Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Urgent manhunt for shooter at Wisconsin mall | WNT

SWAT teams swarmed the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, late Friday after reports of an active shooter.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. 15 years old with firearms 😵

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  4. manhunt? Shooter had to be Dream.

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  6. Wow, Somebody In Wisconsin Was Shooting Back There. GOOD GAWD People Ran Away To Get To A Safe Place

  7. Prayers and condolences from this new mexico minister.

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  9. Me watching this vid: is that.a macy 😱

  10. Seems like they want to get Trump out of office, bring in Biden and then carry out shooting again for more gun control.

  11. Coming closer to election. What took this so long. More is coming. watch for it.
    Part of the "PLANDEMIC".
    Seek Jesus Christ with all your heart.

  12. There had to be some BLM supporters there at the mall while the shooting happened. I wonder if they were shaken up it? Or did they feel less safe when police arrived?

  13. DEFUND THE POLICE…yeah right Biden.

  14. Why did they say it was a white male 20-30 years old and it turns out to be a 15 year old Hispanic?

  15. Just some nut who enjoys harming people,lucky no one died,i hope law enforcement catch that loon before he harms or kills someone.Not enough we are going through a pandemic now some moron with mental issues feels like shooting people.no place is safe with assholes like that jerk.

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