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US Attorney addresses arrest of two men with ties to Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani | ABC News

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  1. Sovereign District – do your thing 🙌🏿

  2. I can’t wait until Trump is gone and we go back to managing our decline! At least the media will give us some peace, sleepwalking us to the abyss.

  3. Last weekend Giuliani was bragging about his findings of corruption in Ukraine involving the Biden's
    This weekend two dirty money laundering guys (Ukrainian Boys)friends of Giuliani are in federal custody
    One republican congressman is under investigation by the NSA FBI and congress alone with Giuliani
    This is just as close as you can get to Bozo the fake president
    Who is not talking about Biden or Ukraine or Giuliani anymore
    Wonder why ?

  4. To all the genius snowflakes in comment section: The speaker doesnt identify who the congressman it is OR even when the finance violations took place. How do you know whether the congressman was a republican or has ties to trump? Considering how long investigations last before an arrest is made, theres a good chance this couldve occured under the obama administration and yet still have nothing to do with obama. Only idiots make assumptions.

  5. I was hoping for some revelation about Rudy, but nothing came forth. Beside those arrested and 1 still at large, what do we have here? we have 2 entities that are unidentified, "committee 1" & "congressman 1"… involved with this illegal campaign contributions. The players have been disclosed by the U.S. Attorney office, with a supposed promise of further Arrest or indictments to follow. Does this mean after all was said, though not specifically identified in the graphics, as far as the Headlines indicates, Rudy is up to his neck in this. Right now? I am guessing, since these guys activities were under the radar, something of clandestine style operation, he's doesn't even know who they are.

  6. $$$ TRUMP is too powerful. Corruption and the evil Trump cult is too strong$$$$. TRUMP =wins… America =losses

  7. You're all not gonna get away with this bullship in the end. You all know what you're doing. What fucken campaign how about that you morons put that on your fucken flow chart what campaign was this from you fucken God the immediates this is bullship this is not phuket news this is bucking made up propaganda some more bullship you fucken God them idiots of the news media are fucken our country up

  8. This is Hypocritical at work! These men catch a thief and now facing bogus charges from the deep state… What a shame….

  9. What happened to Russia the boogeyman ? Fake news ABC is ignoring JEFFREY EPSTEIN and George stephanopoulos friendship !

  10. Lmao. Omg. Dems are making up b.s Trump2020!

  11. Rudy is sleepless. Anytime someone will knock on his door..

  12. Enough of this crap… so tired of the lies and know this is fake when you have the media and Government laughing their butts off and nothing has been said yet. Hell just listen to so.e if their comment… so more fake news BS

  13. Comment #420 tee hee. This guy seems like he is not stupid, weak, or a liar. I could be wrong (let me know) I’ve only seen this video. It’s nice too see competency for a change.

  14. meanwhile china flexes their power openly np

  15. Who metal in more elections then the US Government ! For those millennium the US Government put Gaddafi, baby doc, Ben Latin, and other Rose of power , once is done with you they throw you under the bus. Donald Trump may not be perfect. But he making those company to move back home! The free trade act that Bill Clinton sign only benefit those companies move those out of the USA.

  16. The United States is run by Trump criminal enterprise.

  17. Lies are catching up to him now no one is above the law

  18. Stinking dirty democrats are so desperate and so pathetic a bunch of pathetic scum buckets!

  19. Trump eat my CHORIZO 😂😂😂 like you're unhappy wife

  20. This is insane!! THIS MEANS WAR!!!🇺🇸😡🖕🗡🛡🏹🔫⚔⚒💣💥

  21. Look at these greasy goons.quality.

  22. The sinking ship keeps on sinking. Getting rid of the malice of this excuse of an administration is only the beginning.

  23. These guys — Lev and Igor — you ever see someone with no neck?
    Thing is, they'll squeal like a couple of bacon pigs;
    and there goes trump's presidency.

  24. Funny they didn't mention Ed bucks ties with Hillary and other democrats

  25. Lol trump does everything they got arrested for but y doesn’t he get arrested

  26. thank goodness, we do have good civil servants presenting their work on what the public is entitled to know and act upon ~

  27. This is what happens when a President doesnt play by the rules of his handlers, the Israeli Zionists and the Saudis.

    1- Ukraine Gate
    2- Taxes are to be turned over
    3- Fox News has turned him
    4- Other employees of the Zionists such as Haley have turned on him
    5- Now this…
    6- There will be more fabricated scandals until Trump caves and bombs Iran. Then "magically" all of these things will dissapear.

  28. As Said in Mortal Combat MOVIE. FINISH HIM!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂


  30. don't get swept up in another false narrative.

  31. Thanks Rudy. I knew you were good for something.

  32. Ya, trump doesn't know these two thugs that his henchman guiliani has on a mission to do the very thing trump wants done. Didn't know about the payment cohen made to stormy either. He's a bungling idiot holding the highest office in the country! WHY????

  33. Will there be Sanctions against Ukraine Mr US attorney?

  34. The southern district is the most corrupt in the nation. They are liberals that Are AFRAID of Trump. Trump 2020. Lol.

  35. More useless Democrat bullshit. More shitty liberals that are terrified of Trump because they they can't beat him at the ballot box.

  36. Trump doesnt know these guys now (ofcourse) but I bet a while back they were the most beautiful and perfect people ever lol

  37. Weird where is Giuliani now ? He is usually all of the media saying this is fake news. I bet he is hiding back in his cave 🌧

  38. Does anybody remember who created fake news? Trump did !!!

  39. Let me guess trumptards.. this is fake news too?

  40. 12:15 Just look at those two mugshot-ready … faces(?) They surely know a thing or two about corruption.

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