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US adds 943,000 jobs in July, unemployment falls to 5.4%

Markets are reacting to the positive economic news as the opening bell rang on Wall Street.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I'd rather do nothing than have to work for nothing.

  2. These are jobs that always have been there. They act like these are new jobs created.

  3. Jobs added… this is the thinking of people who have never earned a nickel in their lifes. You don't add jobs you give people opportunities to create jobs.. add jobs??? Wtf..

  4. Unemployment isn’t 5.4% it’s 7.7%

    And great, tons of low paying jobs no one wants or can pay rent with

  5. Weird, seeing how there are multiple business in my town shut down because they can find workers… Ol main stream media numbers for ya

  6. all jobs added are part-time, low wage, no benefits. So you can have a job and be worse off now thanks Biden. My liberal employers are outsourcing my department so much for union-backed.

  7. when people lose unemployment they are not considered unemployed even without a job so these numbers are bs

  8. Cheating Joe hasn’t created any jobs! People are just getting back to work because unemployment is running out!

  9. Us Americans will not stand on this,we are fighting back n you will loose

  10. Keep your demonic jobs that back up taking/forcing this vaccine

  11. Us Americans will unite && fight against this demonic controlled agenda!!! Jesus Christ has already over came the world!! Sit down with ur empty plan

  12. Your demonic agenda will not go as planned joe

  13. Most of these "jobs" are useless, since inflation is through the roof. You will need FOUR jobs just to break even. And the only food you can afford to buy is bread.

  14. Someone has to replace tha 630,000+ dead 😔

  15. Yeah that's great all those wonderful jobs when everything's just going to have to shut back down again LOL

  16. What kinds of jobs are these, I wonder? Are they full time, or part time? We need more information.

  17. I better get an email back from Starbucks then…

  18. Thanks to Biden I don’t remember this under trump unless the rate went right back up

  19. And there's gonna be more unemployment when vaccine mandates at every workplace occur. 😡😤

  20. I want you to know that Jesus is real. He died on the cross for our sins, was buried, and rose on the third day. He loves you more than you could imagine and wants a relationship with you. Make him your Lord and savior. God bless.

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