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US citizen accused of being a covert agent for China l ABC News

Edward Peng, 56, was charged in California with one count of acting as a foreign agent by transmitting secure digital, or SD, cards through “dead drops.”

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  1. The US probably have agent in other county's. They all soy on each other

  2. What would trump say bout this
    “I’m sure he is a mexican born in US”

  3. Poor guy the FBI didn’t do that to Hillary smh 🤦‍♂️

  4. Dang… Never knew they would sent spies

  5. I think I seen this on key and peele

  6. If he’s found guilty firing squad for him I’m thinking

  7. How was he recorded? How can we trust hotels when we are having sex?

  8. Got me by “double agent”😂😂

  9. Lol and muslims are the problem 😂

  10. How does one get these….classified documents??? How was he even receiving these top secrets? They have people on the inside

  11. “ABC newth back to you.”

  12. He was sending the Chinese government the secrets to our beaver technology this whole time!

  13. Wait…how y’all get the footage

  14. This really shows how much that 13 million + dollars we owe to China means to America

  15. 10 years sounds soft to me

  16. Isn't the news reporter the guy with the worst stutter? No offence or anything. Just wondering if it is him

  17. 10yrs? Burn that fucker alive

  18. Why would you cover his face? Forget the bs, charge this rat bastard with treason, hang him, leave him to rot, and then ship his corps to China. Maggot.

  19. 1st Russia 🇷🇺 NOW China 🇨🇳…wtf TRUMP 😒🤬🇺🇸🤮👎

  20. Imagine being a regular person who finds this. Imagine being a stoner who finds this. I swear this comedy could write itself.

  21. Of course he's from California

  22. Most are in universities across the country.

  23. When we found Nazi spies in New York, we executed them. What happened to that?

  24. Betrayed his country.. Might be jail for ten years?? .. Oh wait he's white… OK

  25. Poor US. They’d never do anything like this to other countries…

  26. 0:58 it says he was setup by a double agent working with the United States, but also works in the Chinese government to steal intelligence this news coverage might of blew his or her cover if the Chinese government knows who was to recover that classified information that day. I hope the Chinese agent the United States turned continues to feed information over, and doesn’t get caught in China best of luck to whoever
    He/she might be.

  27. 10 years for treason!? 🤦‍♂️🙄

  28. Now let’s arrest all of our politicians who are secretly working with Israel

  29. Just proves that They are watching you

  30. This is simple. Revoke citizenship. Nothing else. See what happens.

  31. 10 years in prison? Nah. I suggest you Improson him 99 years, castrate him then send it to his boss.

  32. This is why Vetting is Important before allowing Random Immigrants to Obtain Citizenship in the United States of America.
    The Government Should Revoke His Citizenship And Deport His Asian Ass For Being A Traitor.

  33. Sell secrets to Chinese, 10yrs.

  34. I be masturbating and they be recording how embarrassing

  35. Convicted he should be put to death

  36. Just like Israel with US citizen Johnathan Pollard.

  37. Why are we covering his face?

  38. So let me get this straight, US Citizen became a traitor to the US. Gets caught and only faces 10 years meanwhile people are behind bars for years just for weed. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

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