Ukraine accuses Russia of misinformation over failed offensive announcement

The Russian ministry of defense announced today that a major Ukrainian offensive had failed on the eastern front in Donetsk. One Ukrainian official called Russia’s version of events “an absolute lie.” NBC News’ Molly Hunter reports from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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  1. Russia akan tetap menang ….buka jalur nuklir tracking air to air anti nuke dan buat rapid nuke program

  2. Russians always lie! For God's sake from Budapest onwards!

  3. Comedian president comic offensive like a musk to the flame 🔥 🙄
    Spring no summer offensive, no shush

  4. I love how western media can not “independently verify” any Russian claims yet they report as fact everything Ukraine says.

    I thought after Iraq that the media had decided not to just follow the governments line. I was very naive. I don’t ever again wanna hear about how autocracies and dictatorships keep information from their people. The media today never investigated the pipeline explosion and barely covered the intelligence release. Both of those would be huge stories any other time. Now they are basically acting as “Pentagon TV”. NBC should be labeled as state tv until they start doing their job

  5. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  6. If you want to live in a place thats lies and false news, exist, mis information and the authorities dont mind their citizens, go to china, russia, north korea, syria, cuba, this are the place for you, and goodluck

  7. Add Ukraine to NATO. Russia will either cease fire or announce war. Unlikely russia would continue raging war

  8. Russia points with this that a Ukrainian offensive will do them even more damage and that this is only the beginning of what Russia is able to do. The more Ukraine plans to attack Russia's territory, the worse it will be for Ukraine and NATO. ukraine really has a problem with this

  9. In other News Russia announces Putin wins the Nobel Peace Prize & a Russian cosmonaut lands and Mars

  10. Lol after bakhmut i think kiev clowns shouldnt bring up misinformation…

  11. Know doubt who’s winning the propaganda war ,the only thing the comedian is good at ..oh and fleecing the American tax payer


  13. It failed, so it did not happen. It is not the offensive they are talking about. It's another one.

  14. Russian MoD new update dropped: They say they have destroyed a Death Star and 3 Zerg Hives.

  15. Imagine your "counter"offensive fails soo hard you need to cry faul at the enemy obliterating your forces.
    One more day of denazification of Ukraine.
    See people, if you elect a clown and you get a circus as a government

  16. Go Russia ❤🎉❤❤ from the netherlands

  17. Stop giving money to Ukraine. It's the most corrupt country in Europe.

  18. Let Ukraine come, we go other place in west as the same concepts likely middle east sometime ago.

  19. Ukraine is loosing terribly on the battlefield.

  20. If it's a misinformation, then why ukraine asking for more money, weapon, and training?

  21. So the footage showing Ukrainains getting blown up is fake ?

  22. Didn't Ukraine put out a video about keeping completely silent? How are we supposed to know when they have started if they want complete silence? 😂😂

  23. Does anyone with a brain still believe a single word the Russians spin? Sis. They are lying devils.

  24. Ukraine is planning counter-counter-offensive

  25. NBC is great at misinformation!

  26. Russia has lied so many times and in such preposterous ways I can't give any merit to what they say.

  27. Ukraine said "they did not cause us any loses". No loses??? There is a video. Are they saying it is a fake video?? Come on.

  28. You talk about silence now after months of making videos of readiness

  29. Lol. Of course everyone is lying. When Russia claimed that it destroyed a patriot battery, Ukraine claimed that it is not true and the batteries are safe and fine. But the USA denies both claims from Russia and Ukraine and said that the batteries are damaged and being repaired. Russia can lie to gain support from the its people while Ukraine can lie to protect its image of competence in handling expensive advanced transferred weapons. As of now, it's only the USA government that i can trust about what's going on the ground.

  30. dont trust western media ^_^

  31. lol already failed not misinformation

  32. For Ukraine side this is the matter of results: If they succeed they would call it counteroffensive, if not, they didn't begin yet

  33. We the people should know that Ukraine is INVINCIBLE! They been winning this war since day one. Russians are incompetent, disorganized and stupid. That is why they occupy 20% of Ukraine. And the combined efforts of US led NATO supported Ukraine has NOT been able to evict them.. Sarcasm intended…

  34. The West might have to send more of their soldiers into the Ukraine battlefield soon. Ukraine has depleted it's manpower.

    Otherwise we are going to see a grand Russia Summer offensive which will upset the whole Europe.

  35. so much for "shhhh"

    this is a very stupid and immature reaction from UA.
    either stick to your guns and keep shut, or any sort of reaction that you're not able to hold back will serve as indication of what is going on the next time that you're not able to hold yourself back.

  36. Video archive of latest abc videos are pride flag protests, gun violence protests, woman shot, and pellet gun.

    Looks like we have misinformation too.

  37. The Ukrainian population must be getting pretty sick of being used as cannon fodder for NATO