Friday , December 4 2020
Home / News / Ukraine Prosecutor To Review Past Cases, Some Involving Hunter Biden Employer | NBC News

Ukraine Prosecutor To Review Past Cases, Some Involving Hunter Biden Employer | NBC News

“Not a single foreign or Ukrainian official or politician has called me or tried to influence my decisions,” insisted Ukraine’s new chief prosecutor Ruslan Riaboshapka.
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Ukraine Prosecutor To Review Past Cases, Some Involving Hunter Biden Employer | NBC News


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  1. Democrats don't care that Biden extorted a poor 3rd world country whose government they illegally overthrew. 🤷‍♂️
    Now that's progressive. 😔🤦‍♂️

  2. If Biden did nothing wrong, why would he fear an investigation?

  3. SWEET! FINALLY! Biden needs to be held accountable for his abuse of power and CORRUPTION!

  4. It's sad they feel they need to do this. What a shameful day.

  5. I hope Ukraine picked up the active death treat uttered by a former New York Mayor Guilliani that he made yesterday ( on FOX) and he openly targets your democratically elected president ( possibly others )It’s a serious treat from a ranting drunken fool but the core of the death treat is real and active and grotesque and is definitely wider in its absurdity but it’s as said an active treat and a vial one 🇩🇰

  6. Biden son and father are heading to the big house.

  7. Biden is sinking like the Titanic.

  8. No one called the Ukranian government. Listen.

  9. He made clear. NO BIDEN NO BURMA.
    Those are closed. End of subject.
    Gotta love that. Hahaha
    I did hear (some) backpedaling. Lol

  10. The prosecutor claims nobody called him to follow up on this case. He forgot to say that the President appointed him personally and told him to look at these cases!

  11. Of course they are gonna produce results, they want more javelins. Which is the exact reason it was wrong to do.

  12. This might have seemed legitimate if the whistle-blower hadn't startled The Dotard into outing himself.

  13. IMPEACH. CONVICT. REMOVE and end this nightmare.

  14. Hey Trump! You are getting what you asked for. Are you happy and pleased with yourself? I hope you like the embarrassment that impeachment brings. Anti-American bully.

  15. Dems dug their own graves. Americans will dance in the streets when the Dem corruption trials are over.

  16. Caving to Evil Trump's Un American Threats.

  17. I hope Trump get taken out

  18. Of course they would the ambassador to Ukraine that Trump just fired was preventing these investigations so now with that Ambassador gone it makes sense did they would continue their investigations

  19. How do all these politicians make millions? Trump can not be bought… he already has money. Trump 2020!

  20. Literally “quid pro quo.” Donald Trump is toast.

  21. Trump 2020 the media have forgotten about truth and facts, and that's what the people want,,,, shame on you all

  22. Let them investigate. After Biden is cleared, once again, Trump will be even more frightened of Joe Biden beating him in 🇺🇸2020. What's Donnie gonna throw next, the kitchen sink?


  24. The Russian collusion conspiracy framed Trump and now we start to peel the onion.

  25. He will be impeached in the voting booth!!!

  26. interference in the election is starting thanks a lot Mr. Trump.

  27. End corruption!!! Impeach the orange headed buffoon!!!

  28. Giuliani has been trying to get your number. He would like a meeting.


  30. You see the fear in his eyes answering that last question

  31. Great move, political corruption should be exposed no matter what country it is being done. Go Trump for 2020 and beyond.

  32. I think someone call a head and told him what to say. Trump is trying to find away out of his mess. Blue wave coming goodbye trump and the Republicans party in 2020

  33. Unless there is some way to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that Trump was targeting Biden for the sole purpose of influencing the election, Trump will have the last laugh.
    This is why he's doing it in the open now…he knows there is no way to legally prove he's doing any of this to hurt Biden's chance of winning the nomination. He's just "investigating corruption" and LEGALLY that's his right as president. You people should know how he operates by now. Even though most of us "know" why he wants the investigations opened, "know" doesn't stand up in court. Surely you see this coming?
    Trump is a master of turning the law on itself.
    Trump wins again, unfortunately.

  34. So Trump withheld and now he gave them the cash so now they are for filling what Trump wanted them to do. If this isn’t enough evidence to what Trump was illegally doing then I don’t know what else would convince these republicans. Even after the text messages stating that it wasn’t right to withhold the money.


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