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Unpacking President Joe Biden’s big vaccination promises

ABC’s Kaylee Hartung takes a closer look at the hurdles hampering the vaccine rollout, complicating President Joe Biden’s goal of getting 100 million vaccine doses administered in his first 100 days.

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  1. Antifa is a stupid idea – Joe Biden

  2. 👎Fraudulent Joe Biden will sign more executive orders than any president in history because he’s a puppet of the deep state and Washington DC swamp. Remember we wouldn’t have a Chinese coronavirus vaccine if it wasn’t for President Trump warp speed program.

  3. Warning ⚠️ Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi you’re going to put a target 🎯 on both your back’s if you move forward with ridiculous impeachment again. Remember 74 million Americans love President Trump and will absolutely despise you. Doing another ridiculous impeachment will only divide the country more, not to mention there’s crazy people both Democrat and Republican who are capable of doing crazy violent things. Your hatred for the president Trump will bring out the worst in those crazy people if you move forward with impeachment. Just go do your jobs and get the stimulus money out to people ASAP that are hurting. Many people already think you’re both incompetent career politicians part of the Washington DC swamp. With senile incompetent Joe Biden running the country may God help us all.

  4. We were already vaccinating one million a day under Trump. What a lofty goal Joe.

  5. Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  6. The commander in THIEF⤴️

  7. Installed President in action! Our dear leader never rests!

  8. “As kitchen table I learned”

  9. President Joe Biden feels sorry for the elderly. Golden eagle spends on himself. 2014 shooting of the Berkut. The reason why the old people are robbed by Berkut. 2014 or 2021 the old people burned down. Vladimir Putin meeting Berkut robbed the elderly. There will be no rescue of 15 old people. Disgusting. MTR warrior saved 1 person. Sniper refusal to pass by the grief of the elderly. 2014 Forgive the Sniper Berkut. 2021 Fire and 15 corpses of the elderly rescue at your expense. Berkut received a salary instead of rescuing old people in 2010-2014. Fire 2021. Understandably 2014 Berkut and 15 old people are burning. The difference is the fire of 2021 and the shooting of 2014.


  11. I wish that I could hit the down button all day long. They showed the tents, but there were no patients. But, as the shots get out, the patients will fill the hospitals. It's time to invest in your local hospital you will make a killing.

  12. The guy died of covid while he was waiting for this second shot. That sounds to me like he died from the first shot.

  13. You mean him promising to give a daily number of shots that is less than what is already being done?? 😬

  14. 22 January 2021, DC

    At the courthouse.

    The judge : " Federal Agent Brown, have you been fishing? Have you caught those bureaucratic aristocratic scammers?
    F. a. B. : I've caught the "Con Artist".
    The judge : Barak?
    F. a. B. : Joe.
    The judge : Good job, we'll work him out, he'd become as tender as a lamb. We'll get the Clown later.
    F. a. B. : Bill?
    The judge : Barak. Then, we'll get the masterminds.
    F. a. B. : The Conniving Cunts?
    The judge : Correct. We'll smack'em real good.
    F. a. B. : Your honor, here's the Phony.
    The judge : Thanks Federal Agent Brown. Now, Joe. The whole world knows about your touchiness, the plagiarism, the Crime Bill, the predators, your racism, the countless gaffes, the Quid Pro Quo, the collusions with foreign oligarchies, the ice-creams, and all your scams. Basically you are, from far, the most corrupt western politician in history. We've never seen anything like that before. Question : How did you make it that far?
    Joe : It's simple. The Dems are extremely rich and they own most mainstream medias, they also own the Dominion system, we have placed our judges and governors in key cities of the swing states to brick up the blue wall. There's almost no neutral jurisdictions in major cities in the country now. Thank God, justice can't be made, apart for us. We also own the Congress, and now the Senate, some federal agents are on our side too, also the military, plus Big Tech and its incredible amount of power enables us to silence anybody, really. But above all, Hollywood provides its best for us to put together late shows in which very talented comedians and humorists make our opponents look so dumb. We owe big tech and Hollywood big time, they both really made a big difference, from 2016 to 2020.
    Judge : Keep it up!
    Joe : Basically, the system is owned by the Dems, designed by the Dems, for the Dems to win any election. Campaigning and working is superfluous for us. Our voters don't ever show anywhere, it's all arranged in advance. You see, that's so easy.
    The judge : That's a secret for no one. Anything else?
    Joe : Everything was working perfectly well until… until… until …
    The judge : The President?
    Joe : Harrr! This guy! This guy never listens. He's so stubborn. He never buys anything regarding the Big Reset or globalism. He just wants the people to be strong and great with eternal sovereignty. How much I HATE that idea. It would mean the end of us, especially the end of me. He wants minorities to create businesses and be free, while we want them to stay injected with fake promises and social welfare. I mean, we don't give a damn about the poor we're just getting their votes that's all. They could all die, we don't care, we have caravans of immigrants ready to flow in and replace them at once.
    Judge : Then?
    Joe : We had it all arranged, we've flattened the silent masses, cancelled the cultures and set up the new global order. But, now there are hundreds of millions of freedom and sovereignty spikes all around the world. Our plan has greatly failed, no one's buying our globalist scam anymore.
    Judge : Yes, indeed.
    Joe : Plus, the declassified docs are a massive splinter in our heel. I don't know how we're gonna get over it.
    Judge : There you go!
    Joe : Hillary convinced us and the intelligence agencies to go on taps on Donald's campaign to serve our electoral purposes.
    Judge : That's correct.
    Joe : The only problem is that those taps were illegal cuz they had no judicial base. The only reason for these taps was only our political purposes.
    Judge : Finally!
    Joe : It was all secretive until we got caught red handed trying to set up a coup during the presidency. The taps, the collusions, the witch hunt, the fraud, the impeachments were all integral to the coup.
    Judge : Most interesting!
    Joe : Now, the people's mad and nowhere we're safe in the country. I wish I could go back to 2016 and stay out of that mess. Have I betrayed Christ?
    Judge : Yes, you have big time. Christ would always stay on the Capitol protests' side. Never forget!
    Joe : Am I losing a ticket to heaven?
    The judge : As you confessed and rat on your accomplices, you'll make a first stop at the purgatory.
    Joe : Thank you, your Honor.
    The judge : But Joe, you'll have to mean what you say and act accordingly up there. There will be no second chance.
    Joe : Is Beau waiting for me there?
    Judge : He is Joe. Don't miss your chance to stand by his side this time.
    Joe : God bless you!
    Judge : Federal Agent Brown! Give him an ice-cream break.
    F. a. B. : On it!
    Joe : Yihhaaaa!
    F. a B. : Tomorrow, I bring the Clown. And in two days I bring the bitches, uh, I mean the witches."

  15. Imagine a vaccine so safe that you have to be threatened to take it, for a virus that’s so deadly that you must take a test to even know if you have it.

  16. dont get it guys no nano bots artificial intelligence for us 𓁹


  18. Creepy Joe has no idea what he is doing.

  19. UK government just stated.
    Covid is here forever, but we will control it……(YOU)

  20. "We ll make you invalids". Pf.zer. who wants my dose? For free

  21. I promise to not take the experimental potion called a vaccine.

  22. Hey Joe? Wern't you the one mocking Trump all summer when Trump said there would be a vaccine by the end of the year? Now you're taking credit for saving America again? Go back to you basement and zip it.

  23. Who is this guy at Donald Trumps desk? 🤣

  24. Anyway feels good now that cheeto man is out of office

  25. Jesus loves you,Please repent because He is coming soon

    Like so more people can see this

  26. And what about the stimulus checks of $2000? That turned out to be a lie. Not helping the economy! 🤦

  27. Finally we have a president that actually does something

  28. You realize that’s a stage and not the Oval Office

  29. Yt: Planetary collapse is a growth opportunity.

  30. If the Labs run the test right you wouldn't have a "pandemic" But you need to rule by fear so you can control the people, We don't believe your twisted lies and 1/2 Truths. NO Worries.. "The Best is yet to come" They have it all. and there is no such thing as a close mic.. 😉

  31. We have your word? WTF you’re worried about not having enough vaccines while you open borders and release flight bans 🖕🏾. Think it over MAN

  32. Bo died for Joe’s sins. One less Biden, thank you 🙏 Lord. Good always prevails over evil.

  33. Yt: "Planetary collapse is a growth opportunity"

  34. Fk you Biden and all media!

  35. I am waiting for the next news line from these crack pot news stations " Biden's vaccine" The Turd had nothing to do with it.

  36. everyone google Ivermectin

  37. Blank pages and empty books explain why I can’t see it in the federal register it says 0 explain

  38. I’m not anyone I know taking any vaccine. Too many people have died here and in other countries. Side effects are horrendous. Poison.

  39. Name a war Joe didn't vote for while he was a senator..

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