Thursday , December 3 2020
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UN sounds alarm on cash crisis, running deficit of $230 million

A ‘Bulls & Bears’ panel discusses reports of the United Nations warning it may default on bills by the end of October.

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  1. Time to kick the UN out of the US.

  2. Yes Mr. Trump, stop funding the UN!!!! They have always been the United Nations of the World against the USA and Israel!

  3. No bailout! Toss them out of the US- Now

  4. I am not sure what the UN does. I bet plenty of people working there are making really good money though…

  5. End all central government everywhere in world

  6. proverbs 21:13
    if a man shuts his ears to the cry of the
    Poor ,he too will cry out and not be answered.
    God bless trump .

  7. Dont pay a penny tired of us being the world piggy bank

  8. more money ? they showed their backs on jerusalem vote.
    ask them to start paying for that building rental …

  9. We pay more than our share. Shouldn't drop any more money.

    I like the if you don't pay your share you don't vote

  10. Do not give UN anything, it's a corrupt organization.

  11. The US doesn't need the UN to be influential around the world.

  12. Let that abomination known as the U.N. wither and die.


  14. Imagine all of you on stage, if you were one of US! Regular, working folk. We feel the same way about your governing skills today as y'all do about UN. ALL privileged, getting more privileges, on our dime. But nothing is ever done like y'all say, money never goes where you say it will. Y'all are a pot calling the kettle black! GTFOH! YOU ALL SUCK!

  15. They want to run the world but cannot keep their own house in order.

  16. Let the Globalist UN belly up! That chick is an liberal socialist idiot. MAGA KAG Trump!

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