University Of Tampa Student Killed After Mistakenly Entering Wrong Car

Carson Senfield was shot to death after mistakenly getting into the wrong car outside of his Tampa home. WFLA’s Brittany Muller reports.

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  1. Too many stupid people with guns.

  2. Defense attorney is a real 🤡

  3. why wouldn't the shooter be justified? imagine a big burly man getting in your car in the middle of the night plopping down right next to you.
    now imagine he's a big black guy and the shooter was a 17 year old white female. still not a threatening situation?
    do better people, do better.

  4. 'murica, land of trigger happy gun freaks.

  5. Florida, shot first and than say your feared for your life, but you are the only one with a gun

  6. The guy had a gun and was intending on using the gun. That’s all and that’s the end.

  7. Don't get drunk or always have a designated driver when doing so. this is what happens. His "Buddies" clearly should've kept an eye on him.

  8. MoAr GuNz NRA loves to terrorize Americans…

  9. Shooter was justified he was just standing his ground.

  10. I'm guessing the shooter was a POC, they are impulsive people and prone to overreact,

  11. That’s bull. The shooter was just shooting because they had a gun. How is one in fear for their life from an unarmed man,and no injuries were reported by the defender. Bull.

  12. The "that was odd behavior" charge isn't going to stick against a Florida Man. Of all places to have a jacked up stand your ground law.

  13. I would have a gun ready to go and more likely shoot too

  14. Feared for his life because some dude tried opening the door. Did he creep up on the car? Did he aggressively try to open the door?

  15. Well, of course msnbc reports this. What’s that called…. Manslaughter? Idk…. Tough gig… people can just get into your car?
    That’s the 1st question… “people can just get into your car?”
    Did you ask him to get out? Did they ask him to get out?

    The person should get out right?

    I mean, I’m this crazy world… what do you want the driver to do…. Pull over, put it in park, get out…. How crazy do we want to be?
    Sounds like manslaughter …. I think manslaughter right?

  16. Based on information given, car owner was justified & reasonably thought his life may be in danger. Passed 1am in the morning & some one jumps into your car. Justified. That lawyer makes zero sense with that drivel he spoke. Car owner broke no laws. It just happened to be a mistake by the deceased. Seems he was intoxicated to get out of a Uber & jumps right into another car.

  17. Guns everywhere. Too many Americans think they can be John Wick whenever they feel the need. It’s pretty pathetic.

  18. I got an old rusty F150 so i dont normally mistake mine with anyone elses. Been driving that thing for 17 years so far.

  19. I can understand shooting someone trying to get in a car late at night.

  20. What do you expect in gun toting America.🙄

  21. So sorry, for that young man, a simple mistake should not cost us our life. I have gone to the wrong car several times, today's cars look alike to me, same colors similar body styles.

  22. use the police excuse i feared for my life your all good if they are right

  23. And people say we need more people with guns in this country 🙄

  24. If I was parked at 1 am I would have freaked out too so I can see why the shots were fired. The world we live in sucks and unfortunately things can turn like this. I forgot my debit card in an atm 2 yrs ago and as I walked away and then remembered all of a sudden and turned very quickly to grab it before someone took it or the atm ate it. The man currently using the atm was rightfully startled and put his hand on a gun. It could have gotten bad. It is always important to remember we live in an armed society that is getting more and more violent everyone has the right to defend themselves and tragedy is one mistake away. Never surprise anyone always make yourself known before approaching and don't present yourself as a threat. Rip kid

  25. There are more guns in this country than people. Why is it suddenly odd that some random person has a gun and shoots someone

  26. I live in Tampa and let me tell you, there are a lot of evil cowards here. Many who even wear police badges. They pray all the time that they get to shoot someone for no real good reason. Dirty. I really hope that whoever shot this guy gets prison time.

  27. No he didn't "lose" his life it was goddam taken from him.

  28. This guy was obviously murdered. You can't shoot someone whose unarmed and not attacking. May justice prevail.

  29. One time I came out of a store and kept pressing the unlock button on my keys and wondering why my lights weren’t flashing. I opened the car door and immediately realized it wasn’t my car. I looked up at the store in front of the car and the whole family was standing in the store laughing at me. I just shrugged my shoulders, gave them a smile and walked to my car which was two cars away. I’m so glad they had a great sense of humor.

  30. This is what happens when you pass a law where over 90% don't know how to apply the law. What happened here, stand your ground does not apply, unless the young man was aggressive towards the car owner.

  31. Stand your ground should not apply.