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Ukraine scandal intensifies, California fires rage, Turkey attacks US allies in Syria | ABC News

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  2. Trump is full of it, he is working for Putin, in support of Syria. He couldn't care less about the Kurds. Trump the destroyer is deflecting again and enjoying the chaos of war that he had the power to start.

  3. Refugees are always welcome in Armenia. We have ton of empty space and we can always build stuff on other countries humanitarian help. There is plenty of food… Until things are more stabilized.

  4. They are US citizens. Fake news again.

  5. Them garbage trucks should be required to carry a water tank and extinguishers.

  6. So is that supposed to be a good story? Mom is so useless she need marinuana to help her do her job and moral responsibility right. If i heard my wife say that i probably punch her in the face.

  7. LOL, Turkey attacks US Allies? Turkey is AN US ALLY WITH A GIANT US BASE IN IT. What Turkey attacking is a group of terrorist that have killed more than 40000 people since 1984. I grew up in it, we wouldn't go out in the crowded areas just because Kurds might have put a bomb in one of the trash containers. Many, many civilians died.

    USA was supporting and arming Kurdish terrorists in order to fight ISIS. Now that ISIS threat is gone obviously USA doesn't need Kurds anymore. What ISIS is to USA, Kurdish terrorists (call them PKK, YPD, PYD whatever new name they take) is the same for Turkey. You can't arm your ALLY's biggest terrorist problem then ask your ALLY to not to fight with them, ON THEIR OWN border. Imagine you had a terrorist organization right on your border, supported and armed by your own allies and you ally is asking not to fight them back.

    Sorry that's not happening. Kurds are not freedom fighters, Kurds are fighting to conquest territory from Turkey. As seen in history, Turks will never give territory without fighting and losing that fight (a.k.a if you want the land, you have the kill Turks)

    Stop propaganda. This is %100 fake news. Trump won't do anything. Turkey is a more important ally compared to Kurdish terrorist groups. Last year when Kurds were getting their weapons from USA they were threatening Turkey saying "the big brother is backing us, behave Turks".

    What happened now Kurds? Big brother is leaving you alone and it seems like you're nowhere close to being as strong as you thought? Now claiming all your terrorist soldiers "civilians"? It just doesn't add up. Anyone with the proper knowledge in that area knows that Turkey is the victim here.

  8. Only the white can get away with saying some shit like that… Us color folks be having a whole house raid… SMH fuck up.

  9. Sure that's all we need stoned and high moms, good job. I get it it helps with pain, but don't let it rule your life.

  10. Weed cures all but people are such sheeps they can't think for themselves or make a grown-ass decision on your own you have to wait for the government to tell you it's okay🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. 1:22 Marijuana is bad for the Lumber and Pharmaceutical Industries, but good for the Consumer. So, both industries are going to make a dramatic shift. Not because its the right thing to do, but because the market demands it.

  12. Mommie is a stoner. Her kid will be lucky to grow up and only have two or three failed marriages.

  13. OMG That looks like going through Frances, Florida has never seen me again

  14. LOL these new reporters are cool! 😀 you usually don't see news reporters with this much personality 😀 😀 😀

  15. Quit Bernie! You are wasting time !

  16. Cannabis God's gift we've always known 38 years and my life rocks~~~

  17. Since when have economic sanctions ever returned the dead to life? Trump has to be directly blamed for every death of both the Turks and more significantly of Kurds.Trump has no respect for nor reverence for anybody who is not himself.

  18. The aid to the assistant to the manager of one of the republicans senators has resigned in utter frustration and disgust.

    Oh my, how the news has evolved to dig any activity to give it a negative spin. Biased much?

  19. California, Hollywood, Media can suck the big D and keep crying!!!! Sorest MF'g losers ive ever seen!!

  20. If Ukraine themselves (the alleged victim himself) continues to say that Trump did nothing wrong, doesnt common sense say its most likely not true?? Wouldnt he KNOW more than the Whistle Blower?? Have more at steak to lie about it?? Seems like the Dems dont like how the constitution worked this time around so having no choice but to take the RIGHTS AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR WHO THE PEOPLE WISH TO VOTE FOR!!!! Anyone who supports this is a complete DUMBFUCK because it completely negates what America has fought and stood for regardless what you think of TRUMP because what they are doing is making the Vote process useless. If your too stupid to understand what im saying let me put it to you this way….: If you impeach the president that previously won the election and exceeds his goals and promises that means he will most likely win again right??? So how do you stop it??? I guess the only way would be impeachment??? Quinky Dink???? lmao quit getting played and wake up to see whats happening!!!

  21. There is zero scandal unless you mean the Biden bastards. Trump did zero wrong

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