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Ukrainian president speaks out amid impeachment inquiry l ABC News

Voldymyr Zelenskiy reacts to the fallout from his phone call with President Trump in an interview with ABC News’ Tom Llamas in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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  1. What did Trump do wrong? Is it bad to ask another country to investigate corruption? @_@ Why would that be bad? Wouldn't we want less corruption?

  2. Weird, ABC was obviously looking for a answer they were trying to feed him, but the Ukraine president didn't buy into their tactics. Smart guy.

  3. The comedian is not funny, what does THIS president get in benefits? Voters get what they deserve.

  4. Zelenskiy is not stupid – he still wants US help —- saying ANYTHING negative about Trump will not accomplish that . He'll take needed aid ANYWAY he can get it .

  5. What is the constitutional mechanism for dealing with a lawless president?

  6. Oh get over it already. Trump asked politely to find out how dirty the Biden's are. Just because someone is running, does not give them immunity from prosecution. The Biden family is as corrupt as all hell. Besides, Obama investigated trump. How the hell is that any different? How is that not a double standard?

  7. ABC news when you cut off the Ukraine president while he was trying to give the answer

  8. it's not blackmail.. It's extortion.

  9. Doesn't matter how hard they try, there's no there there!

  10. Trying to push your narrative. He said no to all your bullshit. You fucking plague of a network

  11. Demons dems falling apart. Q

  12. U cut the man off.we didn't get too hear his answer.just what u want us too hear from u.really?

  13. I would of rather herd it from his mouth not yours.

  14. The offense by Trump was the attempt to pressurize the Ukranians. The request of an investigation. Whether the Ukrainians were actually pressurized into doing something or didn't "feel blackmailed" is irrelevant.

  15. NO president in their right mind would risk national security and aid money to set the record straight. Yes it is still obvious that Trump actions are sleezy and corrupt as they come!

  16. The corruption was done by the Democrats, Mr. President Trump it is time go after all the democratic party expose them. Do not way any more.

  17. The person who started the Russian collusion.

  18. “Ukrainian President Speaks Out…”, but we don’t want you to know what he was saying, so we’re going to cut him off and tell you what we wanted him to say as though that’s what he said. Mainstream media is untrustworthy, they no longer seek to inform opinion, only to form it according to their agendas. ABC, MSNBC, Fox, CNN, they’re all the same, just opposite wings of the same corrupt bird.

  19. Obviously both countries of previous administration corrupted.

  20. So tired of the media trying to destroy the President Trump – Disabling volume control…(((Impeachment)))

  21. Tom Llamas is asshoe! TRUMP 2020!

  22. Dan Bongino drops bombs on Dems. https://

  23. Did he ask if he felt Joe Biden's son Hunter was given the job for the gas company because his father was Vice President and used his poition to obtain that job? Did you ask any questions regarding the Biden half of the story at all? I'm guessing not? BTW i heard the money to the Ukraine had been released a month before the congratulatory call from our President. Did ABC report that?

  24. Reporter won't show the leader's response …we're supposed to just trust his report of what the Ukraine president said or refused to do.

  25. why would an American journalist ask the head of an obscure foreign country that depends on the American aid to judge the American president's morals? And, why would that matter?? This is RIDICULOUS if you allow yourself (and not the media) to think about it.

  26. Why didn’t you show the part where you say he “didn’t answer”. ..smh…whatever 🙄


    Trump asking the Ukrainian President about Biden's bragging about using his position as U.S. VP to demand the investigator looking into his son's actions be fired, or else he would block the Billion dollar foreign aid they were congressionally authorized to receive, is somehow President Trump being corrupt, but not former VP Biden being corrupt…

    The level of mental gymnastics needed to FOLLOW that "logic" is genuinely Olympic Level!

  28. Follow the full video of Ukraine president, that's real lie

  29. Democraps can't accept it.😂😂😂😂😂

  30. HOW FAR ARE >>>YOU PEOPLE<<< GONNA PUSH THIS? NEXT UP: Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats call EVERY LEADER in the WORLD a "LIAR"!!!!!!! ~~~ Good luck with THAT SHYT!!!!!!!!!

  31. 🦅🇺🇸Trump 🇺🇸🦅
    To Infinity ⭐️🏆🎵
    And Beyond 👑🎩

  32. Notice how propaganda ABC refused to show you the Ukraine Prez answer but made-up their own

  33. hahaha… trying so hard to get people to lie to true their narrative…..bullshit….fake news

  34. Sorry Democrats nothing to see here Trump 2020

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