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United Mine Workers president talks the future of the coal industry

Cecil Roberts, President of the United Mine Workers of America International, will discuss the future of the coal industry if initiatives like the Green New Deal are implemented. He is also expected to address how energy and coal issues will affect the 2020 election.

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  1. I think we can eliminate the deaths, like in racing, for the most part, but I am pretty sure the rest of coal mining is here to stay

  2. What Democrats need is Moral and psychological help, their all pathetic liars and thieves!

  3. Wake up. the Democratic party abandon you decades ago.

  4. This Bastard supported Obama both terms ….even hen Obamanation said, he was going to shut down every fuken mine in the Country….WHAT A MORON!!!

  5. While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. Genesis 8:22

  6. the carbon dioxide hoax , amazing this is believed by so many, in an age where the facts like before the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide levels were much higher with no warming and the fact is the climate has always fluctuated and we are back to the scientific community saying an ice age approaching Again…..30,000 scientist agreed and stated the carbon dioxide scare is BS..one minute with google can disprove the climate scare big money scam

  7. Corporate owned mines have done squat to protect their mine workers. Screw them in "bankruptcy." BOTH Political Parties have Controlled the House, Senate, and the Presidency Together —
    Showing a clear record of loud talk, talk, talk While doing virtually nothing, nothing, nothing – even Remotely Sustainable.

  8. The real problem here is that America is not using as much coal as it once did. The rest of the world is still mining coal, so the miners have no real leverage. If they were to suddenly stop mining, America would simply import coal. Unless America's coal demands increase dramatically, our coal miners have no real leverage to strike with.

  9. THE BEST STEWARDS of CLEAN ENVIRONMENTS are individuals in a CAPITALISTIC society; conversely, the WORST STEWARDS are the fascist-socialist CENTRALIZED COMMAND and CONTROL BIG GOVTs; where such, time and again, has been demonstrated throughout HISTORY. The reasons for this are basic, aligned with NORMAL human behavior: there is tremendous incentive to take care of what one owns — pride of ownership — while conversely, other than what is required by fascistic law, hardly anyone gives a krap about the upkeep of some "absentee-landlord" communal property. Just look at ANY govt housing project.

  10. He did have good stories but when he starts spewing his democrat garbage is when I move on. Solar panels??? GFY

  11. Thank you Coal Miners Worldwide!!! We Love You, God Bless You All.

  12. Climate change is a natural process, there is not ice melting, all is fiction. Sciences have proven thst the climate change mess is fiction, and man can affect climate in a very limited way. Clean air and clean water are easily attainable with honest and compulsory international effortd , not by having the countries with norther cities to shoot themselves on the groin to placate the flakes among 7s that spew baseless, doctrine based on their political ideas and not in reality! Energy , should"d be cheap, available snd a local resource preferably. Solar and wind, are ineffective, and uneconomical, and are useful , yeah! But not the answer. Nuclear power is the cleanest and can be reworked with things like NaCl based salts in a melted fashion, or thorium reactors.
    At the moment coal should be used, improved, researched and encouraged. Energy saving technology, we should encourage the wasteful use of energy. Travelling for unnecessary things should be discouraged, air travel for frivolous causes , should be discouraged. Energy , is vitwl and should be used with care.

  13. Nuclear Power is the Future. Lets get started!

  14. you want to save your sht stop voting for the Democrats

  15. do ya think maybe some or a lot of your problems are you keep voting democrate . stop with the climate change crap you sound bought paid for fella

  16. Coal needs to be phased out. Climate change is REAL and is really dangerous.

  17. I remember that Farmington, WVa accident….my dad was on the Mine Rescue Team! Yes, I was 11 when KENNEDY was assassinated!

  18. Why don’t we start manufacturing solar panels now stupid

  19. President Trump is the best protector of CLEAN COAL

  20. He did an excellent job with that speech, lot of info …

  21. Climate change is not man made but a normal cycle

  22. With all the coal burning in this world it would take a hundred thousand years of it two equal one volcano going off last year there was 300 volcanoes that went off.

  23. 😎😎😎God Bless you COAL MINERS😎😎😎
    😎😎😎# K.A.G.2Q2Q TRUMP 😎😎😎

  24. Keep coal energy alive. Coal is black but when burn it's red hot. It's called calorific value which is measure of heat energy that converts water into steam to run turbines and generate electricity. Humans feed on electricity because they can't see in night and can't depend wholely on torch light's and lantern's. This huge electric load demand can be met with coal fired power plant's to generate electricity and also use for district heating.

    Now in 21st century having advanced technology the coal fired power plant's are great potential.
    Green deal only shuts off jobs and crisis of electricity. Green deal calls are a misleading propaganda which is amazon green forest deals and nothing related to electricity.


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