do things that are wrong such as telling lies lust hate greed ect therefore we need a savior which is jesus christ who was sent by GOD because he is also forgiving all we have to do is repent of our sins acts 17 30 and trust in jesus christ john 3 16 then GOD will give us eternal life in heaven as a free gift amen.

  12. I'm in the UK and i can tell you this isn;t true

  13. It will be , H2o. injection for the powers that run us!

  14. Anybody else see how much trouble that guy is having with the refrigerator? 😳 Yoikes!

  15. Just wait and watch what really happens. I have my popcorn 🍿 at the ready! Biblical has been used 🤔 let’s see world 👍

  16. Comments are priceless !
    Which are real & who’s being cynical?

  17. It’s probably nothing more than sugar water.

  18. I’m sure the vaccines that rich people get will not be the vaccine the rest of the population get!

  19. How r u going to be sure it isn’t a placebo?

  20. And now a fake vaccine…. I wonder what it really is

  21. $2million reward for proof of covid "virus" details @ SavageHealthSystems dot com.

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