Upstate New York police officer killed in ambush

Police officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz was attacked in a “cowardly ambush” while on patrol with his partner Thursday night in Rochester, New York.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Dident some People get ambushed in a grocery store in new york?. Who was angry then?.

  2. dead cop was white, why should I care? I want that not dead cop charged with attempted murder, if they weren't there, that woman would have never been shot, this is all on the cops, maybe they will learn racism and brutality will get them into situations like this, absolutely zero sympathy, no one forced them to be cops either.

  3. These poor cops, arrest a criminal and they're back on the streets before the ink is dry on the paperwork.

  4. I guess cops should nt use citizen s as target practice and shoot them in the back with a swarm of bullets!!! This is the result, Citizens are fighting
    back. Defund police we dont need em

  5. Folks are fed up. I say give the man qualified immunity and setup a crowdfunding account so he can move on with his life.

  6. People are tired of being bullied by police, police are tyrants, and the people are fighting back, they are defending themselves, and executing there 2nd amendment rights, defund police!!!!

  7. Jesus said "Spend your energy seeking the eternal life that the Son of Man can give you."

  8. Wow I wonder what your answer to this will be probably nothing because your entire campaign was ran on defund the police so why would you start caring about the cops now idiots

  9. And they wonder why they can't keep a full police force?

  10. The race soldiers like there training they call killology well it’s time they’re on the other side of the killology but now as it should be is coming from the public if the courts can’t punish the police the public will

  11. Yep, blatant disregard for life by NYPD. Shoot first, shoot again, then ask for names.

  12. Congratulations democrats! You’ve turned people against the police with your defund nonsense. Lose the cops- lose the country

  13. A spiritual spanking is what's coming. Psalms 111

  14. And don't invite the mayor to the funeral because the mayor is a huge part of the problem he is in collusion with the district attorney they want the violence they let these people go Lee zeldon's attempted murderer was let out of jail just a couple hours after attempting to kill him. The governor another Democrat said she didn't want to get involved but I guarantee you had the intense been on a Democrat she would have gotten involved. The Democrats are killing New York and for some reason the New Yorkers are too stupid to not have noticed why are they continuously voting to keep Democrats in office is it because they like the bribe system is it because they like the hypocrisy of the unions who consistently screw over New Yorkers. New Yorkers need to smarten up and get rid of every freaking Democrat in public office it is the only way to save your state you guys are the joke of the country outside of California and Illinois people are fleeing your state smart people. And cops go on strike and just leave the state. New Yorkers need to make a serious drastic change now in order to save their state otherwise you guys will lose to the criminals and you will have earned the hell that is wrought on you. Change it now or you're state is dead

  15. They was not In no regular squad car…they was in unmarked car and In plain clothes…so what did that officer do to that person to make him do that

  16. No sympathy from me, the pigs murder civilians all the bloody time and then give themselves a pat on the back😂. Shame not more of the pigs are killed.

  17. "Friend says slain Rochester Police officer was 'built for this job'" Really. What do bodies built to be shot to death look like?

    Please stop acting like this a crisis. It's not. It's business as usual in a country obsessed with firearms. Blah blah blah, word salad lies, with a side of thousand lie dressing.

    Anthony Mazurkiewicz was nothing but a partial tax payment for the right to bear arms.

    Thank you for your payment, but it's not enough not even close. You police stop complaining and take those bullets so we don't have too.

  18. Defund the police 👍

  19. when yall have a history of shooting unarmed people in the back it is hard for me to believe you ran upon a coward.

  20. And they let them get away

  21. The shooter is now in custody.

  22. Let's be honest, people are fed up with the tyranny, from government, government officials, and police. It's only a matter of time


  24. Rochester like so many Democratic run cities are dominated by missing links running amok governments must stop feeding and housing these creatures and permit them to become extinct like evolution intended they must go the way of Neanderthals

  25. Gee whiz. Who can it be now.

  26. Crime a problem? Read on to find out why. Is Is your socialist state Representative listed? Congressional Progressive Socialists who recently voted “NO” on a bill to protect USSC Justices and their families. To this date the federal government has not supplied protection for the justices at their homes. Demonstrators at the Justices homes are in violation of 'two' federal laws. Merrick Garland does nothing. This is the same group of socialists that is soft on crime, voted for de-fund the police, 'Gun control', and support open borders, amnesty benefits to illegal aliens. Campaign against them.

    Maxine Waters (Calif.), Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (MN), Cori Bush (MO.), Ayanna Pressley (Mass.) Rashida Tlaib (Mich.), AlEXANDRA OCASIO-CORTEZ (N.Y.), Pramila Jayapal (Wash.), Joyce Beatty (Ohio), JAMAAL BOWMAN (N.Y.), ADRIANO ESPAILLAT (N.Y.), Jesús García (Ill.), Sylvia Garcia (Texas), Veronica Escobar, (Texas), Josh GOTTHEIMER, (NJ.), Raul Grijalva (Ariz.), Steven Horsford (Nevada), , Brenda Lawrence (Mich.), Barbara Lee (Calif.), Norma Torres (Calif.) Tom Malinowski (N.J.), Marie Newman (Ill.), ,BILL PASCRELL (N.J.), DONALD PAYNE (N.J.), Ed Perlmutter (Colo.), MIKIE SHERRILL (N.J.),ALBIO SIRES (N.J.), NYDIA VELAZQUEZ (N.Y.), and Bonnie Watson Coleman (N.J.) CAROLAN MALONEY (N.Y.), Madeleine Dean (Pa.), Jackie Speier (Calif.), Katherine Clark (Mass.)Sara Jacobs (Calif.), Andy Levin (Mich.), Alma Adams (N.C.), Jan Schakowsky (Ill.)

    (12 of the 30 listed are from NY & NJ.) Here's your problem.

  27. Where are all those sycophantic snowflakes stating they feel safer without police.

  28. Keep voting Demrat fools.

  29. Violence is never the answer unless the question is “ what is New York known for “