Ukrainian dam destroyed, flooding cities and forcing evacuations

Dramatic video shows the aftermath of Kakhovka dam’s destruction. The U.S. has intelligence leaning toward Russia as the perpetrator of the attack, according to two U.S. officials and one Western official, while no final determination has been made yet. Russia blames Ukraine. NBC News’ Molly Hunter reports.

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  1. Wow Russians are complete monsters

  2. Why does Ukraine keep doing this to themselves.. oh yeah.. “build back better”

  3. 🐖China brings prosperity, investment and unconditional help to all the nations of the world. The British, France and Unite States bring weapons, war and destruction to all the nations of the world and after the destruction of your country the monarchy the elite used the USA-British-France-ARMY to secure the robbery of your country natural resources.🐹

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  5. UKRAINISTAN TERRORISTS did it, stop lying.

  6. I always pray to Lord Jesus Christ every day for peace negotiations..talking to each other looking for  peaceful solutions.. Lord Jesus Christ the true Lord..who died on the cross to atone for sins and rose again on the 3rd day.. only Lord Jesus Christ the way to  heaven /father house (eternal life )..Lord Jesus Christ is Lord in heaven and Lord on earth..only Lord Jesus Christ the way to  heaven/father house or eternal life or heaven,,,,,,,…….really hate nuclear weapons,,because nuclear weapons  is  big sins.. big sins is the eternal fire of hellfire..nuclear weapons  are  big sins.. big sins is the eternal fire of hellfire..nuclear power plant is big sin..ballistic missiles and hypersonic missiles is big sins..nuclear power plant is big sins…….nuclear weapons  is  big sins.. big sins is the eternal fire of hellfire….

  7. Russia did it to stop Ukranian counteroffensive, it's known that they don't care about their own or Ukranians and their own citizens

  8. White tyrants go unopposed.

  9. All these Russian bots trying to pick the whitest US names they can make up. Its kind of humorous.

  10. I hope Putin wins quickly and the deaths stop. The big picture is that two white, Christian nations killing each other is exactly what Soros/US/NATO wanted when they overthrew Ukraine in 2014 and then provided aid and arms to fuel border skirmishes. #nomorebrotherwars

  11. The world need to show the people that Governments are not above the law and charge Russia with war crimes

  12. Zelenskyy going scorched earth…

  13. It's definitely A-war crime and Russia did it. They should be immediately expelled from nato

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  15. When they say something it’s always the opposite.

  16. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Ukraine and Russia were working together this whole time to see how much money and weaponry our mentally challenged liberals will send over.

  17. I hope the Russians get ahold of zelenskyy, I'm so sick of hearing about him.

  18. There is nothing we can trust from this administration nothing

  19. If the US didn’t intervene in the Ukraine in 2014 none of this would’ve happened

  20. Talk is cheap . who did it

  21. Biden and Ukrainian President did this

  22. Not surprise, blame Russia as usual.

  23. guess ukraine needs more money

  24. Too much trumpet supporter from US in this comment section blaming everything on Z and giving clean cheat a dictator like Putler. Unbelievable.

  25. Don’t care at all use that oil and trillions of dollars for some useful stop being victims

  26. Great job joe biden for blowing up something that you're going to forget later anyways

  27. Somebody stop that man

  28. And remember kids, whatever fake news says, its the total opposite ~Thanks~ 👍

  29. Everyone knows the Ukrainian Military Na_i’s did this…

  30. It’s not to late Ukraine. You can still give Zelensky the Mussolini treatment.