United Nations to declare war on meat at COP28

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano reacts to climate alarmists coming after the meat industry with livestock farming in the crosshairs at COP28 on ‘The Bottom Line.’

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  1. Kerry looks like a space alien. No wonder they want synthetic meat

  2. Just think, no more E. coli! 🤮

  3. Nobody cares about ideological idiots with grandiose delusions. Just ignore these people.

  4. I do not believe anything this traitor Kerry says

  5. Ironic how the U.N. wants to stop meat consumption, but cannot stop the Russian-Ukraine conflict, the Israeli-Arab conflict, and others around the world. It has little record of success in that arena other than the Korean war, and even that was a draw. And its founding purpose was to prevent WWIII, not interfere in how people live their lives otherwise.

  6. When I was in HS, a study was being conducted with grant money each and every year on the effect of methane coming from cow farts…it was a bunch of BS then, and it's still being studied today with 20 x the money being used to do it…..the Climate has always changed, and just like most here understand, The elite are using the CLIMATE to control US, and not the changes it allegedly makes.

  7. That was the fake biden. Didn’t know biden has a cleft chin and six inches taller

  8. I already declared war on meat…i eat 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜

  9. I was a vegan for years. Loved it. It was my choice. One day got very sick (not because i was vegan) I can no longer be a vegan. I must eat meat. How are they going to handle health concerns.

  10. How about declaring war on terrorism? Socialism? Communism? Meat isn’t hurting anyone.

  11. Sadly the issue falls in the middle here. All long lived populations eat a starch based mostly vegetarian diet. Some ground is only suitable for grazing BUT the USA has a factory feedlot model wherein the animals are fed unnatural grains and shot full of antibiotics which go to the consumer and work to make these antibiotics ineffective in the long run. Free range free antibiotic cattle should be encouraged. The irony for the Committee is that the masses may live longer as starch based vegetarians.

  12. I will eat whatever I want on God's green earth no man or government official has authority over me

  13. UN should really stand for United Nazis because that, sadly, is what they have become.

  14. What does it take to remove this incompetent fool from any responsible position within our government.

  15. Stop the population rise fast, save soil

  16. I aint giving up BURGERS, BACON and STEAK. Send my salad portions to pakistan…

  17. Tell the beast system no.

  18. Gates is a thief, always has been. He knows nothing, invented nothing

  19. You want w@r UN, you got it. You have no right. We will defend our rights, and that means going to w@r against you, so be it

  20. the real "climate agenda" will be the population climate after find out we were all betrayed and surrounded

  21. King Charles is running the UN-WEF agenda check his speech in the last UN meeting

  22. what does the beef have to do with farming? NOTHING because they really want to starve us before they start the war

  23. Could someone call the UN and tell them we did not vote for them and they have no say with the American people! We want natural food not the garbage you have a plan for 😊

  24. It's always remarkable how you twist and stretch what was actually said, into something that more closely fits your backwards agenda. And the bobbleheads, in the actual cult, sit at home with their 7th grade education, agreeing with everything you say because they think it's the truth. It's just fascinating.

  25. The super rich and elite politicians ask regular joes eat less meat.
    In meantime they are going everywhere with their private jets with best steak as snack.
    1 luxury private jet creates more carbon in 1 hour flying than your F150 can do in 60 days. So you figure it.


  27. We need to get out of the UN. They want global law and dominion. That doesn’t fit with We The People. Screw the UN

  28. these wealthy unelected officials need to be reiminded where food comes from and who grows it.

  29. Yea! Let them Eat and Smoke Grass!

  30. We need to just leave the UN. These clowns.
    My vote dump Nato next.

  31. Meat Should be Completely Banned.

  32. John Kerry and the UN needs to stay the hell out of MY KITCHEN.

  33. Hahahahahhahhaha!

    Bugger off, United Nations!

    Just who the hell do they think they are?

  34. Soylent Green are people!!!!

  35. Trump was right about the UN. Get out now.

  36. Why should John Kerry, Aka Lurch, be trying to control meat production? He's married to the Heinz family? Perhaps he is pushing to sell more condiments to make this lab-created meat taste good? How much energy will be wasted creating lab meat that you can get naturally from cow manure? Tell Lurch that the Addams family is about to do a remake and he should head to rehearsals to practice what he does best, and that is being a butler that opens doors for other people and takes their hats.