Sunday , January 24 2021
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UNC-Chapel Hill Converts To Remote Learning After COVID-19 Spreads Among Students | NBC Nightly News

As college students return to campuses across the country, troubling images of large gatherings and parties surfaced on social media.
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UNC-Chapel Hill Converts To Remote Learning After COVID-19 Spreads Among Students | NBC Nightly News


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  1. "Open the schools and close the bars" they say….IDIOTS!

  2. I was worried about the grade school kids not following rules… everyone is lawless… and they all fall down.

  3. I mean, I don't have any sympathy for the dumbasses that went to party despite the risks. Does anyone feel sorry for them? Whoever actually gets sick and dies, well, good riddance.

  4. Watch this to learn the truth about the virus.You-Tube doesn't want you to know this.

  5. I'm wondering if we have china plants with jars or cans of this covid crap and when we look like we are getting better they just go out and spread it in high traffic areas

  6. What about online party… 🤔

  7. Big dummy's people have and are dieing parents talking about the collage exsprience dumb parenting they will be dead enjoying the dirt nine feet under no I forgot in a freezer box

  8. There is a clinically proven cure for Covid19 corona virus:
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    Together with Vitamin D and C
    But, vitamin D, C, and zinc, and a few cans of Tonic water is an option.
    And, the sick and elderly should use zinc and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a profylactic treatment.

    vitamin D supplementation also protects against influenza

    Please, show these videos to anyone working in healthcare:




    Rosa Koire exposes UN Agenda 21 2030

    Behind The Green Mask, UN Agenda 21,


  9. Why aren't we hearing about countless thousands of homeless people dying from Covid – from not wearing a mask, not social distancing and not keeping clean??

  10. UNC should NOT charge full tuition if they cancel in person classes

  11. I wish I could get tested… I think I had it in February.

  12. Even if shut down bars people are gonna find new ways to gather up use there houses to keep partying. Of course these generation 20 something kids act entitled and not alot of discipline from parents and they can not get being told you can not have parties like this.

  13. I guess until the death toll reaches tens of millions people will not take this seriously. By that time it will be too late!

  14. Friends check the 24/7 live stream in Takar Digital. What is going in india?

  15. So let’s send them all home where they can spread it to at risk ppl. Keep them there, they’re college kids, they’ll be fine. How many are going to die? Maybe 1? I bet way more die of alcohol poisoning

  16. College semester is going to look a lot like this year’s MLB season

  17. First of all, the number of infected persons in Wuhan is 0 now, and China has contained the COVID_2019 in three months, and they have free revelry. Furthermore, there were similar cases in the United States in June 2019, but the U.S. government attributed these cases to e-cigarettes and common flu. It was only until the Chinese government confirmed the new virus in December 2019 and told the world within half a month. The United States has always been covering up, obliterating the insiders secretly, rejecting WHO's investigation, using American social software to throw the pot away to the people of Wuhan, and blocking Chinese social software. Chinese, wake up! Don't you know that because of their ignorance, the Chinese will be isolated from the world? No country has the first confirmed case from China. On the contrary, most of them have gone to the United States. Wake up! China’s vaccines have already begun production. Don’t just watch your family members die, but still call for democracy and freedom fabricated by the Americans and stop being deceived and controlled by American software. If you disagree with my point of view, please pass by. If you agree with my point of view, please turn it around. We should break the monitoring and control of American social software. Our information should be diversified. We should see the correct ones that can really save family lives. information!

  18. Let the kids go back to school. No fast food and junk food to keep your immune system strong.

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