Tuesday , December 1 2020
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US Ambassador set to testify under subpoena in the ongoing impeachment inquiry l ABCNews

As the impeachment battle continues against President Trump, Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, is scheduled to testify under subpoena on Capitol Hill.


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  1. Waaaa!!!! It’s a witch hunt!!! 😆😆😆😆!!! Dump trump!!

  2. There's an article out now about how Sondland's wife thinks it's "pathetic" that everyone is piling on her husband, who is such a hard-working good guy. Seriously??? He sold his soul to the devil the old fashioned way ($1 million campaign contribution to Trump) to get an ambassadorship — and possibly then Secretary of Commerce? But he was still enabling the Ukraine shakedown. If by telling the truth he helps impeach Trump, that's a good thing, but his hands aren't clean and he's only testifying because he got caught.


  4. Portlanders need to boycott this guys businesses.

  5. Obama said, after he admitted he was born in Kenya, said the American people are naive (stupid) He was right. My heart goes out to the naive people who believe this crap.

  6. Trump won't read any reports, but he knows exactly what was in someone else's texts? Smells like a lie from Trump, it seems someone mandated that text to be phrased that way. I'm glad people have realized if Trump goes than they get no pardons, so why sell your freedom for him?

  7. trump has just send allies to their death, American soldiers (your sons, daughters, husbands and wife’s) should be soon. sad. he will push anyone under the bus to save his own skin.

  8. Bottom line: Democrats don’t have a candidate that can beat Trump…

    …and everyone knows it.

  9. Everyone needs to remember that the quid pro quo is not needed. Just asking for the help in a campaign is enough. The help would be a thing of value from an foreign interest. That is not allowed.

  10. I think he's just going to say."No quid pro quo.", and then he will refuse to answer any questions.
    Several of Trump's cronies have already simply refused to answer any questions from Congress that could reflect badly on Trump, and so far they have completely gotten away with it.
    Sondland is going to reinforce Trumps attempts to place his administration above the authority of Congress.
    Sadly, the Republicans in Congress are going to let him.

  11. So when the wiretap shows he has lied then what?!

  12. I don't like trump but i think this is a farce because at the least having hunter Biden in Ukraine was a bad idea.it looks bad and probably should be investigated.

  13. So apparently Giuliani hasn’t been doing his job as an attorney. If your client is contemplating an act whose legality is questionable, for fucks sake tell your client “hold that thought” and do your damn research!

  14. You can tell this is Fake news. He is following their "4 AM call".

  15. Deep state waits with bated breath to see if Americans will buy the BS impeachment inquiry. With me to give their opinion are two talking heads who know that orange man is bad. Talking head one your thoughts ?: "Orange man bad, he texted."
    Talking head two, what do you think ? "Orange Man Bad , smell funny, say bad thing, impeach."
    Well, I think thats pretty damning, orange man is bad. Goodnight.

  16. No such thing as a Christian believe me

  17. Democrats : "nobody is above the law. Not even the president"
    Also Democrats: "you can't investigate a democrat running for president. He's above the law"

  18. Nobody care about Trump supports. He getting impeached.

  19. Well this house is gonna try and influence the 2020 election by only releasing misleading info and then the real process will be voted down .I doubt it changes smart voters' decision.its desperate tactics we're uses to it by now.

  20. Another B.S narrative all due to the fact you don't like Trump ?..LOL

  21. Yes, feel free to paraphrase and lie about Trump like Schiff did while democrats ignore the huge payoff corruption that was going on for Joe Biden and Obama with Ukraine…..but if our intelligence community and congress ignkre such pay to play bribes, the m asking foreign governments for help in finding the truth is fair game.

  22. Everybody is fixated on "no quid pro quo." Why can't people get that just ASKING for dirt on a political rival from a foreign entity is the impeachable offense. The ASKING is the crime, and quid pro quo or not is a DISTRACTION. This is becoming the next catch phrase. It used to be "no collusion." Face it, this fake president is rotten and there's no way out of it. Just impeach him, he's a loser.

  23. More fake news,. this is a sham kangaroo court. Not an official impeachment inquiry. Take a full vote and get it done!

  24. This news report, brought to you by big pharma. Republicans getting anxiety, yet Dems getting depressed when nothing happens.

  25. Welcome to the shit show!!!

  26. Didn't the president of Ukraine say he wasn't pressured in any way? Didn't he say it a couple times?

  27. Obama, Clinton, Biden and more all connected to Epstein and guilty of treason. Each one sold their office to foreign governments and personally profitted millions. Each one sold technology and data to Russia and China. Each one believe in a one world government system. This impeachment inquiry has really shown the lefts true colors and disregard for law and truth. https://youtu.be/brIvhUaQgm4

  28. When all the facts point back to the Obama regime, feelings don't matter. Just keep digging that hole deeper, Dems! I predict it will cost you 600 more seats nationwide! People like Don Trump and they voted for him, not you!

  29. 🔰QE
    Media [BLACKOUT] on
    Epstein/Clinton foundation.

  30. Christian values voters? LMFAO! Religious nuts who believe in fairytales. All the while supporting a douchebag who breaks the so called christian values on a daily basis. And they're okay with that. Hmmmm, what does that tell ya folks?



  33. Make sure he doesn’t have Epstein’s guards.

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