Thursday , August 11 2022

UN official warns major Ukraine nuclear plant is ‘out of control’ l GMA

The United Nations nuclear chief described the current situation at Zaporizhzhia, Europe’s largest power plant, as “extremely dangerous.”

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. What? What a fu** liers!

  2. Good! Now let's let the UN get right on in there and fix it. It will be the first time that the UN has done anything constructive since it's inception.

  3. NATO should take control of the nuke plants and tell Russia to like it or not!


  5. It's almost like this could have been prevented… #closetheskies

  6. well China chickened out when they had the chance…now have to depend on President Putin.

  7. Irresponsible fearmongering headline.

  8. Greed and hate are destructive, but it is stupidity that will drive the 6th great extinction event in progress… Cipolla’s five fundamental Laws of Stupidity:
    1 Everyone underestimates the number of stupid people in circulation.
    2 The probability that someone is stupid is unrelated to the person’s other traits.
    3 A stupid person inflicts loss on others with no gain to him/herself.
    4 A non-stupid person underestimates the damaging power of stupid people.
    5 Of all the people on the planet, stupid people are the most dangerous

  9. Well, now it's the time for the Ukranians to commit an act of teerorismon the power plant. That would be quite the victory & the money maker.

  10. Russia sabotaging to make people scared of nuclear energy again so europe can continue buying Russian oil

  11. Did the azon battalion sabotage it ?

  12. Send in brain dead Biden to fix it.

  13. Oh boy Chernobyl all over again

  14. russia and nuclear energy dont mix.

  15. If it’s a modern plant the neutralizer is a default. There is no rod to xenon build up design as the disasters in the past. Leave it alone and it shuts down.

  16. I don't believe it… even if it was true. .. I don't trust the news!! Haha

  17. Human stupidity will cause our own extinction. We were given thumbs and a beautiful place to live but we will end up destroying everything.

  18. Can't the USA supply the same hellfire missile to take out russian soldiers that leave the nuclear plant to fire missiles towards Ukraine?

  19. 💔 please, type in Greta Thunberg connects climate, ecological, and health crisis.

  20. do u believe god? but 5000 years ago there is no Jesus! 200 years ago there is no America!

  21. so when the amnesty international take about human shield Ukraine that is bs

  22. media always needs a crisis. lol

  23. The only characteristic that stands out the most about Russia IMO, from the lies about invasion to this today, is that they are coward scum. It has been imposible for me to arrive at any other conclusion watching multiple news outlets on this war.

  24. This is the part of REVELATION in which smoke and fire and sulphur will come from.

  25. Europe could be alarm with Nuclear plant in the EU member , US finance terrerist to invasion Russia via Ukraine and destroy the key of Trusted . Crazy president ,how was his plan retired so far