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  1. Antique is by definition older than 100 years. Vintage less than that. Just for those who like to learn and know more each day 🙂 Either way it's a lovely piece of new furniture for your lovely old house.

  2. Oh dear, I couldn't find the link for the lovely pearl jumper 30:46 If it's out of stock, I do hope you will post it when it returns

  3. Hi Josie… happy Christmas…if you get another garlic like that…it’s easy to take each segment apart that has green tips. Plant out with some protection in garden. Still loving your vlogs. 🎄🇬🇧

  4. Charlie tucking in his boys is priceless ! Sausage dogs LOVE to fluff up their blankets!

    I have loved Joules for the longest time ! I wish you would feature them more ! They have so many great items!

  5. Hi Josie The marble wash stand you bought for your powder room is awesome. I love marble. Samsung is such a great product, we have a lot of Samsung products. Charlie tucking in the doggies at night is priceless , so loved those little fellows. Thanks so much for sharing. 💜💙🐶🐶

  6. Yes, take one tooth of garlic, and you can plant it. Do a bunch in your garden now, maybe you will get a nice harvest of garlic.

  7. Wonderful vlog. Your new furniture pieces look beautiful . I had to add a comment about the nail polish. Fleur de Force showed her daughter, River, giving her a manicure with it. It was a cutest thing. . Enjoying your Vlogmos. 🎄

  8. Samsung are great unless you have an issue – our freezer has a manufacturing fault and we have been waiting since March for a replacement (nothing like lockdown without a feeezer)

  9. Hi I’m new to your channel, I saw phinella
    near your new arm chairs at the beginning of the channel and I have tagged your channel. I love it so much watching you guys!

  10. So many beautiful items but that nail varnish is just so dreamy!! I do my own nails all the time so definitely checking them out 😍

  11. I LOVE all the furniture you chose !

  12. Josie I don't know what you use for your hair, but trust me, once you use Kérastase you never go back! Even my mom who isn't at all about self care LOVES Kérastase. She used a regular shampoo and conditioner once and said you can't compare it at all with kérastase! We love it! And also the Extentioniste line smells SO GOOD it's like being in the salon every time you wash your hair💜

  13. Yes plant your garlic and it will grow under like potatoe!

  14. Gorgeous marble wash stand, can’t wait to see it in use 😍

  15. Tip from me. You will need to cure your marble tops. In my experience from using marble floors and table tops, it keeps the marble from staining from water etc. This is with regard to pure marble. Please don't be offended. Love your channel. Myra.

  16. Phinella has made an appearance to inspect the new chairs (5:10).

  17. Your rings in your middle finger😍 where are they from ???

  18. Are you sure that cabinet is antique? It doesn't appear to have any marks or defects on it?

  19. This Year are the best vlogmas so far in my opinion! 😍 Phinella behind your lovely chairs, which are perfect for the room! Shared your youtube with my bff, and she loves your Chanel! 😍

  20. I adore antiques! In Brazil it's forbidden to use a lot of the good wood so antiques are very valuable

  21. I love how Dickens & Dexter get the cashmere blanket!! Shared via the link. #FindingPhinella 5:09/5:10 in the fireplace.

  22. Hey Josie, do you still use Apple? I remember you had purchased an iPad when your moved in to your home…💖🇨🇦

  23. Today I shared your video with my best friend! Love watching you videos. We just bought our first house and you are giving me all the home decor inspiration. I absolutely love your style 💗🏠

  24. Josie, if the ground isn't frozen, you can absolutely pop those sprouted cloves in the ground. Garlic is typically planted in the autumn, but December plantings are not unheard of. The yield won't be as phenomenal, maybe, but heck – smaller heads of garlic still seems like a win vs just tossing it in the compost. Plant them, mulch them nicely, and we will be interested to see the results!

  25. If you and Charlie haven’t seen it already, you should watch Lydia’s Vlogmas from today. She mentions your gourmet cooking. 🤭

  26. I love antique furniture as well! Love the ones you chose!

  27. Phinella appeared in the vlogmas today behind the antique cinema chairs at 5:09. Love watching Dexter and Dickens they are adorable, with their two very caring owners. What a wonderful family. Have a lovely 1st Christmas in your new home together. xxxxxx 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  28. Enjoying your video. I'm laughing how I can't find Phinella. There's just so much good content. So nice to cover the doggies with Xtra blankets, especially now with ❄️ winter. Thanks.⛄☕🕯️

  29. Love your new furniture! Has such character and really suits your house. There she is! Phinella is tucked behind your new cinema chairs in the fireplace! Just ordered the beautiful byTerry compact and the finishing powder. It is such a lovely brand! A nice treat.

  30. Love, love, love the items purchased from The Cinema. I wondered when the would arrive. Can't wait to see the washstand in place. It's gorgeous & such a find! How wonderful to give something with history a new home. Spotted that elusive Phinella perched on the hearth behind the ocher cinema chairs. I'll admit, I laughed out loud when you held up yet another pearl studded white jumper. And yes, you can plant your garlic. Each clove will produce an entire bulb. OMG, cashmere snuggle blankets for Dexter & Dickie. Please let me come back as a puppy at Josie & Charlie's house!

  31. Your Our Fav youtuber EVER!!!!!!!

  32. Charlie is such a beautiful fluffer father 😍

  33. Hello Josie, to answered your question reg: your garlic sprouting. Yes you can plant that garlic. You can separate that large gatlic bulb into those tiny ones and each one will grow into a large garlic. 🎄💗

  34. Such a wonderful treasure trove of beautiful furniture and cosmetic items. Your vlogs are really addictive. I see Phinella behind the new chairs just in front of the fireplace at 5.10 . I have tried to add a story to instagram but was not successful. Unfortunately I depend on my grandson to explain how these things work. Oh the joys of getting older 😄.

  35. 5:17, phinella behind the chairs…in the fireplace.

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