Saturday , October 16 2021
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Unvaccinated Seattle cops face termination

Seattle Police Officers Guild president Mike Solan reacts on ‘Fox Business Tonight’ #FoxBusiness
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  1. Yahawashi God of Jerusalem Day 🦁🤴🏾🦁

  2. Send the social workers and guidance counselors to the crimes! Wasn’t that the plan ?

  3. I felt like Crying for this Man, he must have TREMENDOUS PRESSURE on his Shoulders. THIS is Abuse on 'The People'

  4. What a bunch of cronies. The real SHTF is when the good people who start becoming victims of crime start getting fed up and fighting back. If theres no police or not enough, then there will be no other option aside from going out with a whimper and let the criminals keep having their way.

  5. Everyone needs to get sick 3 days a week….
    Summer of love over yet?
    Defund Political protection teams first!
    Let's go Brandon!! !!!

  6. Natural immunity Natural medicine herbs 🌿 no to the synthetic mystery vaccine

  7. Welcome to the new world, Welcome to Gotham city 🌆

  8. wait, I thought all the lefttards already Defunded the cops in Seattlecrapville.

  9. Prove your point and hit them where it hurts, do not abide to the woke politicians.

  10. What they want is the purge why do you think Donald Trump hired the creator of the purge on his team Donald Trump’s motto comes from the movie the purge Donald Trump’s son dates Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife and she runs the republican party wake up everybody you’re being played for the biggest suckers ever


  12. Seattle wants MORE EXCUSES to empower crimi als.

  13. Our problem is the ones that do comply. I have vaccinated people.

  14. Come to Arizona we need more police. We appreciate police 👮‍♀️👏

  15. Come to sunny Florida, where you would be respected.

  16. Stand fast and strong Seattle … this is nothing close to a vax… most important you are the LAST STAND OF OUR CONSTITUTION

  17. That's stupid who's going to protect you guys now

  18. No problems, only solutions. Media isn't going to be part of that. The revolution will not be televised.

  19. Gastapo in full effect ☹️

  20. If Seattle elects Lorena Gonzales as Mayor, I fear she will fulfill the liberal activists goal of defunding Seattle Police by 50%.

  21. Yall are FUKN UNIONS figure it OUT!–WINK

  22. My be this way left will see 🧐 something else. The gangster will
    be running the towns…
    Is time to see 👀 was going to happen.

  23. Because that’s what the federal government wants they want people to not have a job and rely on the federal government. Please please officers nurses doctors airline workers hold your ground.

  24. To be forced to have a Vaccine against your will, is a Criminal Offence!! It's also a breach of Medical Ethics!!

  25. Wake up world!! Otherwise we are going to live in a Fascist State!! Do you want that? I don't!!! When you have to push the Vaccine so hard, it's not about our health!! It's about the Vaccine and greedy politicians and Globalists!!

  26. Thank you Sir for doing the right thing.

  27. After what happened with Newsom, Recalls are not going to happen.

    Especially in the Blue States.

  28. So that only the blindly compliant remain….

  29. These first responders were the ones working during the pick of the pandemic WITHOUT VACCINE!
    Now Biden wants to FIRED them because they are not getting vaccinated?
    I call this mandate dictatorship rules!

  30. Let’s go Brandon 😂😂😂

  31. Sleepy Joe is incompetent…. politics Is destroying this country.

  32. you dont need the atheist vaccine….. only vaccine we need is JESUS

  33. You should have stand with people when you had a chance..

  34. I live in Washington, and I'm moving out of her. CA have flooded in.

  35. Defund the Cops is a setup to bring in UN Troops.

  36. Equity. Equitable. Equitably. How can such dull, dreary, unremarkable people be afforded even one second of media exposure or one iota of sociopolitical influence?

  37. Residents need to buck up and learn how to deal with things on their own rough times are coming…

  38. Time to terminate the terminators pushing this bery dangerous and unlawful so called vaccine

  39. America is collapseing on joke Biden head 🗣️

  40. I hope they up and leave. They wanted to defund the police anyway. Let them get what they want and then distain what they wished for…too bad most of them were from Portland and outta state antifa/blm that protested. I pray for those that are trapped in the middle who did not want this for them to have heavenly protection!

  41. …………."NEW👁WORLD"………….

  42. End game is get out of the cities and spread our populace out. 🙂


  44. Excellent. If the police are neutered or abolished nobody can get in the way.

  45. listen people our country is in turmoil, Democrats are the reason, anyone says different is a good example of the problem, more hate ,more unemployed than reporting says, proof ? pull up to any fast food chain and read if u can! help wanted ! highest pay ever!!! be patient severally shot staffed!!! hiring every where yet not fully staffed, know why ? because not enough workers, therefore massive amounts of unemployed

  46. does shots help, yes they do, does not mean u won't catch variant, masks has helped, firing first responders is not the answer,

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